1994 Ford Fiesta LX 1.1 from UK and Ireland


Good first car; reliable enough, but a bit costly


Exhaust (back box, pipe and front pipe) had to be replaced when purchased. Also, needed to get the engine brackets replaced as they sheared one of my water pipes!

Driver door lock/catch and passenger door lock needed replaced, along with boot lock.

Catalytic converter needs replacing (haven't done that yet, and hope not to have to!). This rattles in cold weather and when in low gears.

Steering rack had to be replaced as every time I turned the steering wheel, I heard an awful grating noise. Steering also became very difficult at times.

Seats (especially drivers) and carpet are a bit worn.

Other (small) items - tires, oil pressure switch, light bulbs, rear wheel (yes, wheel!), fuses.

General Comments:

Rust is becoming a bit of a problem especially around the wheel arches and underneath the bumpers (front and rear).

You would not believe how much oil this car goes through! It burns oil like there's no tomorrow! Don't seem to go through a great deal of petrol though, so maybe this compensates for that!

The boot leaks from somewhere. The seal is still fine, but somehow water is still entering the boot. This is not a great problem, but does mean if you have maps (or such like) in your boot, you will need to periodically dry them out!

Car lacks any sort of punch - cannot overtake, and motorway driving is a nightmare! Good around the town though, and (relatively) easy to park.

Seem to have an electrical fault which can't be traced. Sometimes the nearside front headlight switches off and I get a buzzing noise. Also, the rear nearside light is significantly dimmer than the other side. Lots of small electrical faults that have no apparent cause.

After all its faults, it does start first time, every time. The car runs very smoothly for a car of this age.

Not sure if I have a particularly bad example of this car, or if it was maybe poorly treated by the previous owner. I'm going to try and sell it and get something that looks a bit smarter.

Insurance and tax are very cheap for this car, and parts are very good as well.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2003

7th Feb 2003, 03:38


I've got a 93 LX 1.1, and I must say mine uses a lot of oil too. I have to put at least a litre in a month, often more. I don't know where it all goes. I do a lot of motorway miles, and I agree they're not really up to it. Maybe with the 1300 engine, it would cope better.

If you're patient and keep a have reasonable level of maintenance, they last quite well.

I get about 44mpg overall, not bad.

12th Apr 2003, 10:30

I've got a '94 Fiesta 1.1 and I have to admit that I've had a lot of problems with the electrics. It's cut out on me three times and the garage can seem to find no actual fault. The problem begins with the programmed radio stations changing to other stations for no apparent reason!

Although I've not actually had a problem with the oil consumption I also admit that I haven't checked it for a while so I might just pop outside and do that now! It is however a pretty good runner and it's pretty good for my first car... I just wish that electrical fault wasn't making it so unreliable!!

14th Jul 2007, 09:20

I have a Ford Fiesta LX 2005.

My stereo had played up from day one, and every time I turned the aircon on, my headlights would dim, and stay dim until I turned the aircon off.

Have had leakage from rain in the boot, although the seals are fine.

Hear a buzzing sound now and then; it's from the fuse box, but unfortunately when I take it to Ford, it works fine LOL. How's that???

Gear box is pretty much up the creek. To reverse I've gotta hold it in gear, release the clutch, and press on the gas to get it to go into gear...

When I first got it in 05, it was great speedy lil car; now I'm lucky if I can overtake a sigma on the highway.

Looking at putting a manifold into it? Any people on here with an idea on that or what else I can do to get it into at least a peak performance???



1994 Ford Fiesta Si 16v 1.6 from UK and Ireland


A stunning looking Nova killer


I think I just chose a bad car as lots of things went wrong.

Shorty after buying the car the gearbox had to be re-built. New gear-linkage and LUK clutch kit were fitted at the same time.

One of the rear anti-roll bar brackets snapped.

Nov 2001 - new clutch pedal ratchet fitted.

March 2002 - replaced catalytic converter.

In Aug 2002 worn old shocks were replaced with KYB gas ones and 30mm Eibach springs. Bump stops, top mounts and dust covers replaced.

Sept 2002 replaced lower arms with original Ford items, as the pattern parts ones on the car were causing the tyres to wear unevenly.

Nov 2002 new clutch pedal ratchet fitted. Worn anti-roll link bars replaced.

General Comments:

Wasn't too impressed with the performance until I found out that the catalytic converter was blocked and needed replacing, that replacing the HT (spark plug) leads sorted this problem.

The car is seriously rapid and handles really well thanks to the new shocks and front strut-brace.

My Si now has a few subtle mods...

Meshed front bumper

Front strut brace

Smoked side repeaters

Future mods planned...

Rear strut brace

New alloys

Stainless steel exhaust

If you are thinking of buying one it's worth hunting for one with central locking and electric windows.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2003