2002 Dodge Caravan SE from North America


Fine basic van, but would not purchase again.


The air bag system was repaired/replaced twice for faulty lights/alarms during the first year, but no problems since.

The lens' on both tail lights came apart from the rest of the assemblies. One blew completely off in traffic one day. The other has been repaired with silicon caulk to hold it together a while longer. They were never damaged so I guess the Texas heat just caused the seals around them to disintegrate.

General Comments:

This van was purchased new to replace a 1991 Voyager that I really liked and drove for 11 years for 110,000 miles. This Caravan is nice, but has never won me over. I don't like that the sun visor won't stay put. It always flips up when trying to adjust it. Also, I didn't get automatic rear door opener and hate that a key must be used to open the back every time. Appearance and visibility are good. It has been great to move stuff and handles much better since I put Michelin Destiny tires on it. Resale isn't good even with low miles.

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Review Date: 29th February, 2008

2nd Mar 2008, 15:20

I don’t understand the comment about needing a key to open the rear door. Unlock all the doors by hitting the remote twice, or unlock all doors using the inside switch. I don’t believe I have ever opened the rear door using a key.

7th Jul 2009, 11:26

I am interested in purchasing a 2002 Caravan. I have heard good and bad, but I think that can follow with any vehicle. I have seen enough boneheads on the road gunning and abusing their vehicles. Later they are probably claiming their vehicle they abused for several years a piece of junk.

In this instance, the review, in my belief was a bit unfair. The writer gave both good and bad credit to the van, but a good portion of the complaints were aesthetic. These are things that should have been noted prior to purchase. I am also finding many other bad reviews based on things like cupholders, squeaks, maintenance frequency (i.e. having to change the oil more than once a year), etc. All valid points but a little nit-picky in my opinion.

In my research I have found many Caravans with problems, no doubt, but I can't ignore that many more Caravans have more than 250,000 kms on them and are still going strong. It's tough to ignore that. But thanks for the review regardless.

2002 Dodge Caravan sport from North America


Its stinks


Transmission blew apart at 60,000. 7 times in for warranty work, trans,sway bar busshing( had them replace again, not there stock one). air bag, power windows, Its rusting out on therear door. also there rust on the hood.

General Comments:

A very bad caravan.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2007

2002 Dodge Caravan SE 3.3 V6 from North America


Comfortable, nice features, overall best out there


No problem to speak of (hopefully none in the future either).

May need a rack.

Trans occasionally searches for gear, probably could use a flush and new filter.

Start up when cold or siting a while, is a bit on the noisy side. "Ticks" at first (kind of sounds like "lifter tick"), but only for the first couple of seconds, then goes away. Not sure if this is normal for the new ones.

General Comments:

Very comfortable, roomy, lots of cargo room.

Quad seats are nice on long trip, reclining split rear bench also nice.

Good power from the 3.3 V6, lots of nice features.

Great looking van.

Smooth ride, handles nice, easy to drive.

My other one has over 250kms (1997, 3.0 V6) and still runs great, so hopefully this one will hold up the same way. I haven't seen any newer body style models with over 200 kms yet, but I see a lot of cab companies using them as opposed to other vans, so I figure they hold up well, much like the older ones.

Great overall, best van on the market.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2007