1998 Chrysler Sebring Convertible 2.5 from North America


I've got to get it fixed before I can trade it in


Purchased car 12/01/99 Two months later the problems started.

2/18/00 - Electrical problem. Car would not start - told to try fuses, but kept blowing them. Electrical harness replaced.

2/26/00 - While driving to husband's work (about 1 mile) noticed that I had no blinkers -, could not start car, same problem, called to have it towed back to dealer.

3/7/00 - Picked up vehicle - windshield washer pump not working. Pump motor defective.

10/10/00 - Called ahead to make appointment to make certain parts were available. Took car in to have washer fixed. Parts not available - needed to order switch.

10/12/00 - Picked up car, drove 2 miles with 10 year old for soccer practice (dusk). Had to suddenly stop and was almost rear ended by very irate driver. I had no brake lights. Returned to dealer immediately left car overnight for follow-up. Told someone had accidentally forgotten to hook up an electrical wire.

1/10/01 - Took car in for washer repair, rear defrost nor working, leak in rear passenger side. Fixed washer, needed to order parts for defrost and rear carpet. Received notice that parts were in around 1/18/01.

1/18/01 Called to verify - talked to female and was told there was a mix-up and only the carpet was in - defrost part was not mentioned. Stated she would call me tomorrow. No call.

1/24/01- Called back by service rep. Apologized for mix-up, not returning call and said he would order part and call when in.

2/1/01 - Took car in. Told it would be ready by Friday PM.

2/5/01- Picked up car - Asked for the manager. Showed him the above history. He was very apologetic and paid for the upgrade of our rental vehicle. When we received our car it was dirty inside & out. Our personal belongings and Cd's which were in the console were strewn on the passenger floor. I asked the lady at the service counter to witness the mess. She contacted the manager (was in a meeting) who apologized again and said that we could come back anytime for a full detail at no charge.

8/23/01 Went to car in morning and discovered 1" of water sloshing from passenger side floor area, front and back. Also noticed amplifier under passenger seat was wet and radio was sounding funny. Shut off radio, went home, called Lynnwood Dodge. Had service rep arrange for a rental for us to pick up, since this is the second time this leakage has occurred.

At Lynnwood Dodge, ask the rep to write down to test condition of amplifier since this was in the water. Also, asked to have them check the steering for unusual noise which occurs intermittently.

9/7/01 Received call that car was ready. Showed up about 4pm. Asked to see repair comments. There was no repair comments regarding the testing of the amplifier or checking the power steering problem. Service Department could not verify that they had even checked these item. Told them I would not accept car until they fix or checked these items.

9/08/01 Received call that car was ready. Picked up car.

10/24/01 Noticed passenger bucket seat not working back and forth properly. Also noticed rear window defroster not working. Left door making clicking sound off and on when opening.

10/24/01 Took car in for above repairs. Rear window defrost terminal wire was broken again. (Same problem as in January). Right passenger seat adjuster was rusted out due to leakage problem. Clicking door sound in right door caused by lip of door panel pulled out - fixed. Parts ordered for defrost and seat.

11/02/01 Car in to fix seat and defrost. Asked again to check left door for clicking sound and to check sharp popping noise w/braking at slow speed. Fixed defrost and seat. Replaced strap in left front door. Ordered new axles for front for noise when braking and turning. Front axle replaced, but noise still present.

Stopped documenting problems for awhile.

10/23/03 Weld on convertible frame broke. Paid private company to fix frame and trace and seal water leak below rear window. Re-bond rear defroster tab to window. $780.

11/20/04 Took car back to have convertible frame re-welded, no charge.

05/06/05 Took car to dealer for recall repair of shifter. Drove car away from dealer, Service Engine Soon light came on. Car running really rough at idle even though it had a resent tune up. Diagnostic indicated problem with either plug wire or injector #1 cylinder.

5/28/05 Had private mechanic replace all wires, O2 sensors, and #1 injector. Did compression test, still running rough. Spent $400 and car still running rough, Service Engine Soon light still coming on.

Anyone else have a solution to the service light coming on without replacing all the injectors at $140 a piece?

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2005

3rd Jun 2005, 21:24

I believe that most salvage yards will not charge for crushing a vehicle.

22nd Sep 2005, 09:16

Why didn't you use the lemon law with this car? It seems like this one is just problem prone. I have a 98 limited convertible, and have never had any problems. It has 75,000 miles. Brakes, tires, and windshield wiper blades are the only thing I have ever had to replace. It still runs like a champ. The only thing wrong with it is from inconsiderate people that ding the sides with their car doors!

1998 Chrysler Sebring Convertible JX 2.5 fuel-injected Six from North America


The sharpest, sportiest, most affordable US convertible on the market!


Horn alarm will periodically "go off" for several minutes, and plug on horn must be pulled to stop it.

The engine will occasionally "knock", but not consistently.

The powerful door speakers will cause the inside door panels to vibrate unpleasantly when stereo volume is raised to high level.

The radio volume will occasionally continue to increase despite the knob being turned toward the left to decrease it.

The front brakes always squeal when cold, but stop squealing when warmed up.

General Comments:

In spite of the above annoyances, I have been very happy with the car, both its looks and performance.

I purchased the car in Michigan, knowing I would be moving to Florida soon. Florida's weather is tailor-made for year-round top-down cruising, and it has continued to provide me with supreme motoring enjoyment.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2004

22nd Feb 2005, 14:34

The material used to cover the sun visors of my 1998 Convertible have rotted. I bought the car to be used as a convertible, but it didn't take long for the very thin covering to rot and blow away in the wind. Suggestions?

12th Sep 2007, 22:50

Chrysler like all other American car manufacturers (and some imports) engage in planned obsolescence. So yes the visor will rot the plush leather will turn to crap in 5 years. The car will eventually rattle, sag and tarnish, its beauty will fade untimely. My Mercedes is 15 years old and it still runs like new. I will never buy another American car.