1994 Ford Fiesta Si 1.6 16v Zetec from UK and Ireland


Reliable VTR basher


Steering rack - £250.

Steering column, replaced with a rack - £100.

Front bushes - nothing done by Ford.

Front control arms - nothing done by Ford.

Front shocks - £200.

General Comments:

Apart from the expensive repairs I've had to do I love this car because its not rated as a quick car, but it can give what's for to a lot of cars, but not cars like the Williams Clio. I've had it doing 0-60 in 9 seconds and got up to a top whack of 115MPH. Personally I've beaten XR2'S, VTR's, and GTi Golf's up to about 90MPH. Like I said, it can't beat the beasty cars, but it can live with most others.

The interior in this car is the great, best Ford have ever made apart from Leather. The handling of this car is very good, but not awesome because it needs a couple of coils taken off, but its got enough handling to whack it into bends.

Can some one mail back any cheap tips to get the engine moving faster.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2001

15th Jul 2001, 12:57

Hi there, you are looking for advice on improving your Si engine?

Well try a K&N induction kit, for a start they claim +9 bhp and they're only £82.50 on mail order. Good gain for the price.

17th Mar 2005, 14:22

Obviously the Golf Gti wasn't racing or wasn't running properly. I drive a civic coupe and those Golf are fast.

20th Mar 2005, 19:41

140bhp from a de-cat and air filter? You got anything else going on there? No way on earth can you get 140 from those MINOR mods. The best mod you could do without breaking the bank is dropping a 2.0l Mondeo engine in it, and they are 140bhp standard.

The Si's engines aren't worth modding, apart from the filter. Those things aren't big enough to get the power.

Try looking here www.fiestaturbo.com or www.fiesta-si.com.

Oh and I have an Si too.

14th Aug 2006, 11:36

Lol I agree 50bhp increase with those couple mods no chance!! only way you could get that kind of increase is with a turbo even then the engine wasnt designed to take that power. k and n kit doesn't add any power just increases the noise, same as with every single car I've ever modded which is every car I've ever owned! I love the noise tho that's why I do it not because I expect some silly power gains. your looking at 2/3 hp max forget what they claim its all lies.

17th Aug 2006, 11:41

50 BHP Increase!! Your having a laugh! Fast Ford done an article on this motor with these mods (k+n air filter and full exhaust system) and they got only a 4-5 BHP increase MAX!

All these mods do is make the car breath better and give it a sweet sound!

Made me laugh though!!! :-)

1994 Ford Fiesta Si 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


Cheap to run hot hatch


Replaced discs and pads.

General Comments:

I love the Si, it's the best car I've owned. I would recommend one to anybody.

Good on long runs and around town. I have had no trouble at all. It starts first time and I think it's good on petrol.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2001

29th Apr 2001, 08:31

Bit thirsty on petrol actually, doesn't seem to help driving sensibly either.

1994 Ford Fiesta Si 1.4 from UK and Ireland


A pocket rocket


Nothing to date.

General Comments:


This car seriously has to be the best Fiesta excluding the RS Turbo ever made, and is ideal for a first car with a low insurance cost and a 1.4 engine that shifts.

This is my first car and I am currently doing it up and have recently fitted 15 inch OZ Super T's and a Magnex exhaust.

To sum up this car, it is a POCKET ROCKET which is easy to maintain and not bad on running costs. Go out and buy yourself a tidy M reg one for 3,500, you can't go wrong.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2001

25th Jun 2001, 09:32

They're great! I've got a 1.4Si, they're quicker that a Renault Clio 1.4. They're 75bhp standard, fit a Janspeed cat replacement pipe and a K&N and they really shift, mines pushing 87bhp with these mods.

Oh, by the way, K&N don't make an induction kit for this car. But it uses the same air-flow meter as the 1600 Zetec so the filter for that goes straight on and gives a superb noise!!

Go for it!

21st Mar 2003, 12:03


I've recently bought a fiesta, 1.4 si. It is an 8 valve with a CVH engine. I have been trying to get hold of an induction kit, but everywhere I have tried says they do not do one for this particular model. Can anyone please help me, I am desperate!

23rd Feb 2006, 06:32

I disagree the 1.4si is slow and sluggish I've ad a 1.4si and a 1.6si n id go 4 the 1.6 ova the 1.4 every day of the week!! ova all the 1.4 is total rubbish!!

15th Mar 2006, 16:45

I agree 1.4 waste of money.