1999 Ford Escort ZX2 2.0 DOHC zetec from North America


Great car, before and after


When I got the car, it was running like a champ with a stock motor. Nothing was wrong with it at all, even with about 80,000 miles.

From what I hear, it has been owned by two other people that kept the car serviced regularly, but I did a tune up on it, and when I changed the spark plugs, then the end of a star torque key had been broke off inside my valve cover, and when I took the plug out, the key fell inside one of my cylinder without me knowing, and I put everything back on and started the engine, which caused my head to get damaged (not bad enough to get it shaved), and it also put a dent in my piston, but without scratching my cylinder walls.

After that, I bought an Eagle rebuild kit, and bored my cylinder out 40 over, putting in the new stronger titanium rods and piston, plus new crank bearings. For the head, all titanium valves and springs, and I had my cams sent off to Focus Power to get them mildly lifted, and I had the head ported and polished, with the head shaved.

I've not had it put on a dyno tested to see the horse power gain, but it will beat a 2009 Mustang GT with ease, and if I had to guess, I would say it's a little over 350 hp, and it's a big jump from a 145 hp car stock. Has the same original motor with a lot of work, but it was way worth it.

Ps: they do make a racing edition ZX2; it's called the ZX2 S/R. I have a sport model 5-speed, but want a 6-speed.

General Comments:

Make sure you have good gaskets, belts timing, drive belt. Exedy is what I go with.

Make sure all your pulleys are either good and are in good shape before you put in your serpentine belt, but the best way to go is all aluminum pulleys, but you're talking $$$.

Best bolt on's 3" K&N cold air intake, MSD coil, MSD ignition coil/rev limiter and 10.1 mm MSD wires with a good set of plugs.

Best fuel pressure; you can do a lot of things including bigger injectors, bigger fuel rail, better gas lines (stainless) and a fuel pressure regulator and tune from there (or just make yourslef a fuel cell - $$$)

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2010

1999 Ford Escort Wagon from North America


Good car that served me well for five years


Total maintenance spending over five years: $3,363.


Alternator ($219)


Two tie rod ends ($245)

New head ($835)

Rear spring ($167)


New brakes, tie rod ($358)

New wiring harness in lift gate ($360)

New tires ($290)


New coil ($150)

Wheel alignment ($40)


Sway bar, fuel injector ($215)

New alternator ($225)

New tires ($184)

New battery ($75)

General Comments:

Overall, I have been pleased with this car. Only maintenance expenses I might fault Ford on are head gasket and wiring harness for lift gate.

Gas mileage averaged 35 miles per gallon in combined city and highway driving.

Rust started showing in 2008 and it is clearly advancing. Rocker panels each have a hole on the bottom from rust. Lift gate is rusting at the bottom. Window frame on driver's side has an ugly rust spot, and roof is rusting out where it meets the windshield.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2010

1999 Ford Escort ZX2 from North America


A great little car for the price!


I have had the best luck with this car. I made sure to keep up on all maintenance, following the schedule provided with the car.

At 112,700 miles, I still have not replaced the original clutch!

I had the A/C repaired at 55,000 (condenser), but that is it. No engine or transmission problems. Only general maintenance.

General Comments:

The interior of the car is comfortable with everything needed easily accessible. It has loud street noise, but most Fords do.

It's a really fun car to drive, and I'm sad to have just sold it. It was in such good shape that I received $2,000 in the sale. I wish they still made the ZX2!!!

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Review Date: 17th January, 2010