1988 Ford Bronco II XLT 2.9L V6 from North America


It is a nice little truck with some speed to it


The thermostat broke at 159750 miles.

The Seats were replaced before I got it.

A new clutch plate was installed before I got it.

The rear right and left quarter panel has rusted all the way through.

The spare tire rack rusted through and broke off.

The rear door does not open half the time.

General Comments:

I think that my Bronco II has the get up and go when I tell it to, but I am just wondering how much horse power and torque it has.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2003

18th Mar 2004, 11:18

Thanks for the power info. Do you know if that is at the flywheel or at the wheels. If it is at the flywheel, how much is at the wheels? If that is at the wheels, how much is at the flywheel?

1988 Ford Bronco II LX 2.9 from North America


I love it!


Headlamps and the battery have been replaced multiple times.

Leaking cylinder head gaskets (replaced twice and they still leak).

Radio has been replaced twice. It's now got a CD player.

Shocks, replaced once.

Water pump, replaced once.

Alternator, replaced once (although this was caused by someone jump-starting the car and then shorting the jumper cables).

High oil pressure caused excessive black exhaust, but this was fixed by a Ford dealer at little cost.

Tie rod ends and radial arm bushings required replacement to correct the non-adjustable camber and caster angles.

Exhaust system has some holes in it, but it's still original.

Ammeter doesn't work (never has).

Back up lights don't work.

General Comments:

This truck has been extremely reliable. The only times it has let me down have been when the battery failed. A working ammeter would presumably have alerted me to this before it became a problem.

I off-road in it, although not obsessively. It has seen me through fairly deep snow (with chains on all 4 wheels), sand and rocks. It's highly maneuverable and fun to drive, although the engine has noticeably less umph than when it was younger. That goes for all of us though, eh? I rarely ride in the back seat, but if you do you will see why it's called a Bronco.

Contrary to the bad press it received, I've always found it to handle admirably. There have been at least three occasions on which I could have died in this car. Two of these required abrupt, evasive swerves. On both occasions the truck handled with great aplomb. There was no indication whatsoever that it was going to flip over. On the third occasion I lost control on a dirt road that was covered in black ice. It span 360 degrees, but I managed to regain control and drive it to safety.

The body, both interior and exterior, is still in good shape. I live in San Diego and have kept it in a garage or car port for most of its life, which no doubt helps. I drive it mostly on weekends, rarely during the week.

The only regular maintenance I do on it is change the engine oil and wash it. Oh, and I change the spark plugs and air filter before the biannual smog tests.

I would be very reluctant to exchange it for one of Ford's newer SUV's.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2003

20th Mar 2004, 08:42

Hi, I just wanted to say I have to agree with you about the little b2.Aside from mine being a little soggy in the engine area mine is doing fine at 180k, no major work as of yet and it's an 88 model, some rust, but hey, I live in Ohio that's inevitable. Keep rollin' :)

7th Feb 2009, 15:04

I just bought my 88 Bronco 2 and was wondering if there were any particulars I should look out for in the ownership and restoration. Any tips would be awesomely appreciated.

8th Feb 2009, 01:27

I have the 88' model, and HONESTLY right now it runs pretty crappy, it needs lifters, and an oil pump, (no ammeter), but other than those two things it runs pretty decent, it has approximately 200,000 on the engine, have replaced the head gaskets, they STILL leak, back-up still work, so it's pretty much a decent SUV... mine is on 33's with 6 inches of lift.