1999 Dodge Intrepid 2.7L from North America


Something tells me that this company should be avoided


Trunk key inoperable.

Blower only works on high, heat intermittent.

Engine failed, twice.

Driver's side power motor failed, and bracket on glass broke.

General Comments:

I have a 1999 Dodge Intrepid. My car is on its third engine, and that one is about to fail too. I purchased the piece of crap used with 55k miles on it.

I have had some the problems mentioned by so many others here: trunk key inoperable, power window failure AND bracket breaking, blower only works on high (had this problem fixed multiple times, now I just deal with it) with unpredictable heat/cooling, and most important, multiple engine failures.

I was diligent with oil changes, using synthetic at every 3000 miles, as opposed to some people who I have seen mention up to 8000. I would never wait 8000 miles on ANY vehicle.. Just to give some context, though, the second block died within two weeks of installation. Fortunately for me, I bought an extended warranty on the car, and so the first block was covered, and there was no way the dealership could get out of being culpable for the second failure. And, I threatened a lawsuit.

Funny enough, I had another Dodge and went through a similar experience. I had the infamous Neon, and had the head gasket changed to the newer multi layered steel one after failure. About 20k later, my rods went.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2006

23rd Jan 2007, 19:12

I've owned 4 Dodges and only 1 Avenger ES had problems. This one had the Mitsubishi engine and electronics. This is where it went bad. My other 3, "All American" Dodges were flawless even after high miles: 166,000, 100,000 and 19,000 current model.

1999 Dodge Intrepid 2.7L V6 from North America


This is a great car that I would buy again, and highly recommend


The air conditioning quit working 1 1/2 years ago.

Prior to 50000 miles, two engine sensors failed.

Currently, the car burns just over 1 quart of oil between changes (4000 miles).

General Comments:

Overall, this has been a great car! I love the size and comfort. The engine has been good, 200 HP 2.7L V6 with no major defects other than it now burns a little oil. This is to be expected with the age and amount of miles on it (180,000). Occasionally the transmission feels a little sloppy, but always shifts well with no failure. I still get excellent gas mileage. I would buy this car again and recommend it to others.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2006

7th Mar 2006, 07:55

I would also add that I've changed the oil & filter religiously every 4000-5000 miles using Valvoline Dura Guard (blue bottle, synthetic blend). I've heard bad things about the 2.7L oil channels being too narrow causing sludge and gumming, but regular changes with a higher grade oil seems to prevent that. The vast majority of the 143,000 miles driven in 4 years are obviously highway miles, which is better on long term reliability and performance than stop & go city driving.

1999 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 from North America


Really Crappy! Junk! Doesn't last long


Just paid to get rod bearings changed cleaned oil pump which also needs to be replaced along with the crank shaft. Have been told need a new engine altogether. Warranty just ran out a couple of miles back. Only 75,195 miles on it and already need a new car. Sucks!! Grand prix 1990 still runs with 248,000 miles on it would recommend that one Intrepid never never never!

General Comments:

THIS Car is Terrible! Would definatley Recommend that you stay as far away from this car as possible and its hard because it's a beautiful car, but unless your looking for another lawn ornament, stay away.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2006

1999 Dodge Intrepid LX 2.7 from North America


I bought a Intrepid and feel like I got a sexually transmitted disease


The list would be shorter if I told you what has not gone wrong with this car.

5,500 miles, windows quit working, dealer replaced all motors.

9,600 windows quit again, replaced motors with second generation motors according to dealer.

15,000 miles electrical problems start. Lights flicker, headlights blink on and off. People are constantly thinking I am flashing lights at them.

22,000 the A/C goes out on the car. Dealer replaces the evap. coil. I am thanking god I got a Factory Extended Warranty from the dealer.

At 27,000 the A/C goes out again. Dealer replaces the entire system this time.

At 33,000 miles the front seat breaks and causes the back of the seat to fall all the way back while I am driving down I-95 at 70-75 miles per hour. We cross the center line almost hitting North bound traffic head on with my children in the car. I stopped at the first dealer, they refused to come out and look at it, instead sent me on my way telling me to call my regular dealer and make an appointment to have it repaired. I filed a complaint with the Federal Highway Safety Commission and Dodge. No response from anyone, but see 3 years later it becomes a recall item.

At 63,000 miles the engine starts knocking. I am told by the dealer the engine is blown. They rebuild it.

At 63,300 miles (Three Days Later) the engine blows again. I take it back and the dealer refuses to fix it. Seems I was not sold a Factory Extended Warranty, I was sold a insurance policy. The company blames the dealer for faulty work, the dealer says they did what they were told by the insurance company. My car sat there for 3 months while we fought with them. We called Dodge and was told, we do not get involved in dealer / customer warranty disputes.

I had to finally pay $9,600 dollars for a new engine.

63,313 That's right 13 miles back to the shop again. The dealer left the trunk open and the battery went dead. They jumped the battery and blew the starter, but failed to tell me this before letting me leave the shop. The car sat in my driver for two days and they finally came and towed it back to repair it.

78,000 miles the A/C goes out again. I go to a A/C shop only to find that the fans do not work. All the relays are burned out. When we replace them the wiring catches on fire. We find a screw put in from the factory that went through the wiring harness from the factory. This caused the wiring to short out different things in the car. We repaced this wiring and now the A/C works great, the engine has no more problems with sludge buildup, the flickering lights stop flickering. The shop feels the car ran hot for years due to this defect and that is what caused my premature engine failure.

At 110,000 the transmission speed sensors went out.

At 138,000 the entire transmission went out and had to be rebuilt.

At 168,000 I had to rebuild the front end, replace the starter again, and other electrical items.

At 168,500 after replacing all the items recommended by the dealer the water pump went out. In order to correct the water pump you must tear down the entire top of the engine, replace the timing chain, guides, pull the heads, cams, and the entire front of the car. The water pump cost $40 dollars. The labor cost and associated items to go along to replace it $1400 dollars.

I driver the car on the highway with very little city mileage. I use it about 90% highway. So far I have spent over $17,000 in repairs on a vehicle that I spent $21,000 on the purchase price when new.

General Comments:

I love the ride, I love the performance of the car when it works. However, the repair issues along with the dealers attitude and the attitude of Dodge Corporate ensures I will never buy another Dodge. I will make sure anyone I know does not buy a Dodge. If there is a lawsuit on this car count me in big time. Contact me at tmgr869@hotmail.com or brow38@bellsouth.net.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2006

21st Feb 2006, 20:24

I feel bad for you dude, that car is a piece of crap.

But I had to lmao at your headline comment...

26th Feb 2006, 20:48

$9600 for an engine? In a Dodge?

28th Mar 2006, 20:49

Fantastic review!

It is March 2006, and I have been considering buying an Intrepid. There are a few around town selling for a few hundred dollars. I've always driven old Buick (LeSabres, Park Avenue etc) and Pontiac (6000, Parisienne), and they're cheap to fix and reasonable reliable (no major flaws). I always wanted an Intrepid or LHS, they look nice.

My consensus of the reviews, this must be a seriously crap car.

But this review is outrageous. $9600 for an engine. Chrysler has made a killing off of REPAIRS!

I could go buy myself a dozen or so Intrepids for that price!

I might just go down to that shady dealer and pick up that $500 Intrepid, just for kicks and see how long it will run without a repair.

I wonder if the new Magnums and Chargers are just as crap. Time will tell.