1999 Ford Escort ZX2 4 cylinder from North America




- Cracking paint job.

- Broken timing belts and tension rods.

- New water pump.

- A 7x13in hole rusted out in trunk.

- Chucks missing from rim.

- Replaced wheel bearing.

- Replaced calipers.

- Replaced hub assembly.

- Replaced battery.

And all this happened over the past 11 months.

General Comments:

Never ever buy this car. It will bring you nothing but costly repairs.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2009

16th Sep 2009, 15:38

You do know that you are talking about an entry-level Ford that is 10 years old and has over 100,000 miles on it, don't you?

Perhaps if it was a new car you could be so negative.

There are no LIFETIME WARANTIES on cheap automobiles you know.

16th Sep 2009, 16:02

You didn't have it inspected before the purchase, did you?

17th Sep 2009, 06:58

You're complaining about a car that you bought with 95,000 miles on the clock that had a few failures!

17th Sep 2009, 19:35

Truthfully, this is not that bad of a car. You just don't seem to realize that a 10-year old car is going to need some attention before it's running well again. That being said, I own a '95 Neon that has 83,617 miles on it and I bought it when it had 79,000 miles exactly. Even I have not had nearly as many repairs as this person has with their Escort. So that definitely says something...

1999 Ford Escort ZX2 2.0 DOHC from North America


Great starter car


I had to replace the clutch and the slave cylinder.

General Comments:

I have had my car for about two years. I love the car.

The only bad thing is working on the car yourself. You almost have to be an experienced mechanic to work on it. Not to mention the limited amount of space to work with.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2009

1999 Ford Escort ZX2 2.0 Zetec from North America


This car sucks


Transmission 1st gear went out at 36,000 miles. I have been able to use it as a straight shift manual since then. Dealer wanted too much money to replace or rebuild it... about $1,500 just for the transmission alone not to mention labor costs.

MAF sensor went out at 41,000 miles. Replaced it but was left with a sputtering engine that had little if any pickup.

Piston rings went out at 55,000, leaving oil deposits on spark plugs.

General Comments:

This car has power and drives good. Good turning radius with quick response to stop and go driving. Bad interior design with re-guards to the stereo system... cheap and poorly constructed.

I purchased this car used and the transmission lasted only 1 year with low mileage on the car. Seems like this was a trend with the Ford Escort.

I'm going back to a GM car... less hassle and more reliable.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2009

23rd Feb 2009, 19:28

A sport compact with with serious engine and transmission failure. This has driver abuse written all over it.

1999 Ford Escort ZX2 2.0 ztec from North America




Nothing thus far, other than the genius I bought it from had applied wax to the car, but failed to remove it. He drove it around for a week, sitting in the summer sun. Obviously it ruined the clear coat.

I serviced everything when I bought it... meaning spark plugs, fuel filter, oil and filter, air filter, MAF sensor, etc. Went from getting about 26 mpg to around 32 mpg, but the 0-60 time was unreal. Went from high 8 seconds to high 7 seconds.

The headliner is peeling in one spot, and the sun visor cloth is virtually non-existent.

The valve cover gasket was leaking when I bought it. I didn't replace it, just removed it and cleaned the gasket and mating surfaces. It was leaking due to the same genius that waxed the car. He over filled the engine oil by at least a quart.

General Comments:

I did quiet a bit of research before I came around to buying this car. I wanted something fast, economical, and reliable. I have had no worries or problems to date, though to be fair I've only put 15000 miles on it.

The car is flat out fast for what it is. It's not gonna hang with GT Mustangs or anything, but if you keep in mind that it's a Ford ESCORT that I have a total of < 2000 dollars invested in... well it's just flat amazing.

I've done a couple of... er, "upgrades". Let's just say I can eat any stock Civic Si built before 07'. Even against the 07 Civic Si it's a drivers race, and I've invested no more than 250 bucks in "upgrades". There's a lot you can do to this car yourself, without spending a bunch of money on parts, to make it faster. Right now my 1/4 mile trap speed is 92 mph, doing 0-60 in an average of 7.35. Land missile? No, but quite impressive considering how much I paid for it and how little it drinks.

On to economy. I bought the car for 1600. After taxes and a few performance parts (some of them bought from Lowes Home Improvement!), I have < 2000 dollars in it. Not bad.

It's cheap to insure. Really cheap. It was never really considered a "sports" car, it was lumped into the other Escort class. Fine by me. The greatest part of all... I get 27 MPG if I drive the thing like I stole it. Driving like a normal human being usually nets around 30-32 normal, and 38 or so freeway.

Finally... reliability. I haven't logged in enough miles to be a fair judge of reliability, but the car had 140000 on it when I bought it. That tells you a little something. I can turn a wrench, and the point of me buying this was cheap speed, so I don't baby it. I drive the thing like I stole it. If I tear it up, I'll go to the local pick and pull and get a second hand tranny. This is my toy, plus it saves me about 200 dollars a month over driving my truck everywhere. It's already paid for itself. Sweet!

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Review Date: 18th October, 2008

18th Oct 2008, 21:40

This is my dream car, as of finding out it gets good mileage and takes off decent. I am considering buying one ASAP.

19th Oct 2008, 01:09

I have a 1993 Ford Escort, which when I bought it had 42,000 miles back in May of 2007, I paid $400 for this car. It had sat for 2 years and started on the second crank. I took it home in the pouring rain with 2 inches of dust on the car. The car had plastic seat covers (factory) I suppose, the back seat had a blanket over it and looks as if no one has sat back there. The floor mats are original. The car ran off 2 year old gas for a week.

I then got insurance on the car, and it being my first car and me being 16, insurance was surprisingly cheap at $105 a month.

I then souped the car up by changing oil, clean as a whistle (GO Havoline). I then ran all of the old gas out and put in high test. I changed the air filter, brake fluid, tranny fluid. And installed a CD player. That is all I have done to the car. The tires were bought just a week before the car was parked for 2 years. It is now October 19th, 2008. The car has been ran to death with now 68,000 miles.

The car is getting a slight TICK TICK TICK noise in the motor, but does not affect the car at all. Sure the car is slow, but I have $800 at most invested, and this car with regular maintenance should last me another 2 years or hopefully 100,000 miles. Needless to say, I am happy with my car and it's outdated, but I bet no one can go more miles on a tank than me!

13th Apr 2009, 21:38

Hey, I'm buying one soon and am curious on what upgrades you got?