1998 Dodge Durango 5.2 Magnum V8 from Russia


Great car if in good condition. Otherwise you'll spend a fortune repairing it


First off - I guess all the problems my Durango had was because the previous owners did not take care of it. If they had, maybe I'd have had a better experience with this car.

So it was the third day after I purchased it when the engine blew up (the piston rod broke), and I had a choice of whether to replace the engine or to overhaul this one. When the mechanic took it to pieces, he discovered the oil was the consistence of sour-cream, so he assumed nobody ever changed it. As it turned out, in the process of repairs the piston rod broke because the transmission were not working properly, and it looks like I was driving about 70mph on the second gear. So the transmission was reassembled, and a used Magnum V8 was put in my Durango. The cost for all these was about $4500.

The other problem I encountered - all the replacement parts are pretty rare, and all have to be ordered from the US, which is expensive.

Total including works:

The gear-shift knob had to be replaced because its cap cracked ($200).

The hydraulic boost system had to be repaired, because of multiple leaks, including replacing of a couple of pipes and repairing the pump ($300).

The headlight switch had to be replaced because it had totally burnt out ($250).

The side blinkers' switch had to be repaired ($50).

The motor of the rear screen-wiper had to be repaired ($150) - the new one would cost me about $300.

The whole suspension system had to be replaced (ball sockets, stabilizer links and plugs, shock struts, brake pads and brake plates, steering gear connection...) In the process the oil leak from the converter was noticed, and it also had to be repaired... The suspension work cost me $3500.

And after a year of owning and driving this Durango, the engine started to pound again and I was told at the service it had to be replaced or overhauled again (another $3000-3500)... That was the last straw and now I'm selling it.

So I bought the car for $14800, and I spent for repairs almost $10000. God, I'm saying this now and can't believe myself.

General Comments:

No matter how many problems I had with this car, and how much all the repairs cost, I liked it.

It's comfortable and big. You can fit anything you want in it.

It's pretty fast and accelerates quickly.

It's really all-terrain.

There's nothing in it I didn't like (except for the amount of money I spent).

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Review Date: 29th April, 2009

1998 Dodge Durango SLT from North America


I love my Durango like people love pets!


The starter went on Christmas Eve.

Tires are expensive cause they are so big!

Middle row gets stuck!

Changing the tire was a hassle for my 18 yr old daughter.

Bumper covers crack easily!

General Comments:

I have had some trouble, but I love my car.

Its reliable except once.

It fits everything I need it to and more.

I never have to worry about getting stuck, especially in snow.

Has good height for my daughters, who both just got their licenses.

Has a rebuilt engine!

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Review Date: 21st April, 2009

1998 Dodge Durango 5.9 from North America


Money Pit


I had to post a review of this vehicle just to add my two cents worth.

This is the most unreliable vehicle with the most costly repairs that I have ever owned.

The first big ticket item was the transmission that went out when the family and I went on a trip to Hilton Head. As we still had forward gears, I was able to drive to the repair shop, but I still dropped $1300 to repair the transmission.

The second big ticket item was the rear end that went out when we went on another vacation. We ended up having to put a whole new rear end at a cost of $700.

The last issue was the issue that Dodge should be sued over, which is the sludge issue. At a traffic light my oil pressure would go to zero and then jump back up after I gained rpm's.

General Comments:

I love the way this SUV looks and the exhaust is nice and throaty.

Other than the above there is nothing good about this vehicle.

If you're looking around for an SUV don't get a Durango!!

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Review Date: 14th July, 2008