2002 Dodge Intrepid SE 2.7L from North America


Horrible 2.7L, steering design, looks are definitely deceiving!


The 2.7L engine blew up at 35,000 miles due to sludge. I believe it was due to coolant entering the engine creating sludge. I was told by the dealer that it was my fault, although I changed the oil every 3,000 miles with Mobil1. I had to pay $7500 to replace this engine.

I was shocked to find many others also being blamed and having the same problems. There are complaints all over the internet and many NHTSA complaints about this engine. I was even more shocked and amazed when I found websites about the problem.

Steering began clunking at about seven thousand miles where it would also wander, which I found is fairly common due to suspension design. This also makes me angry.

I thought I've driven junk in my life, but never experienced anything like this with a well kept car with any other.

General Comments:

The only thing I can really compliment Chrysler on is the interior roominess, design and looks of the vehicle, which are all top notch.

If this vehicle didn't have such a problematic 2.7L engine and steering/suspension, it would have and could have been absolutely perfect. It's too bad.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2007

19th Sep 2008, 18:31

Your engine blew because of poor oil circulation. Let me explain. The engine was designed on a computer CAD and was sold to Daimler Chrysler. There is poor oil circulation to the top of the engine, which causes it to run hotter and breaks the oil down faster, creating sludge.

Look under the oil cap - if you see sludge then chances are it's in the engine. The more sludge, the less oil can move, causing parts to wear out faster.

I read about this on another web site with 1,768 complaints on the 2.7 engines in the Intrepids. And almost all were due to sludge.

I have talked with 2 mechanics who own Intrepids and they said to switch to a full synthetic oil because it doesn't have oil elements in it, and that's what breaks down is the oil elements. Also change the transmission fluid regularly.

2002 Dodge Intrepid SE 2.7 from North America


Good car


My oil pump and oil sensor were changed at 81,000 miles.

General Comments:

I had the same problem with the oil light flickering. I had the oil pump and oil sensor changed and that fixed the problem. The only problem I am having now is that I am getting 14mpg. I just changed the spark plugs and they appeared to be the same ones that came with the car from the factory so I'm guessing the car wasn't maintained properly. so I'm gonna try a fuel injector cleaning and see if that fixes my horrible gas mileage.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2006

23rd Nov 2006, 08:06

Try installing a new oxygen sensor (s). Most often a big contributor to mileage issues. Also, you may into other problems later... usallly poor mileage is the first indicator.

2002 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 from North America


At 100000 miles the oil light came on then started flickering. I took it in before anything happened and it turned out to be the oil pump, not to expensive, but lots of labor. While the mechanic had everything tore down I had the water pump replaced as well. Before that the only thing that had been giving me headaches were the brakes.

Now at 127000 miles a seal in the AC compressor has ruptured causing me to replace the whole compressor.

Now just a couple days ago I've been having problems with acceleration, the engine has been limiting itself to 3500 to 4000 RPM's and when you are driving if you let off the throttle the engine kicks back as if the engine just shut off. Now today I started it and immediately it died, started again and it idled, but reved it and died again. I started again and left it sitting for a minute before driving, didn't die this time. I believe its the throttle position sensor and will take the proper methods of checking it before buying the $90 part.

General Comments:

Other than these recent problems I haven't had to do anything to the car besides the proper maintenance. One thing that has really ticked me off is the hazing of the headlights. Replacements are over $100 each. I bought some plastic polish and that helped for a short while. Overall this car has been good to me for as much abuse that I have put it through.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2006