1999 Ford Ranger 2.5 TD Double Cab 4x4 2.5 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A pillar of strength, and economical



General Comments:

This truck is as strong as an ox. It is mainly used for work, but is equally good at family duties. Very practical for the self-employed family man, as you can get away with owning just one vehicle. Instead of owning a car and a van, this truck fills the role of both.

Love the high driving position, it feels safe and sturdy. Loads of carrying space (obviously), and a hardtop keeps the load bed secure.

2.5 Turbo Diesel engine is unburstable and very economical.

Choppy handling, but its no sports car so you expect it and drive it carefully.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2004

18th Jan 2006, 08:15

The company I work for owns a 1999 Ranger, which I have drive long distances over the last 6 months. While I can't corroborate everything the review says (ours isn't double cab), it has certainly had fewer mechanical difficulties than other pick-ups in the fleet.

And for the size of engine, I would agree that the fuel economy is pretty good, whenever I've been driving it. The cab does feel safe - the high driving position gives a great view of the road - but I find the actual driving position hella uncomfy.

The vehicle handles well - even at high speed and especially on the winding roads in our region - and is a true work horse. Acceleration could be better for more confidence when going past slower vehicles.

However, finding a parking space for a vehicle that big is, I've found, a nightmare. And it's the only limit on its usefulness I've found.

1999 Ford Ranger 4.0L from North America


Very reliable and dependable truck


The interior dome light occasionally does not go out.

General Comments:

This truck is great in the snow.

The engine makes a "marbling" sound like a diesel. Has not affected performance.

Very good pick up and power on the highway.

Sometimes the four wheel drive does not disengage or engage. This truck does not have external locking hubs.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2004

1999 Ford Ranger XLT 3.0L V6 from North America


Well suited truck that is just as at home as a light duty work horse or a fun daily drive


-Had too replace the O2 sensor twice once at 35000km and again at 50000km (both times covered under warranty).

-Brakes seem to wear out every 30000km.

-Replaced spark plugs at 100000km.

-Door jam sensor is messed up (yet to fix it I just pulled the dome light fuse).

General Comments:

I love this truck it has served me faithfully and reliably since the day I brought it home. It has always got me were I needed to go (even though she's only a 2wd), and has done so in comfort. Fuel economy has been fairly decent averaging about 380km to about 52L of fuel with mixed driving conditions. The little 3.0L V-6 is a great little spirited power plant that is well suited to the truck and is very capable of highway passing and pulling small loads. The automatic transmission is also well suited to its task with prompt smooth down shifts and up shifts. Interior comfort is also very good the split bench seat offers surprising support and decent comfort (although it gets tiring on long trips). Interior noise is decent, but can get on the loud when you hit the higher rpm's. Styling is top notch I love the look of the truck with its flare side box on non-extended cab. I have only two minor gripes about the truck in that I find the interior carpeting to be fairly poor and in some areas showing the metal underneath, and that the brakes on the truck seem too small for the vehicle (the rotors usually warp after only 30000km).

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Review Date: 21st December, 2003

19th Feb 2009, 18:52

If you spray some WD-40 into the lock/jam mechanism; your dome light problem will vanish. Keep a can handy however; you will need to do this about every 6 months - depending upon the climate in which you live. Humidity, rain, etc.., is the culprit. (Besides the poor design).

I have owned my '99 Ranger XLT 3.0L Flex since it rolled out. I have had to replace the stereo system, speed sensor and take the dash underneath the steering column off. The fog lights were ALWAYS on when using the headlights or parking lights. When I removed that panel, there was the push button light up switch! It was lying amongst other wires in the on position. I managed to find a crevice and poke it through as I replaced the panel. I suppose I should get the Dremmel out and make a proper mounting orifice. Yeah.. one day.

Oh, the Ford now has 160,000 miles and still runs like the day I picked it up with 1.7 miles on it.

6th Jun 2010, 08:47

The 99 Ranger Flareside is a great little truck. I would recommend everybody to get one; it is the perfect combination of power, style, and still has good fuel economy.

The Ranger had been wrecked before I got it, and it still runs drives good. I would recommend everybody, if they want a little truck, to get one; they're good trucks, very dependable...