1999 Ford Ranger XLT Supercab 3.0 Flex Fuel from North America


An OK truck, but I'd rather have a Honda or Toyota


So far it's been several little things that have gone wrong. I've replaced the brakes more times then I'd like to count, believe 5-6. However that could of been due to the quality of brakes I've been buying and the shop putting them on.

I've had the same problems with the windshield wipers, where they go on and off at the slightest touch.

I also hear a clicking or pinging noise from time to time.

The factory CD player quit working on me, had to replace that with a after market one.

General Comments:

When I first got it the check engine light was on, and I had to leave the truck at the dealership for a total of 3 days for them to fix the problems. They fixed the problem once, and after having the truck for a half hour the check engine light came back on.

The windshield wipers were also giving me problems when I first brought the truck. The dealership was hesitant to fix the problems, I had my Mother call and the General Manager was more than willing to fix them now. I feel the dealership was trying to take advantage of me due to my age, 20 at the time.

The truck gets poor gas mileage, usually around 16-17 miles per gallon, but I could also just be used to the 28-30 miles per gallon I was getting from my civic.

The truck accelerates very slowly.

I'm afraid to push the truck for fear that it will break down.

There is very little room inside the truck, the ext. cab could be a little bigger.

It has a very poor turning radius, even for a truck.

The truck has lost it's value extremely quickly, and I'm now forced to keep the truck until it dies.

Overall this truck has been OK, however I wish I had kept my civic.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2003

27th Mar 2009, 02:02

Amen, I agree. I love my trucks looks, but have the same issues!

17th Nov 2010, 12:58

I got the 99 Stepside, love the truck, very reliable, and good design and enough power for a 3.0 to make it fun to drive.

1999 Ford Ranger XLT Supercab Offroad 4.0 from North America


Great off-road and all-around truck


First unscheduled maintenance at 77,800 miles: Alternator had to be replaced.

General Comments:

I love the styling of this truck. The newer Rangers are nice, but have gotten away from the chrome and have too much plastic. The 4-doors are wonderful and make it possible to haul 5 people for short trips. My biggest complaint initially was gas mileage, as I was showing about 13-15 city driving. About 20,000 miles ago, I installed the "Tornado" after laughing at the thing for years. Surprisingly, I instantly felt a power increase and my gas mileage increased by about 15%. On the highway, I used to struggle to get 300 miles per tank, but now I top 360 every time.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2003

1999 Ford Ranger XL 2.5L from North America


A nightmare on four wheels


Door ajar lights stay on.

Wipers work when they want to,

General Comments:

Interior is crowded.

Not a lot of horsepower or torque produced to really tow anything.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2003

19th May 2003, 20:21

Same here. Door ajar light comes on at random, wipers are possessed, among other problems. Next time, Chevy or Dodge, but not F.O.R.D.

10th Jun 2003, 04:31


I had the same problem with the windshield wipers. Eventually the problem was identified as a manufacturing defect and a recall was issued for the vehicle. Since the repair, I have had no additional problems with the windshield wipers. Your dealer should have the information to fix it (should be free as it was a manufacturer recall).


2nd May 2004, 06:28

Our 99 Ranger has brake problems the dealer says are normal. They make a grinding sound which gets worse and they grab too quickly in the rain. Overall, a good vehicle.

17th Aug 2009, 09:15

Door ajar light can be fixed by spraying WD40 on the sensor. That's what I did; no problems since.

10th May 2010, 22:08

Possessed wipers were a manufacturer problem worldwide.

Check out this link in order to fix the problem once for all:


Take care.