1992 Ford Ranger XLT 4.0 V6 from North America


Reliable. Strong. Fast. Sexy


Not much has gone wrong with this truck at all.

When I first got it, I had to replace.

1. Intake manifold lower gasket (which is a total pain, in case you ever have to do it... requires pulling off pretty much the entire top half of the engine)

2. Radius arm bushings (another fun job).

3. Transmission shift rail plugs (Mazda manufacturer's design flaw)

And I've had it for two years with no other problems.

General Comments:

I take meticulous care of my vehicles, and I can truly appreciate a well - designed car or truck. The Ranger for this year, with the 4.0 and the 5spd manual tranny is about as solid a truck as you'll ever find.

I first did a complete tune up on it, including wires, plugs, filters, and 02 sensor.

I've not done much else to it, really. It has held up extremely well.

The 4.0 can outrun about 75% of the cars and trucks on the road. Wince it's two - wheel drive, there's not much weight to push around, and this truck is almost too fast for its own good.

The transmission is geared well, except for reverse, which is geared insanely low, and makes it hard to do any precise movements in tight spots.

It gives me about 20-25 MPG on the highway cruising at 65-75 MPH. About 17-20 MPG in town.

The truck has barely any rust for its age, except for the radiator support and the wheel well lips underneath the trim moldings.

Overall, I wrote this review to brag about how well Ford did with this truck. I have had hardly any problems with it, it has more than enough power and has decent fuel economy for a truck.

It has a beautiful body style, comfortable interior, a great factory sound system, and the oil filter is in a real easy spot to change!

This truck rules. If you can find one of this year with this engine and tranny, keep it. They're worth every penny.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2005

1992 Ford Ranger XLT 4.0 liter from North America


Wish I could buy a brand new one!


Electric hubs failed at 45,000 - replaced with mechanical Warn hubs.

Head gasket blew at 55,000 - no trouble since.

Muffler and exhaust pipe has been replaced 4 times (not unusual for this area)

Rear brake line rusted out at 80,000.

Frame and undercarriage are getting very rusty.

General Comments:

This little truck has been reliable and strong. Starts and runs well and has been used to tow a 3500 lb. boat on short hauls.

Extra cab design is a must for interior space.

4.0 l engine uses plenty of gas, but has a good power range for this vehicle.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2005

1992 Ford Ranger XLT SXT 3.0L V6, 5-speed OD from North America


Rangers Rule: Extremely Dependable American-Built Truck


Immediately after purchasing the truck in February 2005, the truck suffered an oil leak. I talked with the previous owner, and he reported no such incident. Next, I took it to the local Ford dealer, they wanted $825 for the repair because they said they had to remove the 4.0 L engine. Hold the phone! My truck's engine is not a 4.0, but a 3.0. I caught the Ford in a lie, probably trying to burn more of a hole in my wallet. How could I trust them with a repair of my truck, when they can't keep their facts straight?!? My other mechanic did the job efficiently for half the cost, and there's been no problem.

Replaced a faulty water pump with the oil gasket, 142K miles.

Steering wheel has a loose feel.

Otherwise, that's basically it.

General Comments:

I love Rangers. It took a while to find a good first truck, and the Rangers were right up my alley.

I like the STX trim, the cloth interior seats are in great shape, and are very comfortable. All upholstery is also very good shape, considering this truck is 13 years old.

I learned how to drive a manual in this truck. I love driving the stick. This five-speed shifts rather smoothly in the higher gears.

Top speed is only 85 mph, but I don't think that my parents want me going that fast, even on the Interstate. It cruises tranquilly at 65-70 mph in overdrive gear.

For a truck of this size, it possesses some muscle. I carry a few-hundred pounds worth of building material in the back occasionally.

For a truck of this size, or any truck whatsoever, I'm impressed with the fuel economy. I can go about 420 miles with a 19 gallon tank. That's about 22 mpg average.

Usually starts right up, even when left outside for the night in below zero Montana weather.

Cool red paint job. Since it's red externally and internally, I've named the truck "Red Fury."

Extended cab is really nice to have. I can fit four people comfortably in the truck, with two getting the fold out seats.

The truck is a 2WD, rear wheel. It comes with street tires. It's HELL driving it when it's icy. You can feel the rear end slide.

As I save up more money, I plan to give this truck a lift kit, new all-season tires, a new aftermarket stereo, off road lights, a winch, and other off-roading gear. I plan to use this truck for a lot of camping and recreational activities.

Best of all, it fits in my garage.

In general, I love Rangers. I love the one I currently have. I'll never get rid of it anytime soon. I am considering restoring a first-generation Ranger standard cab, (1983-1988) when I graduate. That should be a very fun project to complete. I almost got sold on a 92 Dakota with an automatic for the same price, but the Ranger was my final answer.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2005

23rd Dec 2005, 19:07


This truck is simply the best. I have put 4000 miles on it sicne I posted. There have been no problems since then. I have done a series of modifications on my Ranger STX. Those new parts include:

-a new bed liner

-a new JVC CD/MP3 player

-stylish Lund tail light covers.

And this is just a beginning of future modifications. I plan to keep this reliable piece of American technology for many more happy years.