1999 Dodge Intrepid 2.7L from North America


Never, Never, Never buy another Dodge


Speed Sensor went our at 37,000 miles.

Timing Chain Tensioner Failure at 82,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car has been a decent car over the past 4 years. Until yesterday. I would have been absolutely amazed by all the complaints concerning this car if I read them two days ago. I can't believe that so many people have the same problem with the 2.7 engines blowing up and Chrysler refuses to help. I just got off the phone with Chrysler and the Dealer. They say it's not their responsibility. I understand that there is a class action lawsuit in the works for this problem. I want in. Please let me know how I may sign up. I can't believe it is actually going to cost me more to fix the car than it is worth! Piece of Junk!

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Review Date: 30th July, 2003

29th Aug 2003, 22:47

I have a 1999 Chrysler Concorde 2.7L engine. Timing chain went at 32000 miles. Car is costing me about $800. to fix, but they tell me there is probably engine damage and cannot guarantee it will last very long. They said it is my fault because I did not change my oil enough. I did, but I cannot provide receipts. Chrysler Corp or dealer will not help me at all. If there is a class action suit going on with these engines, I would like to know about it. If anyone knows please email me at Palrich1@aol.com.


1999 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 from North America


A great looking lemon


At 20,000 miles, two window motors ceased. Under warranty.

At 42,000 miles, the other two window motors ceased. Cost was 100.00 since extended warranty covered the rest.

At 49,000, driver side window motor ceased.

At 65,045, Speed sensor went out costing me $240.00.

At 67,000, began to run hot with AC on. Had to replace exhaust fan. Cost $250.00.

At 75,000 miles, the Computer sensor went out costing me $600.00 to fix.

At 79,000, began leaking oil.

At 82,000, rebuilt the transmission costing me $2000.00 to fix.

At 86,000, speed sensor went out again. Covered under transmission warranty.

At 90,000, began blowing out gray smoke out of exhaust pipe.

At 92,000, the steering pump had to be replaced for $325.00.

At 96,000, other exhaust fan broke causing the AC to cease..

At 105,000, started to sputter while accelerating.

At 114,000, speed sensor went out.

General Comments:

Although this car looks great, sporty and is very roomy, it is an unreliable car. Once it started to have issues, it was one thing after another. Apparently, the car only lasts till about 65,000 miles, right after the extended warranty expires.

Mechanics have declined to fix certain problems such as the oil leak due to the engine structure.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2003

1999 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 liter V6 from North America


Rotten Lemon


I bought this car for the spaciousness it provided. I have 4 children and the 6 passenger seating was great!

At approximately 38,000 miles the fans locked up and caused the car to overheat badly. The dealer fixed this under warranty.

At 47,000 the fans yet again locked up and caused the engine to overheat, again, fixed by the dealer.

I live down in a valley and have to climb a huge hill every morning to go into work, one morning (50,000 miles) as I headed up that hill the car suddenly wound up the RP M's until they bottomed out and the engine shut itself down. I took it the very next day and had it looked at and the oil changed.

At approximately 52,000 miles it began to lunge while driving. At that point I had it towed in to be repaired.

1st call from Car-Max: "Ma-am, there seems to be a bent rod, the repairs may not be covered by your warranty unless you can provide oil change receipts, at this point your looking at 3-6 thousand dollars". I am at this point in tears. Anyone who is raising 3 teenage boys & a baby knows how tight $$ is!

I have the company mechanic start pulling all his records for the past year out and dig through them to find what I need.

2nd call from Car-Max: (different person) "Ma-am, we have found the problem, looks like a bearing has spun out and caused some serious problems. Good news is it will be covered under warranty". Now I'm doing the happy dance! But too soon!

3rd call from Car-Max: "Ma-am, we are still awaiting the records on your oil changes so that max-care can decide whether or not to cover this".

I paid a substancial amount of money to upgrade my warranty, look what good it did me!

It's been 4 days... still no decision!

Bottom line is... I should have kept the Chevy!

General Comments:

This car is roomy, handles well, and looks nice. But it is however a mechanical nightmare!!!

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2003