1999 Ford Ranger XLT 4.0 from North America


Good product, great price


In the 144,000 miles I have owned it, very few things have gone wrong with my 1999 Ford Ranger.

My only reason for not still having this vehicle is an oncoming car swerved into my lane of traffic and hit me head-on, totaling both vehicles.

Even though I was doing 40 m.p.h., and she was doing about 60 m.p.h., my passenger and I were relatively unharmed. Her passenger went to the hospital, but she refused treatment.

For 144,000 trusty miles, my 1999 Ford Ranger's daily duties included always carrying heavy loads, such as my motorcycle, two 55 gallon drums of diesel fuel or motor oil for machinery at work, firewood. Then there were always neighbors asking "trucking favors," like buying something too big for their car to carry home.

On a monthly basis, it would tow my 24 foot Komfort Lite camp trailer, which it did wonderfully...oh, almost forgot... I have used the vehicle to move all my belongings to other states at least four times.

In the entire time I've owned it, all I ever had to change was normal wear parts. I did the brakes for the first time at 99,000 miles, I decided to do the shocks then as well.

I find the key to making any vehicle run for a long time is maintaining it well. I always use synthetic in the engine, transmission, rear differential, front differential, transfer case and transmission.

I change my exhaust sensors and spark plugs more often than the dealer says I should (around 50-70,000 miles or so). I feel this prevents catalytic converter plugging from poorly burned fuel. In addition, it keeps gas mileage optimum. I only run high octane gas, preferably with a good detergent in it, like techron.

I have owned five Ford Rangers (four, if you count the one was in fact a Bronco II). My first was a 1988, then the 1984 Bronco II, 1989, 1999 and now my 2004. Additionally, I have owned two full size Chevys, two full size Fords, a Volkswagen Beetle, a Datsun pickup, and three or four Hondas, including a 2001 Honda Civic assembled in Canada, but fell apart in USA (sold the piece of junk with 37,000 miles on it). I have driven numerous other vehicles, including Jeeps, Toyotas and the likes. However, I keep coming back to the Ford Ranger for it's dependability, performance in deep snow and off-road abilities, towing capabilities (my 24 foot camp trailer weighed more than the 1999 Ford Ranger I towed it with).

I am very impressed how the Ford Ranger is continually improving, especially compared to the ones I owned from the 1980s.

No longer does the Ranger have 52 moving parts on the exhaust control systems (as it did then). Each of the 52 parts were high maintenance, and prone to failure if not kept up properly. Nowadays, I believe the total number of moving parts is under 3 for exhaust controls...

The ignition system has drastically improved, doing away with the distributor cap, rotor, vacuum advance and other related parts altogether and replacing it with a magneto system, which has no visible moving parts other than the harmonic balancer which contains the firing position magnets.

In all, there is good reason why Ford Ranger has been a successful money maker for Ford. Good product, great price, happy customers. I will most likely continue to buy Ford Rangers as long as they make them like my 1999 model was built.

General Comments:

The Twin Cities Michigan and Kansas City Missouri assembly plants seem to do the best job of putting together a Ford Ranger.

Mexico and Canada assembled Fords are what I've had the most trouble with.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2004

1999 Ford Ranger XLT Sport 4.0 from North America


A well built and performing truck for a bargain


Motor in wipers went haywire and they came on randomly, somewhere between 10-20k.

Firestone tires replaced due to recall.

Airbag light came on 55k stays on.

Gas mileage isn't the greatest, but it's a 4.0 V6 what do you expect.

General Comments:

It has been a great and reliable truck for me.

The four wheel drive is outstanding and does really well in the snow.

Overall handling is exceptional for a truck.

Stock stereo system not bad at all.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2004

6th Oct 2004, 11:00

Have a 1999 Ford Ranger and have the same problems with the windshield wipers coming on randomly. I believe it is a problem in the wiring harness as it only happens when I use the turn signals or turn corners. I'm too cheap to get it fixed. Living with it.