2000 Ford Focus ES 2.0 SOHC Spi from North America


Not very reliable overall, but despite some flaws it's a pretty average car


Trunk release does not work anymore. The only way to open the trunk now is with the key.

Timing belt replaced at 90k miles, after the car completely broke down. Wouldn't start. Very costly repair around 1,000 dollars total.

Engine had to be remounted after 90k miles.

A/C only works on the highest setting, but it's almost pointless to use because of all the strain it puts on the engine.

Car gets very shaky driving on the highway or at high speeds.

Both rear speakers have been blown at about 87k miles.

Right headlight fogged up randomly.

Ignition problem, the key was stuck into the ignition. It was a big mess to fix and I was car-less for about 2 weeks.

Brakes replaced just before I received the car. But they have a horrible squeal to them, especially if it's raining or just finished raining.

General Comments:

The car handles okay. And it can move pretty fast, however the car gets very hard to control once it rolls over 80mph.

No problems starting up in cold weather.

The interior is comfortable for me, and I'm about 6 feet tall.

All electronics such as cruise control and over drive work fine.

The E-brake...doesn't really seem to do anything, and I will still slide down steep hills if I'm not careful.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2009

2nd Aug 2009, 14:22

Ford E-brakes suck. Every Ford I have ever owned was unable to hold itself on a hill with the E-brake. Something I do all the time in my Hyundai since it's a manual.

2nd Aug 2009, 14:23

I recommend you trade it in for a Honda or a Toyota before anything else can go wrong.

3rd Aug 2009, 11:54

Yeah, I'm saving up for an Acura Integra right now. Very solid cars.

2000 Ford Focus LX with Duel from North America


Good car


When me and my wife first got the car, it sat in a blizzard snow for 2 months, and the rotors were rusted and the thermostat wasn't heating up properly. We rode the brakes until the rust wore off, and the thermostat and thermostat housing went out, cost me $10.00 for the thermostat and $78 for the housing, replaced them with no problem.

We drove the car to Lincoln NE, and we smelled a burning smell, took it to the shop and replaced the valve cover gasket for $200.00!

At about 100k the ignition switch got stuck, preventing me from turning the car over. $300.00 for that.

At about 103K the ignition was sticking, continuously turning the starter, fixed under warranty.

Front end constantly needs to be greased or it sounds like the front ends going to crumble.

Windows shake and moan when going up or down, and the most recent thing was the coil spring breaking on the highway and stabbing and blowing my front passenger tire; had towed to a shop, $189 for that, free towing through the insurance.

General Comments:

Car is nice and fast, but cheaply built.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2009

19th Jan 2016, 22:38

The North American Focus sounds like a nightmare. The European one is a much much better car. Mine's approaching 16 years old and is still as good as it was the day it rolled off the assembly line.

2000 Ford Focus SE from North America


Has its ups and downs


Ignition key sticking, hard to get out, won't turn. After reading of others who have the same problem, and the many complaints on same issue with key on the NHTSA site, I think Ford should offer a free repair regardless of mileage. It's not like they don't know what the problem is.

Seems like it would be in their best interest to keep people happy, so they would buy from them again.

I am trying the WD40. It seems to have freed it up about 75%. Maybe a little more will do the trick.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2009