1999 Ford Explorer Sport XLT from North America


I absolutely love this car


My grandfather bought this car from a family friend as my first car. The car has been VERY dependent. We bought this car at around 25,000 miles and I have put well over 100,000 miles on it. I was somewhat rough on it, as it was my first car.

The rear wiper does not fully clear the rear window.

The dashlight occasionally goes in and out.

The digital compass/thermometer recently stopped working.

While 100 miles away from school, a filter and belt needed to be replaced.

Rear passenger seatbelt decided to stop working.

The transmission needs to be replaced relatively soon.

General Comments:

I LOVE this car. It has ran like a dream up until about two months ago (Keep in mind the car is 10 years old). I drove it 400+ miles a week to school, work and traveled a lot in it.

It's not a real fast pick up and go car, but it has always gotten me where I need to go in a very safe manner.

I have been in two wrecks with this car, and it has always kept me safe.

The inside is very roomy and comfortable. I really like the extra large seats.

I like the fact that it's not extremely touchy.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2009

27th Mar 2013, 11:54

>> The rear wiper does not fully clear the rear window. <<

That's a known issue. When they changed to the curved glass, it made the location and angle of the wiper motor a critical dimension, which was seldom held due to manufacturing tolerances.

To fix it, you have to grind (or file) down the cast-in "stop" on the wiper arm base. This stop prevents the arm from moving forward far enough to allow the blade to contact the glass during some angles of its sweep.

It's easy enough to do:

1. Remove the wiper arm from the vehicle.

2. Remove the wiper blade from the arm.

3. Detach and remove the tension spring from the wiper arm.

4. Note where the arm hits the stop at the full forward position.

5. Reduce the height of the stop enough to get an additional inch of forward movement at the blade mounting end.

6. Reattach the spring and blade, and re-mount the arm to the vehicle.

7. Enjoy a clear rear window.

1999 Ford Explorer Sport 4.0L SOHC from North America


Great fun all year round vehicle, gave me an awesome first car experience!


The rear seat belt broke on the passenger side, however not much of a problem and it's easy to find a replacement.

My engine went at 157000Km. This was due to the result of not changing my timing chain when it was supposed to. Although costly, I got a used engine at the wreckers and got it installed for $1500. Currently the engine now has 84000km.

Shocks were pretty much finished at 150000km, but were the result of wear and tear, and were a cheap, easy do it yourself fix at about $75.

The lights in the original deck stopped working, so I had a new aftermarket deck installed for $250. Fixing the original was probably a easy fix, but the Ipod is better than the radio for me :).

General Comments:

This is my favorite car I have driven so far! The motor is a good size for the car, so it has quite a bit of go. Fairly easy to pass people on the highway and what not. Runs a fairly smooth ride; truck like, but not as bumpy. The steering is pretty good for an SUV, and usually handles well till about 140Kmph or 80mph, then it gets shaky.

The seats are fairly comfortable, but I wouldn't recommend a drive over 7 hours without a break. The seats adjust awesomely; like any new car you will drive, it takes a bit to get it just right. The only downside to mine is being a 2-door. I like the look a lot better, but it's just not practical if you need to let people in and out all the time. Good amount of trunk space for an SUV, I have never not had enough room to move something.

My parents have had this vehicle since 15000km, and the engine going is the first big thing to go wrong with it. It's been very reliable except for when the dealership messed up putting spark plugs in and made it not run properly for awhile. How you mess that up I really don't know.

The only other downsides other than the 2 door is not great gas mileage, about 17-20 miles to the gallon or 13-14L to 100km. In addition the tires are expensive as well; anywhere $1000+, but the 4X4 can make all seasons worth getting.

I EXTREMELY recommend getting the timing chain replaced in good time to avoid the problem I had too; a $500 fix turned into a hell of a lot more.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2009