1995 Ford Windstar GL 3.8 from North America


A piece of JUNK now that it's not running!


I am a single mom trying to support, "4" small children and have been since the middle of Jan 2001. My husband bought my Windstar for me last year for a Valentine's Day gift.

I guess I am thankful after reading the horror stories of other owners of Windstar vans.

Personally I have not had any problems with my van until about a month ago. I went to leave work and my engine light came on.

It was driving very sluggish with no pickup. I took it to my mechanic. He said I had a clogged fuel filter and replaced a couple of sensors.

It has been fine up until last Friday the 18th of May 2001. I went to leave from work and my van would not start. I kept trying to crank it and it finally cranked.

I made it into town to my moms house. She followed me home. I then got back out in it on Saturday.

That's when everything went wrong. My engine light came on. My thermostat gauge rose to "H". I had this cloud of white smoke that came out of the tail pipe.

I immediately had it towed Monday morning. I was just made aware yesterday, the 24th, that I too have a blown head gasket. I bought an extended warranty with a company called Wynn's. They tell me I am not covered for this type of repair. Being a second owner I was not made aware of the recalls on the head gaskets. I have called the local Ford Dealership here and explained my circumstances. I mean trying to support 4 kids on my own, I don't have $900.00 to just go get out of the bank to repair my problems. My husband left me with all the bills of a two income family and my credit is ruined. My van was all I have left and now I don't have this anymore.

What does a person do in this kind of situation? I don't know who to call or contact to see if I can get my repairs taken care of!

Sure I am over the mileage from when Ford said they would stand behind these gaskets, but the fact is this problem was known to Ford and was an existing problem. I was just one of the lucky few that got as many miles as I had on it before it blew! If anyone can help me and lead me in the direction I need to go I would appreciate it!!!



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Review Date: 25th May, 2001

25th May 2001, 15:41

We have a 1998 Ford Windstar Conversion Van with a 3.8L.. Take care of the Windstar and It will take care of you!!!

28th May 2001, 10:57

While I am glad that the other comment was from people who had not had trouble, the same would not apply to everyone. It is very possible to take good care of these Windstars and still have significant trouble.

Ford is aware of these problems and is really beginning to feel the heat. Go to bat for yourself. Get backup from online of all of the other people having problems just like yours. Ask your Ford dealership about the "goodwill warranty." Get your receipts and file in small claims court. Most of all, don't feel alone. Or stupid. Or that you have done something wrong.

1995 Ford Windstar LX 3.8 from North America


Scrap metal


Rear wheel bearing failed at approximately 90,000k. Wheel fell right off.

Timing cover gasket failed at 120,000k. $1000.00 repair.

Transmission repair at 133,000k. $2200.00 repair.

Master brake cylinder repair at 133,000k. $500.00 repair.

Motor bearings and bottom end of motor recommended to be repaired, 133,000k. $3000.00 plus. NOT IN THIS LIFETIME.

General Comments:

This van costs more to repair than to buy.

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2001