2000 Ford Focus SE from North America


Not bad for a box riding on donuts


Ignition lock up (twice).

Electrical short causing dash lights to go out.


Fan switch for heat goes out.

Trunk lid won't latch.

Doors squeak.

Door handles often don't unlatch doors.

General Comments:

I too have had the all too common problem with the ignition switch, which is a TSB but not a recall and not covered by Ford. I tried, as it happened twice at about $300.00 a pop. Everything else I imagine could be chalked up to wear and tear, as it does have 123,000 miles now.

With all that said, it has still proven to be more reliable than my 06 Taurus has. The Focus is my wife's, and she actually really likes the car. It's a bit cheaply manufactured to say the least, but all in all, I've been fairly lucky with the car so far.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2008

2000 Ford Focus Ghia 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Easy to drive, average car - nothing to shout about but nothing to really complain about either


Oil leak at rocker cover gasket - dealer promised to fix, but when I later took it to a mechanic for a service they said it was still leaking so I had to pay to have it replaced again.

All filters had to be replaced because they were full of oil (because of leak).

Water gets into the boot if you open the boot too quickly when it has been raining.

Rust on boot lid above number plate.

Traction control kicks in when I need to pull out quickly onto a fast road, causing the wheels to spin (this is embarrassing and makes me look like I can't drive).

Doesn't like starting in the cold, tends to cough and splutter and spews massive amounts of blue smoke out of the exhaust for about 5 min after starting.

Battery light comes on if I have the heater, radio and headlights on in peak hour traffic.

Interior fogs up in rainy weather even if I have the heater/demisters on - end up having to use the aircon which of course uses more fuel.

Drivers seat not very comfortable - get a sore lower back and numb left leg if I'm in the car too long.

General Comments:

The car was 8 years old when I bought it and it was quite cheap so I don't expect it to be perfect - I don't think any of the above problems are really that serious, although it did cost me £260 to get the rocker cover gasket and all the filters replaced, and the engine degreased.

Quite a comfortable and easy car to drive, sore back notwithstanding.

Have owned a Ford previously and I find the interior columns significantly obstruct my vision - eg when making a sharp turn to the right, I can't see where I'm going because the right hand column completely covers up what I'm trying to look at.

Doesn't seem to have a lot of power - just about everyone beats me off the mark at traffic lights, but I didn't buy it for that reason. I wanted something comfortable, easy to drive and anonymous for exploring the UK and this seems to do the trick.

Haven't had any contact with Ford dealers and don't intend to - the thing isn't under warranty so I will just take it to the local mechanic. With one exception - I wasn't given a spare key when I bought it so will have to go to a dealer to get one coded for me - I understand this is very expensive so am waiting for my next pay cheque first!

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2008

21st Aug 2010, 14:00

Further comment - I have decided this morning to get rid of it.

Current state of car: Boot leaks, have had to drill a hole in the floor of the boot, otherwise my spare wheel sits in a lake all the time.

Somewhere else is leaking as there is a constant smell of musty carpet.

Power drain issue continuing.

Had to get it a new battery this time last year. Made no difference to the power drain issue, just meant I could actually start it without having to call out the AA.

Clutch master cylinder fell to bits last week (it's made of plastic), had to get it replaced and clutch pedal lug welded back on.

Drivers side front CV joint broke this morning.

Both wing mirrors broken - not the actual mirrors, the plastic assembly. Both held on with sellotape.

The only lock that works is the passenger side front lock. All others have worn and do not unlock with the key.

Goes through petrol like nobody's business.

Heavy clutch has left me with a recurring lower back ache.

Had enough. Won't be getting another Ford. I expected better from a car that is barely 10 years old and supposedly from a decent manufacturer. I just spent £250 getting the clutch fixed, and it now needs new tax, new insurance, new brakes, new CV joint. I am just about to spend twice as much on it in a week than it is actually worth. It will be off to the wreckers as soon as possible.

23rd Aug 2011, 09:35

Some people should not own a vehicle. You state the car overheats while climbing hills, yet you keep driving it. If it overheats, then shut it off right away and have it checked/repaired. Cooling systems need to be flushed and maintained too. Lack of proper maintenance is what causes many of the issues that people are having. You can't just drive a car and not maintain it. Your explanations were not that bad, but some of the other reviews are just insane. People who should not be driving in the first place.