1994 Ford Aspire SE 1.3 from North America


Nothing but the basics.. brakes, wiper blades, bulbs.

General Comments:

This is a sporty version of this car, mine is the only one I've ever seen so they must be rare. The rear spoiler is kinda neat looking. This is a good little car, it's just that the thing has NO power sometimes, with the A/C on I feel like nothing is even happening. But I plan to keep it for a while since it hasn't had any problems.

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Review Date: 25th February, 2000

26th Jan 2001, 18:56

I've had my 94 Aspire SE for 3 years. Bought it with 45,000 kms and it now has 110,000 kms (65,000 miles). Great gas mileage. Great basic transportation.

My fog lights also leak which causes the bulbs to burn out.

The 5 speed shifter is a little rough at times but other than this it runs great and has never failed me yet.

Only known problems that I have heard of is the door lock cylinders sticking. This can be fixed with new inside lock knob bezels.

Also an rpm problem, (on deceleration) probably needs an injection system flush. Mine has 5 speeds, air conditioning, ABS brakes, green, with the Sport SE package.

1994 Ford Aspire SE 1.3 from North America


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

It has about 100,000 miles and I've had no problems with this car so far. I've just done the scheduled tune up and it's been a great little car for me. I've heard stories about parts being hard to find but I haven't had any problems with finding anything for it. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a small car that's great on gas!

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Review Date: 1st December, 1999

1994 Ford Aspire from North America


Rear bearings.

Keys warp constantly.

Hazard light started flashing one day and would not stop till battery was dead.

Headlights foggy.

Constant front brakes.

Rear defroster barely works.

General Comments:

Ford practically gave this car to me. I got such a great deal on it, it was almost unbelieveable. A new car for $7000 with 25 miles on it! (LOL) I think it was because of the Pink color of it. The car had been on the lot for months and months, I know cause I looked for a car for a while before I bought this one.

I have to say the car hasn't been that bad. It's very slow I mean SLOW, course it is an automatic after all. General parts for this car are rather high such as wiper blades, that sort of thing.

The car overall is pretty good, it has about 125,000 miles and is still running good. I must say though the car is made pretty cheap, for instance my hubcaps have faded to an orange color and so has the door striping. The rear defrost has never really cleared the back window that well. The check engine light plays cruel jokes on me for no reason (according to Ford). Brakes go out a lot on the front but that may be my fault?? Anyway it's an OK car but I don't think I would buy another one. In fact I hope to trade this one soon for a new Geo Prizm or is it Chevrolet now??

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Review Date: 10th October, 1999

1994 Ford Aspire 1.3 from North America


I had to replace the wiper blades.

General Comments:

This is a great car, never had a problem with it. It's got close to 100,000 miles and it still has full power. I think it's one of the best cars that ever rolled off a Ford lot.

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Review Date: 17th August, 1999

14th Dec 2000, 08:59

When I asked about a mechanic to service the Aspire, the service manager sent me to another dealer and didn't know anything about the Aspire because it had so few problems. Will the 94 SE be a collector's car?

18th Sep 2003, 11:00

I don't think the Aspire SE will be a collectors car, However since it was only made for 2 year it may be, it was the only Aspire that really came with any options. The Aspire itself in many years to come may be a collectors car since they have died out already, I barely ever see one on the road anymore I don't think that many were made.