1995 Ford Probe V6 2.5 V6 from UK and Ireland


A great car as a second car, but as main daily driver, it's not too suitable


Tyres seemed to quickly wear excessively.

Drivers seat leather bolster worn with hole.

Dash clips broke when changing the stereo.

Boot struts weak.

General Comments:

Great car if this is what you're after. The most American English car you could possibly get. Looks great, again if you like the 90's American look.

Handles very well for such a large car. 'Nippy' engine which revs well. Sadly not as quick as it should be. Weak at higher speeds in 5th gear.

Interior space in the rear is minimal, front is okay. Seats uncomfortable, backache on long journeys. Boot space is impressive in size, and the seats do fold flat to give a good load space.

Cruise control is wonderful on long journeys.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2007

1995 Ford Probe GT 2.5 V6 from North America


I would buy one in a heartbeat, no matter the price


Head gasket leaks just barely.

May have a leaky CV boot.

General Comments:

I don't want to be copying the example, but here goes.

This car is seriously quick and handles like it's on rails.

I'm not kidding. If you buy a Probe, get a GT. People WILL give you crap about the name, the small displacement, the front-drive, and the fact that it was built by Mazda or the fact that it says "Ford" on the side, depending on who they like. But the facts are that-

1) It does the quarter in 16.0 seconds at 133 MPH.

2) It hits 60 MPH in a mere 7.5 seconds.

3) Driven normally (read: "I can still blast away from the light sometimes."), a 1993-1997 Probe GT gets 25-30 MPG.

4) It is far and away the best-handling sport compact EVER. No lie.

5) Despite the small size, the crank hits 164 horsepower and 156 foot-pounds of torque.

6) The power curve is nice and smooth, since it gets power from a fairly advanced, naturally-aspirated 2.5-Liter V-6.

7) Also important, the car is just beautiful, with no sharp angles in evidence (If you like that kind of styling.)

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Review Date: 8th June, 2007

1995 Ford Probe LX 2.0 DOHC I-4 from North America


It's a good, attractive car that handles and performs well


I bought the car for 500 dollars 3 years ago. In the 3 years of ownership I've put a lot of money into the car, but not a lot of parts. typical maintenance stuff like Axles, Water Pump, New Clutch. And other parts like a rear sway bar link. The link was 75 dollars and you can put it in the palm of your hand. The last thing I've had to do was put an oil pump in the car.

General Comments:

I love the car, other than the parts being so expensive. The car performs well, it is more than capable of showing the Honda next to you up (done it too many times to tell). It handles nice on bends and country roads at high speed even with factory suspension and performance tires. The interior is comfortable if there are only 2 people in the car, the back seat is useless. The manual transmission handles everything I throw at it and then some. Overall you can't beat the performance or reliability of the car.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2006

1995 Ford Probe SE 2.0 4 cylinder. from North America


Great, versatile value for the money


Only non-routine thing has been an idle air control valve.

General Comments:

The car has been astonishing. It runs just fine and if I didn't get another mile out of it, I'd say it's been a tremendous value. All the power options work, I have not had to replace things like the starter, alternator, radiator, etc. The car is comfy enough on the highway, gets about 25 mpg around town, 33 on the highway. With the backseat folded down, an enormous amount of stuff can fit in the thing. It does more than well enough with the seat folded up, too. I don't push the car real hard around corners, but it does just fine for holding the road and cornering. For the price and cost of operation, what more could one want?!

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Review Date: 24th December, 2005