2002 Dodge Caravan 3.3 from North America


I have had most if not all of the front end problems listed here.

General Comments:

I do most of the work on my van myself, and I have replaced or had replaced the sway bar mounts, sway bar linkage, struts and strut plates, control arms with ball joints, rack and pinion, and power steering pump. I also was chasing this elusive CLUNK noise in the front.

After changing the struts and strut plates, and everything else mentioned, it was still there. Turns out that the strut plates I got from a local chain parts store were junk from the get go. They would make a metal to metal sound at just about any crack in the road (and I live in Michigan, home of the largest pot holes).

Also if I jacked the van up, they would creak at the top of the strut. So I had them replaced with Monroe brand. Problem fixed. The OEM parts are also quality (believe it or not); just check prices.

I also am going to have to replace the sway bar bushings again. I noticed that the sway bar seemed to be worn a little thin where the mounts rub them. My mechanic friend suggested that when I replace them to wrap the bar with electrical tape and then coat it with white grease (lithium based) to compensate for the slight slack from wear. Sounds back yard, but cheaper than a new sway bar.

Also, DO NOT buy after market sway bar links!!! They will wear out quick. OEM is the way to go with this one. I know.

My front end is solid again. Well except the sway bar mounts (their next again, OEM). I do recommend OEM parts for most applications.

Just another note, the after market power steering pump was junk too, get OEM.

Remember I have 160,000 on this vehicle, and the aftermarket parts only lasted 1-1.5 years.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2009

2002 Dodge Caravan Sport from North America


Never again


Took in for routine oil change to dealer; was told my transmission solenoid was shot but it never leaked or anything. They replaced it under warranty, but when I drove away, the whole dash lighted up with all the lights, i.e. air bag, everything.

Took it back, replaced rad fans, same problem, took it back, replaced computer control module, same problem.

Took it back from May until September and they kept replacing things. Finally in September was told it was AC. I phoned Chrysler down east and was told the AC compressor was a "recall", but neither the dealer nor I was never notified of this, and it was replaced for free.

I also have a clunking noise in the front end that 3 different mechanics cannot find. Have done stabilizing links, still clunks?

General Comments:

If anybody is having problems with the AC, it is a Dodge Caravan recall and should be fixed for free.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2008

2002 Dodge Caravan Sport from North America


One of the worse cars I ever owned regarding repairs.


This vehicle has had multiple problems with the heating and air conditioning.

The heat would only work while accelerating. That problem was fixed by replacing the compressor and vacuum hoses.

On long trips during the hot months, the air conditioning leaks into the front passenger floor. Enough to soak the carpet and squish when stepped on.

Took it for repair, an "O" ring was replaced.

The next long trip using the air conditioning, it leaked again. Debris was cleared from the drainage hose.

Next summer vacation, another leak. Took it for repair again. Was told the dash would have to be taken apart to find the problem. Left the van to be fixed.

Fourth trip, fourth leak. Can now be fixed for an additional sum since no longer under warranty.

Still leaks during long trips in the summer.

General Comments:

Good size for a bigger family.

Not worth the time spent getting repaired.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2008

9th Nov 2008, 18:48

There is an easy fix for the A/C. Get a PVC Elbow and glue it on the A/C drain line, located on the passenger side under the hood. You will see a black pipe coming out of the fire wall pointing towards the engine. The wind blows the water back in. Simply get a fitting to make it point down and glue it on.