1995 Ford Probe 2.0L 4 cylinder from North America


Very reliable, never left me stranded


CV axels, ball joints, OK though normal wear and tear.

New clutch at 163,000 miles, cheap, parts and labor $700.

That is the only thing that has gone wrong in my 7 years of ownership!

Love this car, still runs and will be selling it to my mother, just wanted something newer. Too bad Ford does not make Probes any more, had to buy 2004 Mustang.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2005

1995 Ford Probe 2.0L from North America


Has never let me stranded


Car has stalled from a take off or at.

A dead stop three to five times in the.

Past year.

Needed new exhaust manifold.

Because has a leak. Could not locate.

Replacement part, went and purchased.

Performance headers ($300).

Replaced the CV ball and joints when.

Purchased (350).

General Comments:

I have lots of fun with this first car of mine.

Good on gas mileage.

Doesn't like steep ongoing hills.

The car doesn't like being pushed hard with the overdrive on!!!

Sometimes I would think she was not reliable but I turned out to be wrong.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2005

1995 Ford Probe SE 2.0 DOHC 16v from North America


Great fun rather quick great-looking ride


Got the car for $650 with a bad transmission which I got for fixed for $350 for the transmission and $423 for labor to fix.


Rear struts.

General Comments:

Great car, a real head turner every one is checking it out in traffic. body looks great, interior is great even for me being 6'3" there is no back seat room what so ever. a lot of very creative and neat features. though not being that quick off the line the car does great at high speeds. its even quicker than a couple of mustangs and honda's.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2005

1995 Ford Probe 24v 2.5 from UK and Ireland


Expensive to run, cheap to buy, well spec'd, pretty fun, but niggly problems will get to you


Paintwork in very bad condition-dealer sorted free of charge.

Draining of battery.

Drive shaft sheared.

Both front gators.

Engine blown.

Clutch failure.

Cam belt snapped.

ABS failure.


Problems with power steering.

Tailgate lifters will not support weight of tailgate.

Interior plastics falling apart.

Oil pressure dial not working.

Problems with new engine stalling for no reason, revving itself up and down or racing at idle.

Problems selecting first gear.

Short circuit on brake lights.

Noisy window motor on drivers side.

Interior bulbs keep blowing.

Front passenger bumper light keeps shaking itself loose.

Central locking plays up - barrel will jam, only one door will open (and usually not the door that the key is in!!).

Steering lock will jam on if weather is cold.

Radio kept eating tapes, then refused to release tape.

Ford amplifier problems when fitted with Sony CD player.

Shafted air con.

General Comments:

I bought the car for my better half in Oct 05 as an engagement present, and to replace her battered Nissan Micra which she parked in a ditch - on its roof!!

The car is amazing to look at, and a giggle to drive.

If you can find a good one, the they are a good second hand buy, but all that follows is bad news...

The engine, a two-and-a-half litre V6, sound amazingly impressive - until you look at the power figure.


That's it!

164 ponies to shift all that weight, its pathetic.

We once managed a loud and screaming 130mph, with the whole car shaking itself to bits.

Acceleration from 50-70mph is good, but 0-60mph is pathetic.

We were once beaten away from the lights by a 2.0litre diesel Mercades!

I once raced her on my Aprilia RS125 and slaughtered the car.

Enough about performance. Lets look at the interior. Looks nice and comfy, nicely shaped leather seats, moulded dash and door panels. Looks very pretty. But if you're more than two feet tall, forget it. Theres no room for your legs in the front, no room at all in the back, rendering them COMPLETELY useless. You will be constantly be banging your right elbow on the door, and the window switches are quite awkward to use. The seats, although looking pretty, are pants, you go round a bend, and you slide straight into the next seat, and adjusting them is nigh on impossible.

The plastics used are cheap and tatty, and is a rather nasty Grey colour.

If you hit even the tiniest pebble in the road, the glove box door will slam down on your passenger's legs unless it is locked, and the lock on it itself is useless. It can be opened with a longish fingernail!

Now the drive.

The ride is harsh, and the understeer is abysmal. The handling is OK in the dry, but the slightes bit of moisture, forget it.

Try to pull away quickly, and you will be rewarded with major wheel spin, extreme torque-steer and the front of the car bouncing like mad, shaking all of your teeth out, and probably making you whack your head on the roof or door frame in the process.

Park up less than ten feet away from something, you will have to climb out of the sunroof as the doors are far too big.

The gear change is long and sloppy, with the clutch biting very high (this is a problem on a NEW clutch).

And finally, if you want to go on a long trip, take plenty of petrol money and make sure that there are plenty of fill stations along the way. Whoever got more than 25mpg out of one of these should be awarded a Nobel prize.

Overall, it is a very pretty looking car, decent value for money and is actually quite practical for a single person or a couple. Insurance isn't as high as you would expect (my better half is 20, and she got insured with one years no claims for just over 1k)

The boot is massive, but if you have to have someone hold it up for you, whats the point? we looked at over ten Probes, and all of them had the same problem with the tailgate risers. And don't bother going to Ford to get replacements. If they actually bother with you in the first place, you will pay a HUGE price for them, wait a month of Sundays for them to arrive, and the pack up six months down the line again.

It is quite a good car, but it has a lot of flaws. If you can find a good one, you'll be laughing. It is well equipped, with electric everything, cruise, leather, air con (albeit knackered) and all the other usual mod cons.

We have just traded the car in for a Cosworth Scorpio, so watch this space for a review of that!

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Review Date: 11th March, 2005

15th Mar 2005, 07:10

Just out of curiosity, why did you buy the car if it had all of these problems? I mean, surely you test drove it???

30th Mar 2005, 11:00

I think I should go into the second hand car business, with people like you around-i`d make a fortune from selling any dodgy car I could my hands on-there`s one born every minute. The probe is a great car-if you take your time when buying and do your homework!