1988 Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer 2.9 EFI from North America


The B Will Never Leave You Hanging!


Fuel Gauge Unit Inaccurate (Not fixed)

Both Power Window Motors (Not fixed)

Overdrive not working (Not fixed)

Speedometer Cable Falls Out of Transfer.

Case (Holding it in with wire)

Front Axel U-Joints Are Shot (Not Fixed)

Rear Shock Bracket Rotted Off of Frame (Can't find part)

Rear Shocks completely shot (Can't fix till previous mentioned part is to be found)

Small Radiator Leak (Not Fixed)

Thermostat Seized Once ($15 Repair)

A/C Needed Charging (Since charging blows super cold)

Exhaust From Muffler and Back Rotted Off (Replaced)

Rust Where the Side-View Mirrors Attach to Doors.

Few Small Leaks (Rain soaks the seat-belt from behind the panel and the floor on driver's side gets soaking wet)

Might be some other minor problems...

General Comments:

I must say, over-all the car has been great. Despite all it's current problems, it's only left me broken down once (when the thermostat seized, causing the car to get so hot my mechanic was surprised it did not cook the engine).

I must say, that I have put very minimal money into this car, and it is very reliable.

The Bronco II's condition is still very nice, in physically good shape, besides the slight rust on doors from mirros.

I have replaced the whole stereo system and it holds sound quite well (High power externally amped component speakers and subwoofers)... All the sound stays inside the car, and not to the whole neighborhood like them little ricer cars.

I am at a point of where I don't know what to do with it though, I love the Bronco, but I don't want to put all the money into it that it needs... With big things like Transmission work, U-joints and the suspension, I'd have to put a lot of cash into it to make it pass inspection again!

The 4X4 has been great, has gotten me out of times of being stuck many times (although I have to get out of the car to engage the hubs manually). I also have to keep 4X4 usuage to a minimum due to the front U-joints.

If are you looking for a Bronco II, you are surely getting involved with a reliable truck. It's built like a tank and runs no matter what you put it through.

The handling is good, very quick and responsive turning. My only gripe is, since my suspension/front U-joints are shot, I chose not to take the Bronco onto any high-ways. Upon hitting any kind of bump, it practically jumps up and then steers in a random direction (VERY DANGEROUS!) --The seized U-joints steer the car off in the direction their stuck before power steering over-rides it... and the shot suspension in the back causes the jumping.

Yet again I repeat however, overall the Bronco II has been great, I have only done the minimal to keep it going (since I make horrible money). Oil changes/coolant/air cleaners/new shocks (although discovering the back ones can't be replaced till I get new bracket)... Yes it's underpowered, but it's enough for what it is! Plus they're fun to drive and very comfortable for everyone seated.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2005

1988 Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer 2.9L (177ci) Fuel Injected from North America


Best vehicle I've ever driven


A4LD had to be rebuilt at 110,000 miles (my dad owned this truck before me).

Valve cover gaskets were replaced at around 100,000 miles.

The in-tank fuel pump quit on me at about 135,000 miles.

As with all these trucks, there's a lot of body rust, but I try to keep up with it.

The clearcoat hasn't peeled, but I really don't think there's anything left of it.

I also had to replace the catalytic converter at about 130,000 miles.

General Comments:

This truck is the best vehicle I've ever driven.

While the 2.9L V6 isn't incredibly powerful, my Bronco II has plenty of power, both on and off road.

There's plenty of ground clearance and a short wheelbase, so offroading is a breeze.

Handling is 100 times better after swapping out the beaten Bronco II rear leaf springs for a set from a '94 Explorer.

The interior is nice looking, roomy, and comfortable.

This truck has been reliable and has never left me sitting.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2005