1998 Ford Taurus SE 3.0 Gas from North America


Realiable, confortable, spacious, and most important economic.


The multifunction switch had to be replaced, it caused the headlights work on high only when switch it's pulled.

Open door sensor stays on after the door is closed.

General Comments:

Overall I'm very happy with the car, it is a car that you can get at an affordable price, and it can last long. Like any other car just take care of it, and it'll stay around for a while.

Some people say that I found a treasure because this car reached the 156,000 mark and the only part replaced was the one I specified before.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2003

23rd Jul 2004, 08:35

I have 1998 Taurus and it had the door switch problem. After researching the Internet for the fix I found a site that had the solution. Use a light lubricant spray in the area inside the door around the latch. Open and close the door a few times and should be ok. If not, dealer's next.

5th Oct 2004, 10:05

Its not hard to replace the old one. Pull off the door panel being careful of the wires. The switch is in the latch part of the door. Should be a Twist and its out, remember to remove the wires from the switch also.

They lock in real tight so it might take some effort.

29th Dec 2004, 23:53

My 1998 Taurus has 205,638 miles on it. The only problem I have had is the dome light stays on, the check engine light comes on sometimes, and the transmission kocks in high and low rpms.

5th Mar 2005, 12:55

200,000+ miles? "check engine light" clean/replace your pvc valve. and have your computer reset.

This door light thing seems to be a big problem.

Mine is doing the same thing.

5th Mar 2005, 13:02

A little fishy that this part keep's poping up everywhere.

Multifunction switch $71.00 + Labor is not cheap for us to keep paying to fix the same thing over and over again.

Ford needs to check into this and recall it!

19th Jul 2005, 00:56

Does anyone know how to fix the problem of slowing down this car (1998 Taurus SE) after taking your foot off the gas pedal at low speeds (~ 15 to 40 mph). It seems like it doesn't slow down by itself unless you apply breaks. Any comments, suggestions!

1998 Ford Taurus SE 24 Valve DOC from North America


A great performing car that's a lemon when it comes to the electical aspect


The headlights stay on sometimes after the car is turned off.

The door a-jar light stays on sporatically.

The drivers side rear window will go out for a week or two then work again.

The radio sometimes takes about thirty seconds to turn off after the key is out.

The steering wheel shakes very badly.

General Comments:

Overall I still really like the car. Most of the problems (electrical) have occurred off and on and so I've never taken the car in to see how much it is to fix it. I did take it in to a shop to fix the turn signals and they could not find the problem and referred me to an electrical specialist (I'm taking it in tomorrow).

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Review Date: 18th July, 2003

14th Jul 2006, 09:58

I just want to know what they found out. I have the same car and am experiencing the exact same problems. Your help would be appreciated.

27th Jun 2007, 13:09

My light on the drivers side (map light) will come on and stay one sometimes. I started noticing this when it would be raining.

I have also noticed the radio doing that. Not very often though.

Just replaced the oil sending unit (I think that it what it was called)

I bought mine in 12/01 24K miles. The only major repair has been the transmission this past Oct. the rest has been normal maintenance.

I love my car however my husband hates it. I have around 107K on it now and it still runs good and feels strong. I would drive it anywhere and not worry.