1994 Dodge Intrepid LHDH41-1 3.3 Liter MPI from North America


The mechanical reliability has a lot to be desired


58,423 - the air conditioner compressor quit. Cost to replace $689.62. Used car review on the web indicated this is major repair and common with '95 Intrepid. They are right.

68,293 - transmission quit ($1,719) due to a poorly engineered seal according to A-1 transmission shop tech that was confirmed by research on the web and car magazines. Also confirmed by service bulletins. Used car review on the web indicated this is major repair and common with '95 Intrepid. They are right.

70,335 - recall to install lower control arm bracket. Manufacturer recall, no cost to me. Just inconvenience.

75,000 or thereabouts - paint began releasing from primer on both sides along the upper rear quarter panels. Started with small particles and has grown to circular spots of 3 to 4 inches.

Hood support rams for holding up hood for service had to be replaced.

80,000 or thereabouts - plastic wheel covers began to crack at the mounting points. Two wheel covers had to be replaced.

80,027 - replaced outer tie rod ends / alignment / front brake pads / resurfaced the front rotors for $308.16.

82,000 or thereabouts - left rear electric window motor quit.

Interior showing signs of rapid deterioration from common typical use of 2 people in their early fifties. Drink cup holders both will not stay in return position.

96,000 - transmission responding erratically again.

General Comments:

The reports from car reviews read before purchasing were dead on the mark. Reviews stated that transmission and air conditioner were high frequency and cost common to this model year.

Company cars obtained about every 2 years have been Taurus and Malibu's. Our previous Buick Lasabre, which we gave to our daughter upon graduating from college is running very efficiently at nearly 200,000 with some front end rebuilding repair.

Chrysler products have lost any confidence Chrysler may have made during Iacoca days with this vehicle.

I keep a running tab of cost per mile for vehicles. This Intrepid is the most costly vehicle per mile driven I have owned.

Give me my Buick back - Please!

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Review Date: 9th December, 2001

2nd Oct 2003, 00:07

Your report made me laugh through my tears, as I have had virtually the same problems with my 93 ES, right down to the " left rear window " failure. I'm still plugging along with this car (Oct 2003), with 150,000 miles. Last Daimler/Chrysler I'll ever own.

15th Jul 2004, 07:41

I own a 94 Intrepid ES. I bought it new, which was obviously a bad idea, but a 94 Intrepid bought today would be a great car for a teenager to buy and learn about auto mechanics. The resale value on these cars is amazingly cheap compared to a Honda, etc. so a teen can get a nice looking car at a low price. In addition, my local junk yard had lots of Intrepids. I made a trip there last weekend, spend three hours stripping various items, came back with a pickup load of parts, and only paid $75. Sure the A/C, steering, suspension, transmission, etc. are junk, and replacement parts from the dealer are expensive, but you can usually find a car in junk yard with something still good. Most of the ones there have had things replaced before being junked - you just have to search. Because I do all my own work, the local junk yard gives me a quantity discount. My last trip involved a condenser ($13), a tie-rod ($5), rear brake rotors ($2 each), A/C pressure sensor ($1 vs $100 at the dealer), 2 tires already on rims ($30) the replace the tires worn crooked, and a few other things. I got a compressor there last summer for $40 and they removed it from the vehicle and gave a one year warranty. If you want a good, reliable car an Intrepid isn't for you. But for future shade-tree mechanics owning one of these can be a great deal.

1994 Dodge Intrepid ES 3.5 from North America


This car is a piece of junk and a complete waste of money


After having the car for three days, the transmission had to be overhauled, including replacing clutches & torque converter.

Months later, the transmission was shifting roughly and the shifter was stiff. Dodge provided some "non-service".

At 44,000 miles the transmission needed to be serviced because of clunking noises and rough shifting.

At 53,000 miles, the transmission was again overhauled because it would not shift out of low gear.

At 59,000 miles, the transmission cooling lines needed to be replaced.

At 108,000 miles Dodge recommended that the transmission be overhauled again, quoting me $1540 for an "overhaul" and $2275 for a replacement transmission. I eventually went elsewhere and had the transmission overhauled for $900. At 130,000, it was still working OK when I sold the car last month.

Wind noise from the windows, which began in the beginning, was always a problem. Noise from the molding above the glove box was also constant.

At 18,000 miles, the antenna snapped off while driving due to road wind.

The traction control light and ABS light would turn on and off constantly, but Dodge could never detect a problem.

At 19,000 miles, the antenna bent again under normal road wind.

The air conditioning system had numerous problems over the years including the replacement of: a/c damper, freon leaks, suction line damper X2, power blower module connection, replacement of liquid line X2, new compressor X2, condenser lines -o ring gasket/seals X2, the A/C belt came off while driving the car, and a new fin sensor evaporator was needed.

The steering mechanism clunked whenever it was cold out, and eventually Dodge replaced the steering rack and mount, and later the steering rack bushings.

The driver's seat, when moved in its track, began making noise at 27,000 miles. Eventually, the seat rails broke but Dodge refused to fix it because the car was past the warranty mileage.

In 1995, Dodge convinced me that I should install an ECC valve to make the car run better and to achieve better fuel economy. To make a very long story short, it leaked excessive amounts of fuel (twice, after being "serviced" by Dodge).

The water pump went at 55,000 miles.

I lost electrical power while driving on several occasions, and they replaced the power control unit.

Next, problems developed with fuel leaks. I had smelled gas leaks for a year but Dodge could not find a problem. Dodge finally replaced the fuel rails ($315.00) at 75,767 miles, which was after my warranty expired. This was later the subject of a recall (TSB # 790).

The entire K frame developed a crack down the center of the frame, which Dodge would not warranty at 75,000 miles.

I had many tie rod problems, adjustments, and worn out tires as a result.

At 87,000 miles, the passenger side tie rod broke and the entire wheel assembly collapsed, which cost me $1200. The reinforcement of the lower control arms were later the subject of a recall (TSB#837).

General Comments:

The 1994, Dodge Intrepid ES was the most costly vehicle I have ever owned. I spent almost $10,000 on service for this terrible car.

I would never buy, rent or travel in a Dodge/Chrysler vehicle again. I tell everyone I know to avoid the company.

Chrysler has been non-responsive to my complaints and Dodge Service is the worst.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2001

16th Sep 2001, 07:28

Say what ya want- this car was clearly abused.

15th May 2002, 09:09

Subject to abuse? Are you a Dodge executive or what? Few of the problems reported here are from abuse! I have one of these miserable vehicles and have had many of the same problems. Is using you air conditioner abusive? Maybe setting the temp too low? Excessive seat adjustment perhaps. Maybe we should set it to a comfy position when we buy our cars and then never mess with it again. Transmission problems. Excessive shifting maybe? It's an automatic. Short of quick changing from R to D to try to break it, what can you do to it?

No. This car was a mess from the beginning. I remember the ads when I bought mine. "This changes everything." They were right. My family had been buying nothing but Dodge for 30 years. We don't buy them anymore.