1994 Ford Probe 24V 2.5ltr from UK and Ireland


2.5ltr of 24V V6 Fun, Fun, Fun ;-)


Paint job is starting to crack. The front of the car gets hit by a lot of debris from the road e.g. stones, sticks, etc..

Tires wear quickly and can be costly to replace.

The Brakes are beginning to go. I have a feeling I will be buying new ones soon.

Oil in the spark plugs.

Rear struts have gone.

Makes funny noice when turning a corner in first gear.

Drivers seat broke and had to be fixed.

Quite costly to maintain, but not as much as other sports cars.

Consumes a lot of fuel, but that could be down to my "enthusiastic driving". ;-)

P.S. Oh is that the cup holder!!! I thought it was for loose change.

General Comments:

Brilliant car for the money.

Have not driven anything more entertaining. It handles as if were on rails and I love pushing it through corners and watch as others disappear in the rear-view mirror.

Very quick acceleration through 1st and 2nd, then sort of levels out in the mid range, until you reach 35000 revs in 5th gear and then it starts building up speed. Have had it up to max of 220mph frightened of going any faster.

Definitely "Ford'arrie" stunning car to look at and turns heads, a pleasant break from the norm.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2004

29th Jun 2007, 00:19

You can't go over 133, that's what the governor's set at!!!

29th Jun 2007, 10:52

I think it must be kph

133 mph * 1.609 is close to 220, allowing for the normal speedo exageration.

30th Jun 2007, 20:35

He must mean kph, but even then I'm not sure. The probe is really slow and seems to have a chav status starting.

14th Mar 2008, 10:50

You're all wrong, this Probe can d0 220mph because it can rev to 35000rpm!

Although, that's probably a bit slow when you compare: 140 (ish) mph@6000rpm: 220mph@35000rpm.

1994 Ford Probe GT 2.5 fuel injection from North America


I feel I have the biggest lemon ever made in the Probe GT.


My first transmission went out at 46,000 miles. I have to have 4 transmissions put in before they found one that worked. These were new transmissions by the way. Warranty was expired. $2,500.00. The other 3 transmissions they warrantied.

I had to have 4 censors replaced in the past 9 years. Only one of them were still under warranty. $1,100.00.

I had my brakes replaced 3 times because all they ever did was squeak. $75.00. The other 2 they warrantied.

My hatch like most everyone else. It no longer stays open.

Had to have work done on the valve body.


Tires wear fast. Spent $1200.00 on new ones and they don't even hold air do to the alloy rims.

I have replaced the distributer.

My headlights burn out faster than any car I have ever had.

It is a royal pain to change the blinker bulb. Said forget it and took it in.

I had to have the fuel pump replaced. $375.00.

Remember everything that has happened to this car starting going out at 46,000 miles and only one sensor was still under warranty.

My equalizer lights come on only when they feel like it. Good thing I learned how to use it before this started happening.

I had to replace the belt and pulley. NO one in the area had the parts except Bumper to Bumper Auto Parts Store.

No Ford dealership has half the parts in stock. So I started going to a regular Joe Mechanic with the exception of the transmission. No mechanic would touch it because it was not a manual transmission. I wanted manual, but they were hard to come by.

Motor power sunroof started going to crap in 1999.

Car has been making a jingling noise underneath for years. Have no clue what it is. But if it doesn't break don't fix it.

This is just a partial list of what I can remember.

I would never own another Probe as long as I live.

General Comments:

The car handles awesome at high speeds.

Has a lot of power at low and high end speeds.

Leather interior is still like new.

Really good speakers and stereo system.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2003

26th Apr 2006, 18:59

I have a 95 PGT auto transmission and it runs like a dream. No problem with the tranny. I changed the fluid in the tranny every 15 - 20 k miles.

Auto tranny probes aren't crap. If you feed it crap it will more than likely turn to crap.

A car like the probe requires the owner to be very familiar with the workings of a car.