1999 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 Litre from North America


Enjoyable ride, but disappointing end result


Engine cooling fans went out around 75000 miles.

Lights flicker on the dash or interior lights; depending on the setting for the light level.

Engine flunked out at 92000.00. Hardly had any warning.

General Comments:

Reputable auto shop said they could put in a more reliable engine in for 6500.00 (rebuilt). I presume this has to do with inclusion of those apparent corrections that have been recognized to prevent sludge buildup and high oil consumption.

Essentially, this car started eating up oil once it got to about 85,000 miles, but could not identify any significant leaks; even though it may have burned some oil smoke at various times during driving (but not constantly). The large loss of oil just did not make sense.

Did have trouble with the left driver window. Had to dish out some cash to fix about a year ago. Also took it in recently for a seat bolt recall. It would have been nice if they recalled on the engine to get some adjustments to its design. It appears Dodge did know of the faults, so why not let the owner know. I get plenty of extended warranty letters over the years, but no notice about apparent defects in the 2.7L engine design.

Have posted a complaint on www.BigClassAction.com. Hope to get some relief. Still owe approx 8000.00 on the car.

My wife and I enjoyed the handling, looks and ride this car offered. I would propose that it was a lemon in sheep's clothing.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2003

1999 Dodge Intrepid ES 2.7 from North America


Window fix advice


Driver side window malfunction.

What ever you do, don't go to the dealer to get your window fixed. A clip on the bottom of the window broke off of its connector to the regulator. The dealer wanted to sell me a new window, a new regulator, with labor they wanted $487.00.

I found another dealer that ordered a new set of clips ($14.00). I then had an auto glass repair company carefully remove the old clips from the window (there is a chance it could break), and attach new clips. Labor cost $85.00 Total $100 instead of $487.

I absolutely do not trust the dealer, they wanted $30.00 just to take a computer reading, since like every other Intrepid dealer the engine light comes on and goes off periodically. I have another mechanic who hooks up the computer reading in about 2 minutes, never charges me even though I offer to pay.

Dodge/Chrysler dealers are either crooks or they don't realize how they do more damage with their arrogant bold faced misleading garbage they give to customers.

I'll be glad to explain the window fix in greater detail mike@relocon.com.

General Comments:

Handles nice.

Plenty of room.

Good mileage.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2003

30th Jul 2004, 10:24

I have a 98" Intrepid. Six months after the purchase of this certified used vehicle I also had to have a window regulator replaced in the Driver side door. This was covered under the extended warranty. Prior to the regulator being replaced, the clip you are discussing broke off. The dealer claimed these clips cannot be replaced and that the entire window had to be replaced. So I turned it in under my insurance. Currently I just had the same thing happen with the passenger side. The regulator is warped and the clip is bent to a point of breaking. This is a poor design. I most likely will order the regulator and replace it myself.

1999 Dodge Intrepid 2.7L from North America


Nice thought, but dangerous flaws


I have had to replace the driver's side brackets for the power window. $125.00 (As soon as I rolled the window down off the lot).

I replaced the braking system front and back. $425.00.

I replaced the malfunctioning alarm system. $300.00.

I had to replace the starter which the alarm system caused to malfunction. I got off because I know people $230.00. Reg. price $475.00.

General Comments:

I was told that the car was driven by a Chrysler business exec. here at the world headquarters in Auburn Hills, Mi. I bought the car for only $3800.00 & thought I was getting a great deal. $3800.00 quickly became $5000.00. Still thought I was getting a good deal.

After getting the aforementioned fixed, I haven't had any major problems or so I thought. The check engine light was on when I bought the car, but I didn't think anything of it until reading about 300 complaints on just this site alone. There was also that mysterious lurching forward that I had noticed, but didn't put much weight into. My major problem is after overhauling the braking system (front & back), the car shakes & squeals so violently you would think that the wheels are about to come off. I have taken the car to 4 different 5***** dealerships & they all said that it was a maintenance problem. How can that be when I bought it from a car lot who had the paperwork from the Chrysler exec who maintained the car? Are they trying to say that he didn't keep up the maintenance on it? Or the dealerships that did the maintenance didn't know what they were doing?

I don't know, but I may be able to get in on a class-action suit or start a new one. My 98' Neon also has the exact same braking problem.

'The New Dodge' motto should be screw the Americans! Go buy a Pontiac.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2003

10th Dec 2003, 12:18

I'm baffled, really. You bought the car with the "check engine" light on, but didn't think anything of it? What are you waiting for, the "NO, I'M SERIOUS THIS TIME" light?