1990 Eagle Talon TSi AWD 2.0L turbo from North America


Don't judge a cake by the frosting only!!


(4-94) the headlights failed.

(6-97) the engine control computer failed ($975.00).

(8-99) the right pop-up headlight assembly went


(7-00) the alternator (voltage regulator failed), the dealer says that there is not one to be had in Canada, the USA and Mexico (8-25-00). The car has been at the dealers since 8-5, waiting for parts!

When (and if!) I get it back, I am trading it in. It's fun to drive, but one has to have the patience of Job to own it (is there a reconditioned alternator out there somewhere, send it to Dade Chrysler/Plymonth, Miami Fla. ASAP!)

General Comments:

Fun car, but I can't live with the headaches it brings anymore!!!!!!!!!

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Review Date: 4th September, 2000

8th May 2001, 11:28

Most or all of the parts that failed are available rebuilt or new for quite less than the dealer. The main problem that this guy had was the dealership he had chosen to do business with. I've had my 1990 Eagle Talon for 6 years now and have broken almost everything there is to break, however this resulted from drag racing. There is no doubt that under normal driving conditions (commuting, shopping, travel) this car would never had any problems other that regular maintainence. The problem that he had with the computer going bad was a recall that was issued many years ago and was a dealer replacement issue. In this case once again, the dealer really ripped him off. It is very sad to see someone who has been misled by a mechanic or a car service manager into believing that their car is a money pit. Hopefully this guy will shop for his next car at another dealership.

19th May 2006, 23:06

Agreed (Except the computer is not a recall, you have to pay for it yourself, used they are about $100-$200 USED).

Umm..but the alternators are everywhere; Checkers, Schucks, anywhere you buy auto parts. Your dealer is so full of crap it's unbelievable. What's he doing to your car while it's sitting there? Trying to set it up to break on you, so you will come back again for more repairs? Your dealer REALLY SUCKS BAD.