1988 Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer 2.9 litre V6 from North America


I love it, I hate it; I still wanna keep it!


Auto transmission Over-Drive Gear non-functional.

Rear shocks are dead.

Passenger-side rear shock bracket rotted off of chassis. Driver-side, rusted on, cannot remove.

Front shocks were replaced.

Front wheel U-joints rusted/seized.

Water leaks in from I don't know where.

Alternator replaced.

Water pump replaced (before I owned it).

Inertia switch blew causing fuel pump power cut-off (currently bypassed).

Fuse-able link wires fried.

Fuel gauge inaccurate.

Battery replaced a few times.

Random stalling.

Random failure to start (especially after shutting the car off).

Thermostat replaced.

Engine gasket leak (onto exhaust headers causing smoke from burning).

Spark plugs and all distributer wires replaced.

Radiator leak.

Driver's side seat rear support bar broken on inner side.

Replaced tires a few times, currently on 235/75 15" A/T Radials.

Random fuses/lights/etc have burnt out.

I'm probably missing some others...

General Comments:

I have a love/hate relationship with this Bronco as of recently. I have optional sun-visor, hood visor, and diamond-plate running boards. Of course, two tone red/beige Eddie Bauer.

Originally I never liked the B2 series, but after purchasing it in 2003, I immediately got hooked.

It's a great little truck, and although it's given me problems and left me hanging a few times (mostly as of recent), I still have a soft spot for it.

It rides pretty bad due to suspension being totally shot.

Any bumps in road causes car to jump and steer in a undesired direction. (Due to the seized u-joints)

Car guzzles through fuel due to being bad on gas in first place and the Overdrive gear not functioning.

It drives very easily, but does not have much power... Although, my power has degraded quite a bit since first owning it 3 years ago.

Steering is VERY LOOSE. Initially a good thing, but when coupled with a shot suspension system and seized u-joints, it = DANGEROUS! I will NEVER drive this on the high-way again(unless I fix the front end and suspension entirely).

Good looking truck.. Has some rust, clear coat is gone. Paint is OK for age. Not embarrassed of driving it. Looks good when washed and polished.

Unique truck, don't see mom's driving their kids around in it! Looks like a truck. Manly.

Handles a sound system great. Completely re-worked the sound system and honestly it sounds killer. Holds the sound exceptionally well and ALWAYS get compliments on how great it sounds.

It has saved me a few times in snow! The 4x4 has been very helpful and fun! Although it's annoying to engage it (getting out of the car to turn the hubs), it definitely got me out of some situations where I was stuck. Cannot use it for normal driving though, with seized front u-joints, I risk busting the front axle.

Over all I like this truck... I loved it up till a few months ago when it started to fall apart... I'm now looking for a replacement daily driver, although plan to keep the B2 as a project car! I'd love to restore it and make it awesome, or into a 4-wheeler!

I can see where it runs for ever, if you are willing to put a little cash in it. It gets by on normal maintenance, but it can benefit from a little extra TLC! Considering it's an American vehicle and 18 years old? I'd say it's doing pretty good... I can see it lasting quite a bit longer if I can just fix what still needs to be fixed.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2006

1st Feb 2010, 17:38

I just bout a 1988 model with 104000 miles on it. It was parked 7 years ago because the clutch went bad, and I plan on restoring it a little at a time.

11th Mar 2010, 18:27

I've got an 88 Bronco Two. I would trust it anywhere, it doesn't skip a beat, but every Ford I ever had didn't skip a beat. If it ain't a Ford, you're very close to walking. Don't think I don't know what I'm talking about. I've driven all of them; nobody's even close, and I am a mechanic by trade.

13th Mar 2010, 12:46

"I've driven all of them; nobody's even close, and I am a mechanic by trade."

I guess you were able to keep your Fords running then?

17th Oct 2011, 04:15

I was with my grandfather in 1988 (I was 13), when he bought a new 1988 Bronco II EB edition with 3 miles on it. He gave it to me 2.5 years ago before he passed away. It's in great shape, 1 small rust spot (easy fix). It has all the trimmings on it. I am in the process of restoring it 100 percent. Are you still working on yours?



1988 Ford Bronco II XL 2.9 from North America


4WD never worked.

Water pump went out just over 136,000 miles.

Valve covers had to be replaced for the second time in 2 years.

Oil pan gasket has started to leak.

Interior lights would never turn off, thus having no way to light the cabin at night.

General Comments:

I bought this truck in December, before I got my license because I needed a vehicle and my 1987 Pontiac Sunbird project was going nowhere fast.

The truck started right up in below zero weather at 10 at night with no problems at all.

The heater only works on the highest level which gets to be a pain after awhile, but is not a big problem and I can live with.

The only time it really "broke down" was when the water pump went out, but it was the original and it was nothing to get mad over, parts wear out, it's unavoidable.

The 4 wheel never worked from the time I bought it so I did get it stuck a time or two, once in mud and once in a snowbank. The shifter won't move and I'm not sure if it's a linkage or the transfer case itself.

I have the infamous 2.9 with bad oil pressure, or at least a bad oil pressure gauge. The truck couldn't run at high speeds for long distances or it would knock horribly until oil could better circulate. I just used STP and it helped a little, but would still knock after running long distances.

This truck is great for someone who is looking for a small, but very dependable and useful vehicle. I however, am not one of these people and recently purchased a full size '89 Bronco which is what I've always wanted. The B2 sits for up to two weeks at a time, and always fires right up when I drive it.

I would consider keeping it only it's falling apart too bad. This is mainly due to neglect from the previous owner which is a shame, too many people look at these little trucks as jokes when their one of the best and most reliable domestic vehicles on the market. I would recommend it to anyone. It took a helluva beating from me and my friends and it always started the next morning.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2006