2005 Ford Focus S 2.0 from North America


Cautiously optimistic


Nothing yet. (Thank goodness, it is brand new.) We will see what needs work at the first service call. (In about 3,500 miles according to the service guide.)

General Comments:

The cabin is nice. The back seat is roomier and much more comfortable than it looks. The interior materials are O.K. Not great, not crappy. The engine is a little buzzy, and I think slightly underpowered. I don't know what an automatic would be like. The one I test drove was slow and unresponsive. It is very easy to spin the tires, but handles very well in tight turns and such. Very stable. A little noisy at highway speeds, this might be due to the Goodyear tires. We will see if that improves when new tires are put onto it. The brakes are alright. It feels a little mushy, but linear, and no squeaks. All in all, I am (So far) pleased with my purchase. I never bought a ford before, so we will see how it goes...

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Review Date: 26th October, 2004

3rd Nov 2004, 15:08

I am the writer of the review with a bit to add:


Everything is still working as it should. Gas mileage is good. Oil consumption is low. Tire wear is nonexistent at this point. The road noise has a lot to do with what surface you drive on. The highways here are very textured, made from crushed gravel and asphalt. Very confident in turns. Just point and go. Paint is still nice. (It had better be)


Brakes are still mushy to me. I wish I had gotten the anti-lock, but the only models that were at the dealership with ABS were the top of the line ones with automatics. This car does not like the cold. Several times I have tried to start it and it would just turn over, and then it would start on the second crank. Also I have noticed at times a slight hesitation at highway speeds. It is almost like the engine cuts out for just a split second, and then resumes as if nothing happened. No stall, no lights, nothing, but loss of engine power. My first service is coming up, so hopefully these things will get resolved.