1991 Citroen AX GT 5 1.4 Twin Choke from UK and Ireland


Crazy, comfy pocket rocket!


Not a lot so far. Most thing seems to be working well. However rather large corroded areas in the boot near the arches and under the bonnet. However nothing that cannot be fixed.

General Comments:

Absolute pocket rocket. You really wouldn't believe how quick it is until you've driven it.

It has been very reliable so far (touch wood).

Can go after and annihilate most 1.6 hatches especially Fiestas and Novas oh and Saxo VTRs you can wave bye bye to with ease.

Comfortable inside.

Dash is disappointing, but with some work I'm sure you could get it looking sweet.

Mines up for sale now £700 if anyone's interested.

Wicked car, super performance!

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Review Date: 18th September, 2003

1991 Citroen AX TGE 1.1 from UK and Ireland


Fun little runabout


There is a major leak somewhere at the rear, letting in lots of water and absolutely saturating the back seats and boot area. My guess is it's coming from the boot seal. Haven't bothered to fix it yet as it's not causing a problem during summer.

There are lots of knocking sounds coming from the rear end when cornering. Especially bad at high speed or at sharp bends.

Engine randomly stalls just after gear changes at speeds of around 20-40mph. There is no juddering or warning sign, it just 'conks' out.

Electrics are failing left, right and centre. Started with the front left indicator bulb, then speedometer illumination, etc... This also seems to be effecting ignition.

Drivers seat is starting to become loose and makes lots of rattling noises.

Admittedly most of these could be fixed by someone who knows a bit about cars or is prepared to spend money and look after this car. However I will be purchasing a new car soon and repairs wouldn't be worthwhile for a car of this age.

General Comments:

As with any old car I did expect problems to pop up. So I don't think of my AX as being poorly manufactured or badly designed.

I still like the cars looks and size. The styling is quite angular and unique which will appeal too many people. Plenty of room for tall people, even in the rear.

My favorite feature would have to be the amount of space you can create inside. The back seat rests can be completely removed in seconds, as well as the back cushion. This proved extremely useful when I recently moved house and would be great for car booting or making trips to the skip.

The other best good point is that the car feels extremely nippy and quick off the mark for its engine size. This is probably due to the car being very light weight. Without meaning to I often find myself leaving everyone behind at light changes and the car still has some nice poke at high speeds (i.e 60mph+)

The cars interior is a little flimsy and plain, but is also very functional and well thought out. For example, the ashtray is located quite high up and in good view so it doesn't take much concentration to use. Comfort is OK, although the seats are a little too soft for my liking.

Some strange quirky things about the AX; (and possibly other Citroen's) Front doors cannot be locked unless you use a key or push the knob down from inside - Makes it quite tricky to lock yourself out! Boot hatch has no metal frame; The glass panel is joined directly to the car body. The choke control is on the far left of the heating/air controls - about as far away from the normal place as possible.

Performance is great but handling is a bit too light and tends to over-steer.

Overall the car has served its purpose for me as a cheap runabout until I could afford a much newer car. Reasonable insurance for new drivers and very economical.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2003