1994 Ford Fiesta Si 1.6i from UK and Ireland


A great sporty nippy reliable car


New battery just after I brought the car.

Squeeky front o/s suspension, needs looking at.

Squeeky drivers seat.

Boot lock packed up needs new lock and key.

General Comments:

This car has the best fiesta interior there is along with the sporty seats and a low insurance group.

The performance is o.k 0-60 in just over 10 second and a top speed of about 115mph, 120mph down hill.

It's a great drive and very reliable, not very easy to modify. whoops standard corsa SRI'S.

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Review Date: 29th February, 2004

13th Sep 2004, 05:51

I had 120mph with more to got out my sisters si. on flat.

1994 Ford Fiesta Si 1.4 (8v cvh) from UK and Ireland


OK as a first car 1.4 si


# Rocker cover seal leaking. Replaced and only cost a couple of quid

# temperature sender packed up. replaced it.

# catalytic converter rattling, replaced for M.O.T cost 110 quid. back box fell off cost 50 quid.

# clutch died at 85,000 miles.

# rear shocks leaking and shock mounting corroding (needs welding)

# replaced spark plugs.

General Comments:

Brilliant engine never let me down, but it is well underpowered and it guzzles petrol. On a tank it will do roughly 175-200 miles.

Cabin prone to rattle. Get a bad neck on long journeys.

Too much body roll on corners and body will rust on arches and sills.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2004

1994 Ford Fiesta Freestyle 1.1 from UK and Ireland


An ideal young person's first car or shopping car etc


No problems to date, but one spark plug seized in to cylinder head.

General Comments:

After passing my driving test I was keen to purchase an affordable car with affordable insurance for 18 year olds. I had owned a 1985 Nissan Micra whilst learning to drive, but this was unacceptable to me as a credible form of transport (although very reliable). My father suggested a mid 90s Fiesta as they had been updated with side impact beams and an airbag, plus no camshaft belt to worry about. I purchased a red 5-door with 12 month MOT, 3 month RAC warranty, and all the rubber stamps from previous owner. The dealer had prepared the underbody with a complete spray of black bitumus substance, put two new front suspension beams on, and a complete new exhaust system from the cat. back. My dad Waxoyled the suspension units and rear drums and changed the oil for me. The front and rear brake pads and linings are fine. Dad came with me to buy the car as he knew Fords - especially Fiestas could be wrecks. The first ones we looked at were a joke with door dents, rusty sills and drab, scratched paintwork. This one is an outstanding example. The old OHV engine design is slow, but adequate.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2003

21st Oct 2003, 12:04

Glad you bought a Fiesta. Not the roadholding of a Peugeot 106, not the bulletproof reliability of a Micra, but if a good example, which yours seems to be, and well looked after, which it appears your dad will take care of this, - they are a pleasure to own. The 5 door version is so easy to live with. It has easy accessibility for everyone, nice boot space for shopping (or the dog with the parcel shelf removed), and when the back seats are folded away it's a small van. Visibility is just perfect, ride height is just perfect, suspension is great. Damp proofing the electrics and frequent services are the key to a reliable Fiesta, then even on a sub zero morning that little clattery overhead valve engine will not so much spring, but stir, into life and you feel like almost saying 'thanks, you are a real trustworthy pal'! When you come to buy tyres, exhaust, service parts etc. then you are laughing all the way to the bank. No wonder the Fiesta is STILL the UKs favourite small car.

23rd Nov 2003, 08:53

I purchased a '94 1.1 freestyle not so long ago. I find the one thing that always gets a smile when I give friends a ride is the amount of space in the back. OK its not luxury, but its got more leg room than the new citreon C3 which my parents have just bought. the appearance from the outside is also well composed compared with that of the present decades small cars. one problem I have had is the starter motor. it totally seized up on me. I read up on overhauls and bought a re-con starter and solenoid and fitted it myself. took a while, but she starts fine now. I was told fiesta solenoid/starters do tend to seize up being so low to the ground, and that the best replacements are made by bosch. if anyone has any info could they please post it. cheers.

19th Jul 2004, 15:23

I have a fiesta Quartz1.1 1995.I have had it 3years and it has passed every mot test with only the testers charge. The only dislike is the engine being the hcs which can be a bit rattly. It has done a genuine 46,000 miles 26,000 when I purchased it, two owners from new, the paintwork is immaculate, and in better condition than later models.