2005 Ford Focus st170 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Not as good as it claims


Nothing as I have only had it 2 days.

General Comments:

The Ford Focus ST170 isn't worth buying. There are better cars out there. The engine isn't the best in the world, but delivers a reasonably amount of power, but does need to be revved to get the most out of it. The remote Central Locking takes some getting used to as all you hear is a click. The stereo is good though, but you have to turn it up load to block out the excessive road noise and then you can't talk to your passengers without shouting. The seats are the most uncomfortable I have ever sat it.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2005

4th Jun 2005, 14:11

Why review a car that you've only owned for two days and then slag it off? Haven't you heard of test drives?

Fake review, probably from a Clio 172/182 owner.

6th Jun 2005, 13:15

The focus will still be in 1 piece in 5 years unlike the clio which will be held together with pritt stick.

12th Jul 2005, 16:06

You have 300 miles on the car and you say it is not worth buying. You cannot even list one thing that has gone wrong with the car other than "not a good motor?" Most car dealers here in the states will allow you to drive a car before you buy it. I recommend that people do that.

2005 Ford Focus ZX4 SE 2.0L Duratec from North America


Best car for the money I have ever bought


Nothing has gone wrong at all yet.

General Comments:

This car has great performance for a 4 Cylinder. And gets a whopping 32MPG.

Very roomy interior.

Huge trunk.

Great warranty: 3 year 36,000 mile bumper to bumper, and an extended 5 year 100,000 power-train.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2005

30th Apr 2005, 11:59

I hope nothing has gone wrong after 29 miles!!

1st May 2005, 05:29

Not 1 thing has gone wrong on it.

13th May 2005, 23:40

My "peice of machinery" has a huge trunk too.

I am an IT worker and I can fit 20 systems in the car!

24th May 2005, 13:17

I traded my gas-guzzling Ford Explorer in on a 4 day top of the line Focus. I couldn't be happier...

Zippy, fuel-efficient, lots of room. Not a sexy car, but an smart choice.

29th Jul 2005, 23:20

Purchased a Focus ZX4 SE about 600 miles ago, I could not be happier with the car. I've had Escorts, Tauruses, a Dodge Grand Caravan and a Buick LeSabre (new) in the last fifteen years; the quality of this vehicle stacks up against all of them and more.

It is what it is, a roomy and comfortable compact car with more than enough safety and comfort items to keep the smile on our faces.

Ours has the convenience and the sport groups added on; the list price of the car would have been fair. What we paid for it almost seems like stealing.

I love this car!

2005 Ford Focus SES 2.0 PZEV from North America


Very Fun to drive all around


There has been nothing wrong with is car.

General Comments:

The new Mazda 2.0L Environmentally friendly engine is very peppy from the start. The acceleration is pretty good thanks to both a Mazda Trans and engine combo. Thank you Ford for letting Mazda build this car without your part swapping!! The car does APPEAR to be going faster than it actually is, because of the weight and feel of the acceleration, and NOT the actual speed attained. The Focus absorbs most bumps very good, and takes the turns like a champ. The Focus seems to ride like a larger car; with very little body lean. All the gauges are great and easy to read. One little "cheap" thing Ford did do, however is to not provide lighting for the steering wheel gadgets. I still do not know why they did this, except to just reduce cost.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2005

22nd Mar 2005, 21:38

About the steering wheel lights.. Ford was not trying to be cheap, believe it or not. I own a 2001 Ranger and my steering wheel toys (cruise control buttons) are backlit. One of the complaints I used to read about were that the steering wheel controls (buttons) will be easily remembered, but the power window buttons could not be easily found on the door because they did NOT have backlights. Many people complained and wanted this reversed. Actually, once you get used to where the cruise buttons are on the wheel, the little lights just become annoying. GOod luck with your car and keep this site updated with any problems. Thanks.

15th Apr 2005, 22:30

Thanks for the comment on the steering wheel lights. You are right about getting used to the controls being backlite. For the record, this car has been very awesome to drive. I have had not one problem with it. I think Ford has a winner with this one.

25th Aug 2010, 21:20

This is the original poster of this message from over five years ago.

I would like to say, I do still love this car, and it is paid for, but I have 52K on the miles and the vehicle was built in January 2005, and there have been some very severe issues with it.

First off I purchased the ESP warranty from Ford, and this decision has turned into the best choice I could have ever done. About two months ago; I noticed a few things: vibration at idle with no fuel issues, slow transmission engagement, and the key would periodically become stuck in the ignition. Since I purchased the ESP and it was actually about to expire, I took the vehicle into the dealership.

The result was new engine mounts, rebuilt transmission, and new ignition system. The costs to me if I had not had the ESP warranty would have been close to $3000 for all of this.

My advice to anyone with this year of the Focus is to ask folks about the above issues before you buy one, and since I had a good experiences overall, including the repairs, I will still recommend the vehicle.

I just thought I would let everyone know.