2000 Daewoo Nubira from North America


I hope you have a deep pocketbook!


When I first got the car I thought I had finally found a car that would suit me perfect and without anyones help. Not my parents or my boyfriend! I was so happy. I had a fully loaded car with leather interior, spoiler, sun roof, the whole nine yards! And the best thing was, it was paid for! I out right bought it, my first real car!

Two weeks later they announced on the nightly news, Daewoo withdrew from the USA!

Well, I bought the car in the summer and it never occurred to me to check the heater. Come winter, it would take 45 minutes drive time for you to feel any warmth and that was only off the motor. The repair shop could never find the problem.

Then, out of the blue, the car kept dying. So I had to replace the battery. No big deal.

Well, when we replaced the battery, obviously the car lost power and had to be reset. when we reset the car, it locked the radio due to some kind of anti theft safety crap and you have to get the code from the dealership and that cost 40 dollars. Ridiculous. So now I am without radio because I refuse to pay $40 for someone to give me a code that is right in thier computer.

I am driving to work one day and the car just stops. the motors still running, but the car fails to move. I switch gears, nothing. It cost me $45 to have it towed 1.2 miles back to my home. The mechanic came out and told me it was the CV joint. No one had this part for this car. And that was after I waited 2 weeks and kept re-ordering it with to luck. I took the peice to a shop that rebuilt them for 1/2 the cost and they told me there was nothing wrong with the piece. I then took the piece back to the shop and they put the peice back on and the car ran again. So myteriously the CV joint just popped out???

After that, I had a little streach that was OK. Then on a cold rainy February day I was taking my 18 month old to the hospital and I pulled away from the red light, going about 20 mph and the hood flew up and bent all the way back. It shattered the windshield, threw the rear-view mirror at me, dinted the whole top side for the roof and made my sunroof start leaking. I was told that the safety latch for the hood malfunctioned! It cost me $1000 to get the hood replaced!

Back on the road for a little while. Then the car decided to Jump Time! After having 8 places tell me that it couldn't be done. That the motor had oil in it and it would never be fixed. I found a place that would do it for $1500. I was getting my income tax back so that was the only way I could get it done. They fixed the car and I was back on the road 3 weeks later.

Nine days, yes 9 days later, I was driving to work and I came upon a red light and I had NO breaks! I was not speeding, infact, I was under the posted limit, but nonetheless, I slammed into a F250 4x4 in the rear tire. It knocked me unconscious on impact. I was off work for weeks and my only transportation was gone. A whole whopping 9 days! Great! So I had to take what was left of my income tax check and get another vehicle, with a payment.

That was last April, and about a few months ago, in October, I received an "Important Safety Recall Notice" from Daewoo. The recall stated as I quote, "A crack may potentially develop in the outer rubber layer of the front brake hose (s) which, in most severe circumstances, can result in brake hose rupture, brake fluid leakage and loss of vehicle braking. This condition could result in a vehicle crash without prior warning." Well, they're willing to replace the problem, but I guess it's a little late for me.

General Comments:

I hope you have have a deep pocketbook! This car was nothing, but issues and money for me and the only good thing is that the air bags managed to work properly.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2005

5th Jun 2005, 16:30

You have really bad luck. I have a 2000 nubira and no problems with it except at 50K miles had to have the timing belt replaced.

26th Apr 2006, 07:51

I have a 2000 Nubira SX since new, needed to replace crossmember rubber bushes and timing belt at 100000 service.

Very happy with this great value car. Getting excellent service from Chevrolet.

2000 Daewoo Nubira CDX 2.0 from North America


A comfortable affordable car


Never had a problem.

If I had Budget rent a car would fix any for free as it is under warranty.

General Comments:

Very affordable car. Can't find any other car on this price.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2004