11th Jul 2002, 20:07

I own a 2000 WH Statesman (supercharged) and like everyone else I have had consistent problems with the vehicle. I actually do find it cheap to service, but the number of times that I have taken it to get problems fixed has been horrible.

Some of the problems I have had include:

1. Power steering not working - Caused by a bad connection by the ignition key. A new ignition "collar" was installed and has fixed the problem.

2. Plastic panels on the outside not installed properly - new panels fitted by dealer.

3. Whistling drivers mirror - Dealers have not done anything.

4. Noise (clunking) when accelerating - Drivehsafts changed, problem still apparent. It is going into get the shock abosrbers changed.

5. Trim in boot not fitting properly - New trim installed.

6. 6 CD stacker skipping - Replaced with later model 10-CD stacker.

7. Alternator belt noisy on long highway driving- Belt replaced.

8. Right rear tyre wearing on shoulder - Dealer "realinged" and problem fixed.

9. Loss of power at low revs - Spark plug leads faulty, replaced by dealer.

10. Brake shudder - Discs machined once, at the next service they will be replaced.

11. Car develops bad vibration - Unexplained so far.

I could live with most of these problems simply because the car is relaitively cheap for something so big, but the vibration problem makes driving uncomfortable.

I was dreaming about buying a Monaro, but not any more. One of my previous cars was a honda prelude. I travelled 200,000 kilometres and only had to replace one CV boot. I kept it serviced, but nothing ever went wrong. What a difference.

I would rather Holden not produce new models so frequently if they could get the models right in the first place. I purchased this car to support Australian product, but it is not a great product.

I think it has something to do with the easy going Australian attitude. If the staff putting the cars together had pride in our work these little problems would not be there. I bet there is a push to save costs as much as possible. What a shame because in the long run I do not think Australia will have any kind of a motor vehicle industry.

9th Aug 2002, 06:59

I am an Ex Holden mechanic and I have to agree with a lot of the comments of the other replys, Holdens are heaps of crap and it make me wonder why people buy them so much. The quality is hopeless and it is not just commodores, it is the whole range except the Rodeo and Cruze and they are OK as they are Japanese, So Australia wake up to yourself and spend your money on something better than Holdens.

I have a 2002 Nissan Pulsar and it is a car I would recommend and it at least dosn't have the Holden problems.

28th Aug 2002, 19:10

I have a VT 5ltr, just done 100,000kms my engine warning light kept coming on along with the transmission light. I turned out to be the alternator on its way out. The alternator has been replaced with a 130amp.

This has also fixed my automatic gear box, it used to be rough when the auto was changing through the gears.

Also just replaced the water pump due to noisy bearing.

These type of problems I feel are common when you hit the 100,000 kms with any car. As far as problems with new VX commodores looks like you still get the Lemon or to.

I do not use Holden has my mechanic for servicing, I use a private mechanic which also keeps the car under new car warranty, and the price of servicing is generally $150 cheaper than holden.

14th Nov 2002, 05:32

I own a 1999 VT Series 2 Wagon. Not long after starting and moving approx. 2 - 3 body lengths of the car there is a mild shudder/vibration in the steering wheel, which only lasts for a few seconds. I have taken it to a Dealer and they advise the only noise/vibration they can find is the ABS self test.

I also have noises/clunks in the steering at low speed, they couldn't find anything wrong?

Can anyone shed any light on either of these problems???

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

30th Nov 2002, 01:22

To the person who complains about the body flex in their VT:

- All Commodore dashes are glued in to the body, thus the front end is not very rigid.

Best solution - Install a strut brace - they are only $100. Makes a big difference.

8th Jan 2003, 18:22

I had a VX Commodore GEN3 2001 model and my clutch burnt out after 22,000ks. Holden has refused to pay for the repairs as they say it is wear and tear. I have always been a Holden man, I own a VT S pack and have never had any problems. I don't think I will ever buy another Holden after the way I have been treated.

22nd Jan 2003, 06:19

Well, I have to disagree with most of you that Holden's in general are poor. I have owned eight commodores from VC through to VX II.

I have only ever had two things out of the ordinary happen, 1. A shot wheel bearing in a VR and a clunky diff in a VT II which both problems were seen to by Holden Dealers, under warranty and with no fuss, and the problems had never returned.

Overall my Commodores have all been exceptional vehicles.

One guy I used to work with had a Falcon, it was in repair on a monthly basis, but I'm not here to slag off Fords, yet I would still rather push my Holden than drive a Ford.

I have friends with European cars with more problems than I have had and they have cost twice as much to fix once outside of their warranty.

24th Jan 2003, 13:05

I own a 1996 VS Commodore and I have been lucky not to have any real major problems, but the car is falling to bits and has been leaking oil since 4 months after I bought it (new). Car lacks refinement when revved even moderately hard and feels very cumbersome on road.

Many Holden and Ford die hards are very forgiving of their cars even if they are a P.O.S, usually the same mentality that lead them to buy the car in the first place. Money permitting I will RUN to my nearest Toyota/Mazda/Subaru/VW dealer for a replacement (I also own a Ford (Mazda built) Laser TX3 which is 11 years old and a great car).Many people who love their Commodore have never owned a Mazda or a Honda or Toyota etc (and probably never considered it) so they think their car is great, if they ever did they would realise what a second rate product they have been driving all their lives.

10th Mar 2003, 03:04

To the guy above...

What did you do to fix the rattling front doors?? I have a rattle that appears to be associated with the windows being fully up. Goes away if I wind windows down say 5mm or more (electric, not manual) or its raining/just washed.

Driving me nuts trying to figure it out. It's a VT I so I'm hoping that you may hold my answer, thanks.