1988 Ford Bronco II 2.9 fuel injected from North America


Reliable first car


The transmission slips on occasion.

No arm rests!

Grossly underpowered 2.9L V6.

General Comments:

My Bronco used to be a Coleman security vehicle so it has not had many highway miles on it.

I just recently hit a parked trailer and the quote to get it fixed was 2800-3000 dollars. I bought the parts and fixed it in two days for 150 dollars, I'm only 16 so you might have guessed that it was pretty easy.

Very reliable light truck. It gets me to all the remote fishing spots and will still make it to school.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2003

1988 Ford Bronco II 2.7 from North America


I LOVE my Bronco II, but the amount of problems I've had with it are near unbearable


I've had to replace the clutch/transmission six (6) times. The first was only 8 months after I bought it.

I've had to put new rotors on the wheels.

I've had a new exhaust system installed.

I've had to have the steering wheel and driver seat replaced.

The side mirrors had to be replaced.

4 wheel drive never worked properly, it would always disengage.

The latest problem - head gasket blew.

General Comments:

As many problems as I've had with this dang car, I LOVE IT. I've heard that the transmission in Bronco II's are not too reliable, but I think the amount of problems I had with mine rooted form the dealer.

I'm really sad to see my Bronco go, I've taken it everywhere and it has never left me in a pinch.

It's last hurah was my honeymoon - 2500 mile road trip down the east coast. Got us home safely, then decided it would blow a head gasket.

It has great power, I've taken it on the beach, in the mountains, and even lots of highway driving. It handles great in the snow and rain.

If I were rich and could put another engine in this boy to keep him running, I surely would.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2003

25th Jul 2008, 15:44

I hear you on the rich part. It cost me 3X the price I paid for it in repairs. I would RTV around the valve covers in fear of the removal of the valve covers may disrupt the wiring harness and cause another ECU to blow, and in the last 4 years that I owned it I fed it Bars Leaks to keep the second engine with a cracked head going.

10th May 2009, 21:25

I had one a few years back and fell in love. Had to replace the clutch and drive shafts (both), but it was from all the offroading I did. With a little money and some simple upgrades like a 4.0 clutch, they are one hell of a truck. Just went out and bought another 86; hope to have it for many many years to come.

For Bronco II tips and info, check out this site, I use it all the time for working on my Bronco.


1988 Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer 2.9L V6 from North America


A beautiful, rugged, all-purpose car for any kind of driver!


It needed body work and paint job.

The oil need checked a little more frequently than other cars.

The electrical system needed rewiring.

The fuel tank was replaced.

The engine blew up on me. It had blown gaskets, cracked pistons, and broken rods.

(The car can be pushed to the limit, just know where the limit is...)

General Comments:

I love this car. At first it was nothing too big to me, then it grew on me. Once I blew the engine, and didn't have it for a while, I realized how great of a car it was.

It can handle off road like none other. My whole family have 4x4 trucks and SUVs, and don't even come close to my B-Dos.

Despite what other reviews say, I think the seats are more comfortable than most cars I've been in.

The cabin is spacious like a living room and is perfect for a sound system. It holds the sound well, and sounds beautiful with a set of 12" subs and aftermarket speakers.

With a stock engine, the acceleration is a little slow, but can be helped with a small amount of tweaking.

This truck is a tank. If you wreck into something, I can guarantee that there is a lot more damage to whatever you hit, than your B2.

I've done 180s in parking lots, and haven't tipped. Maybe it is more possible with a lift kit.

The steering is comfortably loose. I can drive with my pinkie finger if I want. Not to mention, the amazing turning radius makes U-Turns a cinch.

The back seat could be a tad wider, but can still fit 3 people fine.

The viewing range up front is great. Big windshield and barely any blind spots.

Every Bronco II driver knows how good of a car it is. I would recommend this car to anybody. Even when I go into the market for a brand new car, I plan to keep my B-Dos, even if I just use it for offroad riding in the mountains.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2003

13th Sep 2005, 22:14

Agreed. Just wondering how you managed 180s..was it raining?