1991 Geo Metro LSI 1.0 from North America


This is the best car I have ever owned for reliability and economy


I rebuilt the engine when I got the car and replaced the A/C compressor to get the air going. Since then I've only needed oil changes every 3K miles.

General Comments:

At 48 MPG average, this car is fantastic on gas!

I could get the same mileage from a Toyota Prius, but I only paid $2,000 for my Geo, while a Prius would cost $22,000+!

You'd be amazed what I can fit into this little hatchback.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2006

1991 Geo Metro LSI Convertible 1.0 3 cylinder. from North America


Best purchase that I have ever made!


I had to replace the Battery @ 52,000 miles and the Brakes @ 38,000 miles and 56,000 due to rusting and pitting while stored for the winter).

General Comments:

I purchased this car in College in 1990. It took me through College problem free. I have always maintained oil changes every 3,000 miles and it has been tuned up once in 1998. It is a great little car that everyone loves everywhere I go. It still looks and drives like new. You won't win any speed racer awards, but you won't have any problems cruising along @ 75 mph and getting 35 mpg while doing it! It is fun to drive, comfortable with a surprising amount of room inside. The trunk is large for a car of its size (I have had 2 sets of golf clubs in it). While in college it was my primary vehicle and I got around everywhere winter and summer without any problems. If you are looking for a great car that's fun to drive and virtually problem free I recommend the GEO Metro Convertible.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2006

16th May 2007, 11:29

I'm looking to buy a Geo Metro Convertible. I'm in North Florida, and if anyone is willing to sell one that is in good shape for under $3,000, please let me know at (334) 332-5821. Thanks!

1991 Geo Metro LSi 1.0 from North America


The best little car EVER!


Driver side door handle snapped off.

Buttons in the dash keep on popping out.

Little engine oil leak.

Speakers suck.

Change the turn signal lights, and fog lights.

General Comments:

Very quick for the 3-cylinders.

(recommend the 5-speed manual transmission)

Dash board is too square.

Looks good with a sports bra and a round end chrome exhaust tip.

I bought it with no rust, new tires (Goodyear), a after market alpine CD player, sport shift knob with matching pedals, and all for just $500.


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Review Date: 28th November, 2005

1991 Geo Metro LSi 1.0L from North America


Reliable, comfy, and an all-around great little car


Other than the scratches and dings that I have put on the poor little car, nothing has gone too terribly wrong.

The only thing that ever just broke out of the blue was the fuel pump (which is only moderately expensive if you befriend or are a competent car-tinkerer).

Every other problem was related to normal wear (tires, clutch, wiper blades... blah blah etc)

General Comments:

I must say that the leaky sunroof is a bit of a hassle when it actually rains around here, but since that's rare, I don't worry much. The car is a gem to drive and to work on. No matter how much I push the little thing down the freeway, it just keeps on ticking along. Parts are cheap and accessible.

The Metro is an under-appreciated, though thoroughly lovable vehicle (drive one around for a bit, you'll see).

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Review Date: 16th July, 2005

16th Jul 2005, 08:47

I had owned a 92 Geo Metro I just traded it in for a new vehicle and I must say I miss that car so much! It is the best car I think anyone has ever made. In the 14 years I owned it I never had a problem with it. The car was perfect all the way around. So if you own a Geo Metro don't look down on it they are great cars that are so under-rated.

17th Jul 2005, 13:04

They are great cars and you wouldn't think they would be with the tiny three cylinder engine they have-