1998 Chrysler Sebring Convertible JXi 2.5 from North America




Fuel pump relay at 90k.

Starter at 115 and 180k.

Battery at 90k (and a pain in the you know what to replace).

Head gasket at 75k.

Window switch at 140k.

Rims bent at 110k.

General Comments:

This car is a decent car, comfortable, and not too bad looking to match. However, as usual, Chrysler has put their R&D money into looks instead of the drive train. All the problems I've had to date are reasonable to expect with as many miles as I have on it, however, next summer the car is going to be gutted and made into a RWD with a small block Ford. I'd much rather bank on a proven power plant in an experimental car than a bad (and underpowered) Chrysler setup.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2008

1998 Chrysler Sebring Convertible Limited 2.4L turbo from Mexico


Power full and comfortable


I still had not have any problem with my car, it runs very good, I´ve just made it its services and oil changes but nothing wrong with my car.

General Comments:

I was looking for a car like this, here in Mexico and I found it, a limited edition with 6 CD´s changer and the auto stick transmission, a 2.4 l turbo engine, a very comfortable car but some noisy with the top on.

However the car is very quick, and you can pass to almost any car in the road.

The infinity sound is very good.

A very nice car.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2008

1998 Chrysler Sebring Convertible Limited 2.5 from North America


Great car but a lot of people seem to have problems with them knock on wood...


Bought the vehicle drove it home 750 miles, then check engine light came on, spark plug wires, plug seals, plugs and engine oil sensor for a total of $535.00.

Will have to do brake-pads and rotors for all wheels...

General Comments:

Love the car Limited edition. Chrome wheels. 6 disk changer and two tone leather interior!!!

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Review Date: 9th September, 2008

1998 Chrysler Sebring Convertible JX 2.5L from North America


Great car to drive


I have been reading the reviews here and have also experienced both the blown 20A fuse when starting, and the water sloshing around/soaking carpet.

In my case, the blown 20A fuse was remedied by replacing the starter, which was shown to be drawing excessive current during a bench test at the local auto parts store. The oil filter must be removed in order to get the starter out. Also, the solenoid is integral to the starter and does not come as a separate part so both are replaced at the same time. While under the car I also replaced the oil pressure sending unit, which was leaking oil and intermittently flashing the warning light on the dashboard.

As for the water sloshing problem, this is remedied by running the end of a clothes hanger into the drain holes under the car. They are located inside the rail at the bottom and to the rear of the doors. Interestingly enough, on page 171 of my Owner's Manual in the Special Care section, there is a note stating the following:

"It is important that the drain holes in the lower edges of the doors, rocker panels and rear deck lid be kept clear and open".

Nowhere does it say why it is important that they need to be kept open. That probably would have been a good thing for Chrysler to put in the manual.

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Review Date: 28th December, 2007

1998 Chrysler Sebring Convertible JX 2.5L six cylinder from North America


Just what I wanted and expected!


I was surprised that the front brakes went bad when the car had just passed inspection only a few thousand miles ago. The left rotor was scored badly and had to be replaced. It was only a very short time before I could get the brakes replaced, but the rotor was ruined. The calipers checked out OK, so that wasn't the problem.

I have noticed that the rear brakes make an annoying squeal when cold, which give the impression of shoddy workmanship.

Like many others, the stitching on the vinyl top is giving way. The previous owner did not put the top down much, but I do almost every time I drive it, so I don't expect the 9 year old top to last very long. Why own a convertible if you don't put the top down?

For a while, the left back window only went down halfway, but now it has mysteriously fixed itself.

General Comments:

I love the way the car looks! Mine is "Candy Apple Red" with a black vinyl top and "Agate" (black) interior. I think it is a very well styled car, which is still very attractive even at nine years old. I have had many compliments on it in the few months that I have had it.

It runs great and has plenty of power. I like the staccato sound of the exhaust system (six cylinder). Everything works on it, and there have been no electrical problems, which many others have apparently had.

I bought the Sebring from the original owner who I had worked with many years ago. She loved the car, and wanted to see it go to a "good home." When she was ready to get a new car, she actually called me to let me know it was available.

I bought the car purely for a fun "hobby" car, not as a daily driver. I drive it on weekends, and on beautiful summer days. I plan to let it sit in the garage all winter, and only take it out on a few dry days to keep it going.

My idea is to keep this Sebring Convertible for many years. It is still new enough, and in good enough shape that it doesn't need restoring. Over time, I plan on fixing up the few problem areas, such as putting on a new top and having the hood and alloy wheels repainted. In the future, I hope to take it to car shows and enjoy owning this beautiful convertible which is only becoming more scarce as time goes by.

I am glad that I was able to get one of the "first generation" Sebring Convertibles, as I think the newer styles are not as attractive. It reminds me somewhat of the original Mustang. Simple, attractive, classically styled, sporty, fun, and affordable. It's not a race car, or an expensive European tourer, it's just a pretty, fun, affordable American convertible. Just what I wanted!

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Review Date: 31st August, 2007