1989 Ford Tempo GL 2.3L 4 cylinder from North America


Old Blue keeps on chugging!


The muffler needed replaced at around 105,000 miles.

The catalytic converter went out at around 90,000 miles.

Alternator belt gets loose very often, especially in the winter, but its easy to adjust.

General Comments:

This tempo just will not quit! I love this little car. I've had it for over three years, and it's been the most dependable aspect of my life.

I love working on it, and I have learned so much just from taking care of this car.

With general maintenance and a little care, this car is built to last!

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Review Date: 1st February, 2005

28th Apr 2007, 15:18

Same thing with me, my ol' blue Tempo has 135,000 miles, never anything major wrong, easy to fix, great commuter car, gets 32mpg. The diode light went out in the radio is all, just a month ago.

Love this car. Stand-by for 18 years. Goes in the snow too.

1st Jan 2008, 13:17

I am the original writer of this thread, and I must say that I finally got rid of my Tempo. The frame rusted out and it became pretty unsafe, especially travelling alone late at night. Believe it or not, I actually was able to trade it in for 30% of the price I paid for it 6 years ago. After 18 years, this car is still chugging along!

1989 Ford Tempo GL 2.3 from North America


A car built to last till the next millennium

General Comments:

Beware when you purchase a Ford Tempo 5speed from this year. The car won't die. I purchased the car in the dead of winter. It started right up and I test drove it with just a thimble full of gas in it. The car looked to be in immaculate condition for only being 6 years old. The odometer said 67,000 miles. The dealer was quick to correct it to tell me it's actually 167,000 miles. This means the car was driven an average of almost 28,000 miles a year or a road trip around the equator of the earth plus or minus 3000 miles per year. All the average things that could breakdown with a car has. I replaced the break shoes in the rear in 1996 (I've not touched them since). I've had the clutch throw out bearing replaced (the auto tech thinks this will be the third and last one). I've had the serpentine belt explode on me going to work and take out the power steering pump with it. I've had a minor leak in the radiator repaired. I've gone through at least 3 sets of tires. I did a complete tuneup on the engine (points, plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, rotor, etc.) for roughly $50. Several upper/lower ball joints and control/rocker arms (potholes grow like corn here in the Midwest). Last, but not least I just replaced the battery which was killed by the alternator (the alternator is the original, the battery was a Farm & Fleet 60 month battery that was installed in Dec of 1994. Kudos to Farm and Fleet. This car won't die, but it is suffering from terminal body rot. Will be a sad day when I have to put her out to pasture.

I consider this car to be a Wednesday car as per the automobile assembly line rule of thumb. Monday cars are bad because the workers are nursing hangovers from the weekend. Friday cars are bad because the assembly workers are thinking about the party for the weekend. No offense to the auto industry.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2004

10th Aug 2004, 12:45

I hate to inform the owner, but when he stated that he had replaced the points, I was somewhat surprised, since the Tempo has electronic ignition and does not use points!

1st Oct 2004, 19:46

Your car sounds great, I would maybe consider buying it if you were willing to sell it. email me ittrkiam@yahoo.com.

14th Jul 2012, 09:57

No car built in 1989 has points.