2005 Ford Focus Titanium Sport Plus 1,6VCT from Greece


Excellent car


From the moment I took delivery of the car I noticed that the rear wiper wasn't working correctly. If its raining and you switch it on, it doesn't make the whole "wiping" move, instead its working with intervals. I 'm not quite sure is this is really a fault since the owner's manual doesn't exactly describe the way that it's supposed to work.

Also there is a rattling sound coming from the windows when they are fully down.

The color of the front and rear bumpers doesn't exactly match the color of the body, which as I have read in many forums is something that Ford is highly criticised about.

General Comments:

The car handles very nice both on the highway as well as inside the city. The level of sound insulation is great and in the motorway even in high speeds you don't get to hear much, so there is no problem in long trips.

The fuel economy isn't so good, but I drive mostly inside the city. In the open road it has an excellent fuel consumption.

The car feels very solid. It doesn't make any difference if you travel at 120 of at 210km/hour. It is very steady, but due to its size its susceptible to high cross winds. Although the VCT does "do the trick" the acceleration isn't something to be proud of. I feel that the 2.0 would have been a better choice.

The spaces inside is another plus with the boot being able to handle just about anything, and all the seats being very comfortable. The minus is that since I am 1,9metres in height, a person who is above 1,8m will find difficulty in sitting right behind me.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2007

30th Oct 2007, 11:29

I am about making a decision to buy a Ford FOCUS 1.6 16V Ti-VCT (variable valve timing version) which pumps out 113bhp. Economy is central to my decision. Could anyone please tell me what the real world fuel consumption figures for both city and motorway driving are?

2005 Ford Focus ZX5 SES from North America


Not worth the money for the fuel economy I get


The main reason for buying this car was it is suppose to get really good gas mileage. My previous car was a '99 Chevy Blazer. I mostly worked. Engine and tires and all were OK on it and I only owed 7 more payments. I got this '05 Focus because it was advertised at 30mpg. Around town I get about 17, on the highway I get 24. That is after the dealer reprogrammed the computer. Other than the fuel economy, I can't complain other than than the cup holder on the console is the way of my knee and the center hump intrudes a little into the drivers foot area. The next time I take the car to the dealer, I will explain that the mileage is still poor. If they can't fix it, I think I will buy Japanese.

General Comments:

The power for the car is OK. I would like more myself, but then it can be a 1000hp and I will would want more. Handling is OK. The stock tires are very noisy.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2007

30th Apr 2007, 14:59

Hmmm...You don't like the high fuel consumption and you can't get enough power! Maybe, just maybe you are a lead foot and late breaker?

18th Jun 2007, 12:22

Reports at www.fueleconomy.gov say 27 is about average. No car rated for 30 on the highway will get 30 in town/stop & go driving.

If you really want bad mileage, buy a Hummer H2.

2005 Ford Focus LX 1.7 petrol from UK and Ireland


Good, but still a bit left to the top


Nothing has gone wrong with this car in 15 months I've had it, just minor irritations (see below). Ford seem to be miles ahead compared to the cars they put out 10-15 years ago. But they still have a bit left to reach the top.

General Comments:

This is my company car and I did not have much of a choice since they did a fleet purchase and I must admit I was sceptical. But the car is better than anticipated, I had some ill-fated experiences with Fords in the nineties. Although this car is well put together and so far has no problems with it, I'll rate it miles below VW and Audi or Toyota for that sake. The code word is attention to details or lack of it, for example the Ford is many steps behind my Audi in the quality department. Some examples:

-- Why have they used the cheapest possible plastics many places in the interior

-- The ESP is not very responsive and it seems it takes the computer a sec or two to realise that the car is skidding

-- Although the heater in this car in ultra effective the AC is not and it struggles to keep the car cooled in a hot summer day. Takes ages to cool the car down.

-- The outside temperature indicator is 2-3 degrees off and is useless when the temp is around freezing

-- When you shut the luggage compartment door it's not with a reassuring thud, but more with a is-it-falling-apart? sound.

-- The window washer design is less than optimal and it's difficult to get the window 100% clean

-- The rain sensor controlled wipers, well they do not work especially well. Either too much or too little.

-- The suspension sqeaks when driving over speed bumps

-- But the main irritation point is the noisy and uncultivated engine they've put into this car, it just ruins the driving impression and I've had passengers that think I'm driving a diesel.

I'd rather spend a quid or two extra and get a fully kitted Golf.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2007