1995 Ford Windstar LX 3.8L Vulcan Series V6 from North America


Safe, reliable, substantial


Fender damaged by vandal, fender damaged by electric gates at work.

Hood seal replaced under recall.

Clear panel over the instrumentation cracked, replaced under warranty.

New tires approx every 80,000km, lube every 5,000km, new shocks at 120,000 and 210,000 approximately.

Transmission fluid changed.


Bodyside moulding replaced.

General Comments:

After some problems with the Camry and lack of space, the Windstar was purchased as a family vehicle. It now shares the driveway with a 2000 Chevrolet Astro, which has been less than stellar.

This van has reported engine and transmission problems, however after being used for 6 years car pooling, going on vacations, shopping, and going to sporting events, this vehicle has proven to be extremely durable.

Love the green interior, electronic instuments and dual blade windshield shades, etc.

No problems whatsoever, however replacement time does loom near due to the high mileage.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2001

27th Feb 2003, 14:07

It's good to hear somebody actually used one of these vehicles without the transmisson and head gasket failing. I noted in your review that you list mileage in kilometers (kilometrage??). If this is a Canadian-built Windstar, sure wish I'd gotten mine there.

12th Feb 2004, 00:00

Were the Canadian built ones different? We had a '95 Windstar that sucked big time. No head gasket or transmission failure when we had it (only for about 60,000 kilometers, so about 40,000 miles) But we had SO many little problems that we turned it in on the lease early.

1995 Ford Windstar LX 3.8L from North America


Don't buy a FORD



Faulty electrical system.

Blown head gasket.

General Comments:

After owning many Japanese autos which were highly reliable and well engineered, I decided to buy American for a change. I had heard that Ford had made most improvements to its quality. What a crock! I suffered more problems in the few years as the owner of a Windstar than all my previous vehicles combined. The latest is a blown head gasket at 47,000 miles. From what I read on this survey site, the problem is not eliminated by replacing the gasket. Engine defects can cause the same thing to happen again.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2001

1995 Ford Windstar LX 3.8 V6 from North America


Transmission @ 58,000 miles.

Headgasket @ 60,000 miles.

Power window on the passenger side @ 55,000 miles.

General Comments:

I got a bad lemon car. I now know that these troubles are not only for me. Ford service is terrible. No help from Ford.

I will never buy a Ford. Ford produces this kind of defective car and the Ford dealer makes more money by repairing these with expensive bad service. I will never believe in Ford. Stay away from this car.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2000

1995 Ford Windstar from North America


A majorly dangerous piece of junk!


The head gaskets - the head gaskets and everything else under the sun!

General Comments:

I bought my used '95 Ford Windstar only 2 months ago and it has been in the shop for one of those!

I had it exactly 3 weeks to the day I bought it when the head gaskets blew. It broke down on the Cajon pass (a big mountain pass in California). The pass is so dangerous that CHP pays tow trucks to haul broken down cars off of the pass for free!) with me and my two small children in it.

I got it back and drove it for 4 days when the engine light came on. Now the dealer has had it every since. They have no idea why the engine light keeps coming on. At first they told me that the fan shut off causing the engine to blow one of the gaskets. Now they can't figure out what the REAL problem is. They can't fix the thing. It keeps ripping up the gaskets though! DO NOT BUY ONE! PLEASE HELP if you know why the engine light does that!

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Review Date: 24th November, 2000

1995 Ford Windstar GL 3.8L from North America


Worst lemon I ever bought


Headgasket blown.

Electronic sensor blew shutting down the entire car.

Transmission slipping and leaking.

Power window on the passenger side quit.

General Comments:

Sorriest automobile I have ever owned. Turned me off Ford totally. Next automobile will be a Honda.

Ford has a problem and would not honor repairs until the heat got too bad for them. Now I will add Ford to Chrysler on the list for not buying their products.

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Review Date: 18th November, 2000

9th May 2001, 05:00

I agree. I bought a 95 Ford Windstar, head gasket was the first thing that needed be replaced, then the following: head gasket again, engine, transmission, computer, water pump.

Don't ever buy a Ford Windstar.