1989 Ford Tempo from North America


This is what Satan forces them to drive in Hell


Transmission went around 25,000 miles.

Fuel pump disconnected.

Gas gauge failed.

Hood latch release stuck open.

Belts constantly going out.

General Comments:

The car is made with poor quality interior materials. It is ugly with a capital "U".

A harsh and noisy ride is an understatement.

It requires towing assistance from AAA on average once every month or two.

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Review Date: 5th May, 2003

2nd Jun 2004, 12:10

Hey guy, you do realize your car probaly has 130'000 miles on it, which makes all of those problems expected.

14th Oct 2005, 02:19

Even with 49,570 miles on them, the 1989 Ford Tempo is a garbage can on wheels. A waste of time and money which is what I invested in mine. Not to mention I paid $400 for the car. Boy did I get ripped off and I am livid with my Uncle who sold it to me. These cars are death traps and the engines are terrible!

3rd Aug 2006, 16:34

I was surprised to read so many negative comments as my Tempo is the best thing on four wheels to me. It costs nothing to run and the parts are cheap to buy. I live in Canada and I have never had to plug my car in to get it to start in the middle of the winter. It has started right up even in -38 Celsius weather. However, the body is all rusted out and after 16 years of driving on roads that are salted in the winter, it is no wonder it is a rust bucket! The engine will probably run another 16 years. I will hate to give it up when it finally dies. When they say "Ford Tough" they really mean it!!!

1989 Ford Tempo GL 2.3 4-cylinder from North America


The worst car ever made, bar none


Automatic transmission crapped out, requiring a re-build.

CV joints on both sides failed twice.

Tie-rods had to be replaced.

Steering wheel mounted crooked.

Anti-Roll bar mount broke loose.

Throttle Position Sensor went bad twice.

Coolant Temperature Sensor failed.

Multiple seal failure, car leaked oil and transmission fluid like a sieve.

Fuel pump failed on highway, 200 miles from nowhere.

Paint on hood, roof and trunk-lid faded and peeled.

Mirror motor went south, but only for a while. Started working again just before I traded this pile of junk in.

Front wheel-bearings failed twice in 4 months.

Trunk hold-open spring broke.

Ate tires like Cheeto's, the car couldn't hold an alignment for more than 3 or 4 months.

Driver's seat mounting bolts came loose.

Passenger seat mount broke, couldn't adjust seat.

Radio display went out.

Heater core ruptured, spewing fluid and steam into the passenger compartment.

The car rattled like a can of marbles, when I fixed one, it would rattle some other place.

The car handled like a freighter in a hurricane, even with new shocks and struts.

General Comments:

This looked like a nice car when I bought it, and it checked out fine with my mechanic. I had maybe 4 months of trouble-free driving, and then things started to go wrong one after another. Dealer service was rude at the best of times, non-existent at worst. As soon as I fixed something, something else broke, usually away from home. I hated this car and I hate Ford for foisting it on an unsuspecting public. These cars are death-traps and should removed from the road at Ford's expense. I'll never, ever buy another Ford product.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2003

10th Dec 2003, 16:29

I own a 1989 Tempo and have seen many of the same problems. However, most were due to a lack of routine maintenance. I noticed that you had to replace the CV joints twice on your car. Did you check the engine and transmission mounts? Worn out mounts are the most common cause of CV joint failure. Perhaps the mechanic who replaced your CV joints neglected to check this crucial item.

Nonetheless, you are correct that the car was not made during Ford's finest years. However, that is reflected in their values today. You can pick one up very cheap (I got mine for free). If you do regular maintenance on these things, keep them washed and waxed, and don't abuse or neglect them, they can last as long as any other car. They just need more attention than your average Honda or Toyota. Also, parts are dirt cheap. So if you can fix it yourself, it can be a very inexpensive and reliable car to own.