2000 Ford Focus LX from North America


Good for the money


To date, the only minor problem is the brakes squeak a bit when I let up on them. My braking is not at all affected, this is strictly a noise issue, and a very minor one at that.

No problems with the car, knock on wood.

General Comments:

I bought this car right out of college. In college I drove an Acura Integra that had too many problems to count. I knew this car was a bit of a risk compared to a Jetta or Civic, but I come from a loyal American family.

I have had no problems to date. The car handles well and the steering is responsive. The engine is sluggish, but this is the absolute base model and I got what I paid for.

I love the interior room. Biggest complaint is the engine noise, although this seems typical of smallish sedans. Given that VW's have taken off in price, its main competitors are Saturns and Civics. I think it is better looking than both, although Honda undoubtedly has Ford in reliability.

The Focus is overall quite nice, a step up for Ford.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2001

24th Jul 2001, 15:51

I have the same problem with my brakes, I cannot get rid of the sqeeking, I even put on new brake shoes so don't feel bad.

28th Aug 2001, 18:50

I am updating my post. The car now has 25,000 miles and is still fine. The brakes squeak a bit when I first use them in the morning, but this goes away after a few stops.

I am generally happy with the car, I haven't had any of the problems others have mentioned and feel my car was well made. I'll try to give another update every so often.

25th Jun 2003, 11:42


As far as the stalling when stopping at lights and trying to pull out of a parking space, this can be contributed to the computer chip inside your. A basic engine diagnostic test will be able to reveal what it is.

7th Jun 2004, 15:14


I had the radio problem occur a couple of times, but I found that there is a small switch that, when it is flipped, it will pop out the quick selection numbers 2 through 5. The radio will turn off, until you push the plastic pad back in. Just avoid the switch, and all should be fine.

2000 Ford Focus Zetec 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Engine problems have limited enjoyment of a fantastic driving machine


Engine revs sticking.

Engine revs increasing.

Acceleration noise.

Wind noise.

Remote key.

General Comments:

Performance is now pretty good after much tuning by the dealer (he has now used 2001 settings).

Handling and road holding are superb, especially in the wet with the electronic stability programme.

Steering is razor sharp allowing the car to be positioned exactly.

Ride is pretty good considering the 50 profile tires.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2001

15th Dec 2001, 02:50

I too have the same revving problems on my 2.0 "Ghia" Focus that is also on a W registration. The dealers say there is nothing wrong with the car, but there is!

What did your dealer do to fix the problem?

Please reply.

18th Dec 2001, 02:59

Ask the dealer to check part numbers on the inlet manifold system... possibly has the Mondeo manifold fitted, mine did...

14th Oct 2004, 14:23

I'm from Estonia and own Focus 1.8 tddi. I have problems with revs too. Dealer checked car twice and said nothing. May be there is some expensive repair?

2000 Ford Focus ZX3 2.0 Zetec from North America


Best all around car out there!!!


Nothing at all, runs great!!!

General Comments:

The Focus is a great car, it's quick and handles like it's stuck on the road, the ride is so smooth and comfortable.

The interior has a fresh new look compared to the cheap interior look of the Civic. Also the Focus feels very strong and safe. Test drive one, and see for yourself.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2001

27th Mar 2001, 23:58

I have owned a focus ZX3 for 9 months now and all I have had is nothing but problems with it... it has been recalled 3 times now... the drivers side door broke (cables inside after 2 months of owning it) and now the ignition has locked on it... a tumbler went bad.. I have had nothing but run arounds from ford about getting my car fixed.. its been a hassle and right now I'm done dealing with them... service has sucked... I LOVE my car but the problems I have with it just don't add up..

An unhappy ford owner...


31st Oct 2004, 19:13

We have owned our 2000 Focus ZX3 since Dec. 2000. Now with 52,721 miles. We replaced the tires at 36,000 miles. This was after moving to a hot area in So. UT the tires worn down fast. The only other problem we've had is the rear door latch release button no longer works and needs repair. Overall this car has required very little maintenance. Engine still runs great. And it still is so easy to handle. *****