1998 Citroen Saxo VTR 1.6i 8v from UK and Ireland


Fantastic looking little car, well worth the money, great performance, trendy image


Apparent "misfire" at high speeds attributed to a faulty oxygen sensor or lambda probe. Citroen dealer has failed to rectify sufficiently even after an O2 sensor replacement.

Sudden power steering failure at 42000.

Sheared wheel nuts, required replacement of the hub.

Flashing airbag light caused by a bad connection beneath the passenger seat.

Leak in the sunroof seal.

Rattly front windows when half way down.

Slight veer to left on heavy braking.

Noisy tappets when cold.

Standard "whine" on acceleration in 3rd gear is annoying.

General Comments:

I bought my VTR second hand in 2000. I have been extremely pleased with the vehicle.

Things which have gone wrong are somewhat niggly and incompetent dealerships who, in my opinion, don't actually know what they are doing sometimes, and don't fill me with confidence.

The car is very quick and will easily beat an 8v Golf GTi.

My VTR is lowered 35mm and handles like a dream. I also have a K&N air filter and combined with a PECO Boxer back box sounds awesome, not tacky.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2001

1998 Citroen Saxo VTR 1.6i from UK and Ireland


Quickest hot hatch on four wheels!!!


Nothing went wrong with the car.

Sunroof winder needs replacing though, feels a bit cheap.

General Comments:

The car is seriously quick considering its size and origin. Once you hit 2500rpm it takes off like a GTi and keeps pulling. This is the hot hatch of 2000, its looks are incredible and the power steering is set up perfectly.

The interior on the car is great and very sporty. It's also excellent for installing a sound system as the back parcel shelf is strong enough to hold a set of 6"9's no problem without strengthening.

If you are looking for a motor that impresses with both speed and looks, then you have found the champion.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2001

14th Sep 2001, 13:47

Er... isn't the VTS quicker???

15th Sep 2001, 12:51

Your mileage seems to be going backwards mate... it must be good!

8th Nov 2005, 15:40

I agree with the taking off at 2,500rpm. I have just bought a Saxo 1.4 Westcoast and once I hit that, feels like I have a turbo! The 1.4 is great car for young drivers like myself.

16th Jul 2006, 07:21

Try actually driving a turbo'd car, u'l find their nothing alike.

24th Jul 2008, 03:35

Car is unbelivably quick no problems at all!!

1998 Citroen Saxo VTR 1.6 from UK and Ireland


An affordable little sports car


I've had the car for only 3 weeks, first week I discovered I hadn't a wheel nut to get the alloys off and had no jack, which I had been promised had been checked.

Went back to the dealer, was told the mechanics had lost the wheel key - got new alloys, nuts and key. Mechanics have badly chipped the alloys to get the old ones off.

2nd week: I took the car back to check out a clonking gearbox, and the engine stalling on occasion at traffic lights. Also tick over was a bit rough - was told the gearbox is normal for the car and they had run a diagnostic on the engine and there was nothing wrong. Also, was I sure I was putting the clutch to the floor? (As I'm a woman)! Ha ha.

They tried telling me they had spent £450 getting the car ready for sale, but refused to show me what had been done to it and were rather hazy when I asked.

Third week: they were still stalling. It had stopped raining so I checked to see if the jack was in the spare wheel, of course it's not, how stupid of me. Airbag light is now on and I have booked it in at the garage again for this and a jack. Apart from that...

General Comments:

The seats are a bit flimsy and the drivers seat back moves.

Also, the petrol gauge seems to have a mind of its own and moves about a lot.

The brakes are very ordinary. Maybe I'm expecting too much for a 4 year old car, but I shall probably go back to a VW when I've finished paying for this one, if I do.

But I suppose you get what you pay for. Apart from all that I do like the car, honest. I just fancied a moan. It's a great little car, good handling, looks gorgeous, not mind blowing performance, but very nippy.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2001

28th Aug 2003, 05:48

Apparently the Air Bag light is to do with a dodgy sensor under the driver's seat. Something to do with a wire coming loose. I got mine done for free at the second service as it was under warranty and it was a manufacturer fault (Design problem)