2005 Ford Focus ZX5 from North America


Reliable, cheap to operate and good value for money


Breif dripping sound coming from the engine when the A/C is on. Took it to the dealer and they said it was simply condensation dripping, no need to fix.

When it gets below zero it sometimes takes more than one try to start, but always will start.

No other problems noted.

General Comments:

Cheap on insurance, lease payments and gas.

Good value for money as it has lots of gadgets (love the heated seats) and can be peppy.

I've heard that it doesn't have a great track record after a few years, but that remains to be seen.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2006

2005 Ford Focus Zetec Climate Estate 1.6 TDCI from UK and Ireland


A good sized car that's got the Ford badge (nothing exciting really)

General Comments:

I can't say I have a detailed guide of this car as I have only driven one for a week as to prepare me for my decision of my chosen company car, however I guess I can pass on what I felt.

The Focus estate styling on the outside is a bit poor really and the front bonnet just looks a bit out of place however the interior is fairly nice and well laid out.

I found the gearbox to actually be a bit clunky even with 2000 on the clock, the nice silver finishes are done tastefully however the plastic dash is very cheap and tacky looking unfortuantly.

I found the boot door to be very light and flimsy especially when closing it back down as it doesn't seem to close in a nice secure 'clunk'.

The steering is nice and responsive however the seats are no match for my Xantia, the overall views inside of the car is pretty good especually looking over the seats for reversing.

One thing I couldnt understand was why the aircon kept coming on even at different temperaturs and on the 'hot' setting, this confused me a little and started to really annoy me to, but it may be part of the car or it may be a fault so I'm unsure, the front fogs seem a bit pointless as I don't think their big enough for their purpose.

I also drive the 5door version which was really nice (without a/c) in the aqua blue (beautiful colour)...has a big boot to so if you really don't need the size of the estate for boot and can make do with the 5door then I would personally choose that, although the estate stayed on the road through cornering a bit better.

Not sure if I've missed anything, as I say I've only had the car for a week so can't give anything detailed unfortuantly.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2006

2005 Ford Focus ZX3 S 2.0 DOHC gass from North America


Very Satisfied



General Comments:

This Car is quick, plus fun to drive and still gets 31 miles a gallon. I bought the base model, three door, five speed manual. I was looking for a dependable commuter, and so far it looks like I've found it. Drivers seat is a tad uncomfortable. Check for updates.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2006

1st Feb 2007, 22:55

I now have 21,000 miles on the car and have had no problems. It's peppy and fun to drive. I recommend it for a commuter.

22nd Apr 2009, 01:50

Another update: I have 47000 miles on it now and the only problem I've had is the reverse lights quit working. Ford fixed it.

2005 Ford Focus Zetec Climate 2.0 Tdci from UK and Ireland


Refined solid safe ultimate family car



General Comments:

This is only the third new (ish) car I've ever bought and it was purchased with 'real' saved money and not through a company or credit. I mention this only to illustrate that I was keen to buy a car which I can live with and was happy to hand over the (my) cash for.

Before choosing this Mk 2 Focus I also looked at many similar 5 door family hatch backs, eg the Mk 5 Golf, Astra, the new Honda Civic etc. However I settled on the Focus because of the looks, the quality 'feel' of the interior and the excellent and powerful diesel engine. I also wanted a car which has a discreet air, but one which exudes a certain heft and quality, a car which will do the job and not 'shout' about it.

The Golf is good, but very similar to the Ford, but £3k more expensive for the same spec car. The Astra was also good, but I didn't 'engage' with it. The Honda was too 'designed' and 'whacky' for me, more the type of vehicle for the student of trichology. Overly designed cars can look fine for a bit, but fashion changes and the car can look very old very soon. Anyway I'm buying a car not a handbag.

I will add more details as I get some more miles on the car.

Well done Ford. A brilliant successor to the Mk 1 Focus. The king is dead, long live the king!

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Review Date: 21st December, 2005

23rd Jul 2006, 17:31

Looked at these myself. Nice handling cars, nice gearboxes, but I ended up going for a Citroen C4 over one. Same diesel engines sit in the C4 since it's a joint venture, but I just found the C4 to offer a better deal and was just a more comfortable car to drive. Just not quite the same handling, but by no means awful in comparison, more different. The gearbox is only sloppy thing.

Build quality is excellent on it though, and the interior is well I have heard the terms "it looks like a spaceship, it's so cool" many times. But for the price, looks and gadgets of which the C4 has loads of, you can't beat it. No car in the same market comes close to the appeal of it for me.

The C4 brakes inspire confidence in knowing you're going to stop. My main reason I went with the C4 though, is because the Coupe which I bought just looked so much nicer, and I thought Ford took a backwards step with the new design of the Focus, and I just found it ugly to be honest.

A friend bought a Focus. I've driven it and they're both excellent cars. It's just which one you prefer really. And with the other cars you mentioned, the Golf is just dull. An impressive machine, but ultimately dull. Astra is well put together, but I don't like the interior, and well it's a Vauxhall, they never get the handling bit right. Only other car I looked at was the Megane, which is a nice car as well, but I cant stand the styling of that rear end, although the front looks great.

23rd Dec 2006, 16:10

Well folks had the car one year now and it's covered 21,000 miles and has returned 47 mpg (imperial). It has proved to be reliable and dependable in all weathers and types of use. The car is mainly used on a 60 mile daily commute to work. The diesel loves the long straight uninterrupted cruise and just lopes along. The commute is long enough to get the engine up to temperature (can take 8-10 miles) so avoiding stop/start short drives that don't really suit diesels. The first service cost £180 at 12,500 miles which was expected. They also replaced the EGR valve at the same time as the car was blowing out some blue smoke at start up. Common fault so I'm told. I replaced the 2 front tyres at 19,500 miles which only had 2mm tread left (Goodyear NCT 5) cost was £140. In summary a really great vehicle and I would certainly recommend it as a family car or for commuting. Indeed there are now at least x10 more Mk 2 Focus in my immediate local area, all privately owned, all purchased since I bought mine - how's that for a recommendation?