1989 Ford Tempo from North America


Less reliable as the years were added on


The alternator has gone 3 times, seems to last only a year or 2.

The battery has been changed twice.

Main belt was changed once, alternator belt was changed twice.

Drivers seat is worn very badly.

Floor under the drivers feet and front passenger's feet is rusted right through (only thing between the driver and the road is the carpet).

Leaks lots of oil (not worth repairing).

Front end needed $700 in parts in about 2000.

Power steering works, but leaks fluid (just keep topping it up when it squeals).

Automatic transmission is starting to slip and not shift at the proper RPM.

Alignment has been done a few times over the years, seams quite easy to knock it out of alignment.

Have tried to keep it clean over the years, but it has been getting rusty over the last 2 or 3 years (seems to be rusting from the inside out).

Paint is fading quite badly.

Muffler pipe broke in half last year.

General Comments:

The car has enough power for city driving, passing on the highway could do with more power however.

Has been quite dependable, getting worst over the last few years. This car has not been a daily driver for a long time and I would not trust it for a long trip. Seats are quite comfortable for an older car. Trunk is quite big for a smaller car.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2005

15th May 2005, 20:38

Part of your problems with your Tempo is not driving it enough. Tempos need lots of love and attention. If mine is not driven for a few days, she kind of acts up to show her displeasure with being ignored. Once she has been driven a few miles all is forgiven. Tempos also need regular maintenance, including having the transmission fluid changed and a transmission flush every few years. Mine is a 1994 that I inherited from my mom. It only has 30,000 original miles. I just spend $1,200 getting the maintenance up to date, new tires and a new battery. She now runs as new and I drive it more than my 04 Impala, who now feels unloved and neglected:)

1989 Ford Tempo L 2.3L from North America


Over all it is a good first car even for teens and kids in college that need a cheap car


I replaced alternator 3 times, starter once, battery once.

The gas tank was replaced 1 year be for I got it. does not get good gas millage in the winter.

Replaced ball joints on both sides.

All the brakes I did and it was not fun! Just after I replaced the front brakes the router, caliper and brake line went then 2 weeks be for all this happened my barrings and assem. went. I first thought I needed a wheel aligement, but it got bad quick.

The tran went.

There is some rust I have not got a chance to fix that.

My e-brake does not work! The fuses hang by my feet and will not stay up no matter what I do to keep them up! When I first got the car my mom was all happy cause it is my first car! ha ha I don't even know how it got safetied with broke down so many times. In the first 3 months I had the car it was off the road for about 2 months total.

It does not have any get-up-and-go and when it does get up to 110k the car shakes like mad so I have to take all the back roads instead of the 400.

It also does not have the cargo space i am looking for. But it does have good cargo space. Not good for moving or even driving boxes around.

General Comments:

I just got a 1989 Jeep Cherokee and it runs Great! lots of power!

I got pulled over the first day I started driving it for speeding! I was Never pulled over in the tempo.

Over all the tempo was OK not the greatest, but for a first car its not bad.

I am 6'2 and I still have head room. I just feel bad for the people in the back seat behind me cause not a lot of room.

With all the work I have done to fix it, it should be good for the next person that buys it.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2005