2005 Ford Focus ZX3 SES 2.0 from North America


Great buy!


The dashboard frame is rife with rust.

The 5 disk CD skips 10 seconds to the rear on a random basis.

The paint chips easily.

General Comments:

The 5-speed is plenty quick.

The 16" wheels and tires stick very well.

The sunroof is very nice.

The upgraded stereo with sub. sounds great.

Storage is great for such a small looking car.

Seats are firm and feel great!

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Review Date: 11th February, 2005

2nd Jul 2006, 21:43

We owned a 2001 ZX-3 with the works, including the great moon roof and 16" alloy wheels. It was a far better value than anything Japan had to offer and cost us about 5 grand less than a comparably equipped and less powerful Toyota or Honda. I was surprised at the ride and handling, which was way better than anything else we test drove (Saturn Ion, Toyota Corolla, Nissan Sentra, Honda Civic, and Pontiac Sunfire). We never got over 30mpg, but we were happy to get that much as cars normally get 20 to 30% less than the EPA ratings anyway. We never had a second's trouble with the car and I highly recommend them.

20th Aug 2006, 17:20

The Focus is without a doubt the absolute best value in a small car made anywhere. You can get a Focus now for 5 grand less than a Corolla and 7 to 10 grand less than a Civic, and they are faster, smoother and will last longer with fewer repairs. I just looked at a Civic coupe, and for 21 grand I'd rather buy TWO focuses!!

22nd Aug 2006, 12:36

I'd definitely buy the Focus over the Civic. Paying twice as much for a car that will last half as long doesn't make much sense.

2005 Ford Focus SE 2.0 from North America


Solid car for the money


No problems as I have only had the car one week.

General Comments:

My Focus is the 2005 ZX5 SE. This is my second go round with the Focus. My first was in 2002 with the 2002 ZX3. I had very good luck with my first car. I drive a lot of miles so I don't keep vehicles very long. I traded up for a Ranger & after having two of those I have gone back to the Focus. Mainly because of 2 dollar a gallon gas and limited passenger space.

I like the slightly redesigned front end and the improved interior design for 2005.

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Review Date: 12th December, 2004

2005 Ford Focus SES 2.0 from North America




Fuel pump, brake and suspension / steering problems.

Took the car to Ford service within a week of buying it and they found nothing wrong.

Took it in again a week later as it was becoming worse (and dangerous) and they found... nothing wrong.

Nearly rolled it yesterday doing 25mph (on a 50mph slip road) on a dry surface as there's something wrong with the suspension and or steering column.

It feels like I'm driving on ice and the thing's a death trap. Literally.

General Comments:

I've never done anything wrong in my life before, but I'm seriously considering driving it into a wall and using my GAP insurance to pay off the loan. The car (and Ford) are a waste of time and money as once they sell the car, they leave you high and dry. Get something else.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2004

16th Nov 2004, 16:27

Wow, it sounds as if you just don't like Ford that much at all. Why don't you just sell it out-right, instead of scamming your insurance company? You DO realize that when you scam companies, it not only hurts everyone else, but will hurt you as well, don't you?

Amazing that 99% of reviews, by Professionals no less, are in a very favorable review of this vehicle. I suppose tho that you are indeed the 1% left.

Wish you well.

2nd Jan 2005, 22:21

Wow! That is a long list of problems in two weeks! Maybe it was the terrain and, or, condition of the motocross jumps you were using, I tend to only jump cars no more than 5 (FIVE) feet in the air, any higher, and the problems you experienced could happen. Sorry about the lime you bought, better luck with your specific dealership next time.

2nd Apr 2005, 16:17

I would speak to the sales person or new car sales manager, take them for a drive in the car, and let them see the problem, then they can tell the service manager and this will be now 2 against one.

But don't do the car in, that's the dumbest thing I have heard, I have a 2000 Taurus SEL, have had it since new in December 1999, have not done one thing to it other than the oil change maintnance I am 20 years old. Ford has been and always will be my # 1 choice, family has owned a fords since the 60's.

3rd Jul 2005, 21:10

Actually you should drive up to the dealership in a full faced driving helmet and toss the keys to the manager. Tell him he doesn't get the helmet and "good luck." He might just decide to really take a closer look at the problems.

3rd Jan 2010, 09:11

I second that notion. This car appears to be a total piece of junk! The helmet may save your life.

3rd Jan 2010, 10:28

So you bought your first new car at 10 years old?