6th Sep 2010, 12:04

What a lot of tales of woe & misfortune against poor old Holden. Reality is, faults will occur in all vehicles sooner or later. Most of these faults occur on the first series of vehicles.

To all those with ignition problems, go buy a new key head. The batteries in them aren't made to last & will usually cause a no start problem to occur.

I have had more Holden's of various models than I can count, some have had little problems but these have popped up due to poor maintenance by previous owners. I currently have a VT LS1,VX SS & a VT 50th Anniversary edition. All are very clean, reliable vehicles & I have never had one problem with them. Sure, I may have had to fix one or two things, but nothing lasts forever, so this is to be expected.

Interesting to note the person who bought a new VT 50th Anniversary Edition way back then with bits falling off, mine still has everything attached & no signs of ever falling off. Maybe it's just a simple case of sometimes you end up with a lemon, no matter who makes the vehicle.

6th Oct 2010, 08:35

Can anybody help, I have a VT Commodore.

My wife pulled into the driveway tonight and the car wouldn't switch off, she removed the key from the ignition and the car kept running.

I am currently working away, so had to get a mate to pull out the main relay to stop the car.

Has anybody had this happen before?

Please email jonnylecren@hotmail.com asap.


21st Mar 2011, 18:54

I have had VT2 Acclaim for 11 years and have only spent $20 on a idler pulley in 300000km. Did not need to replace front pads until 230000km.

Best car I have ever owned.

6th Apr 2011, 19:43

I had a 2000 factory Supercharged Calais International version of the VT Commodore that I bought second hand, and found that the rear tyres scrubbed out on the inside all the time, and was told by Holden that there was no way to correct this problem (I drove at least 230kms a day to go to work and get home again!).

Other than that, it was a nice car, but the climate control in mine would for some reason, not work at all, but that rarely happened (once in every 10 times you drove it).

It had great 'off the mark' power, but it felt a bit lacking in torque. I thought that it was a nice looking car (mine was dark metallic blue with the original 17" Calais International and tinted windows); unfortunately mine was written off in the end. If I could get another one in good condition, I'd definitey buy another one.

9th Apr 2011, 07:19

I believe you're making a wise decision going to a Magna or a Subaru, I've owned both a Commodore and a Verada (a top of the line version of the Magna), the Verada flies and is silky smooth compared to the clunky and whining Commodore, which has the reputation as "Australia's own car", so they think they are buying the best, which persuades a lot of people into buying one, and they turn out quite disappointed with their recent purchase.

However, Subaru's have been renowned for their excellent reliability, as my mother has a 2000 AWD Liberty, and my Uncle has a 2011 Impreza AWD. The Liberty is comfortable and handles well for its age, especially on Tasmania's shocking roads, and the Impreza has the ride and interior quality of a higher priced vehicle (e.g BMW, Mercedes), and has excellent road holding too for around $30,000 to $40,000.

The Magna is more economical in every respect, whether it be on the highway or in the city, and is more comfortable and easier to drive, as you're not constantly worrying about what that clunking is every time you accelerate, or what's causing it to overheat, which has you and the mechanic stumped as well, or how much the next mechanical repair or service is going to cost!

21st May 2011, 00:45

I have friends that had same problem. It was in all cases the electric petrol pump, which is in the tank. Have it replaced.

10th Jun 2011, 18:52

To the person with the shutting down of the car while driving and sitting at lights. I have had this problem with my VT 2000 V6, and it was my fuel pump; got it changed, and it's never done it again.

25th Jun 2011, 19:03

The VT may be getting on now, but almost all the problems raised in this forum are problems that were endemic with a large percentage of these vehicles from new. In some cases, owners may not have bothered to get them fixed - but in many others, dealers intransigence was the reason for this. Another reason is that they are so poorly engineered, that if you get a vehicle that has a problem, even completely replacing whole parts of the car may not fix it now. I have had this experience with traction control, ABS, front suspension noise, steering rack, diff noise and drive-line chunkiness.

When I decided to buy a Holden after years of driving Fords and Mazdas, it was because I had convinced myself that brand loyalty was a bit of tribalism like supporting a sporting team - not based on any real quality differences. How wrong I was. I will never buy another Holden after my experience with this car, and after the results of my research into the problems. Holden's engineering and quality control failures in this model are so bad as to scare me away from their product forever. I have a 3 year old Kia Cerato now, which has been faultless. My next car will be Korean, Japanese or German - NOT AUSTRALIAN!

There are only a few cars out there in the price range that offer the performance and features of the Australian made Crapadore and Fowlcan, it's true, but if you can find one of them, at least you don't have to drive around with the sound of pending mechanical failure in your ears, and the fear of a long walk home in your heart.

26th Jun 2011, 05:43

Replace the blinker switch.

8th Jul 2011, 19:17

Had the same happen in our VR. Turned out to be the ignition barrel.

12th Jul 2011, 04:11

Funny how Wheels magazine have voted both the Commodore and Falcon as car of the year against stiff opposition. Compare anything else on the road at the prices these two are, and you soon realise what great value for money our Aussie cars are. These comments do nothing to further the cause of keeping Aussies in work in our two oldest car manufacturers.

18th Jul 2011, 04:42

Could be the bushes. I had same trouble. Just had it repaired, all good now. Just a suggestion though; I'm no mechanic.

10th Sep 2011, 09:14

I found this site by accident, and was amazed at the trouble some people have had.

I just wanted to add a positive comment.

I have had a 2002 VX series 2 wagon for a number years. It has now done 380000 kilometers.

I do all my own servicing, and apart from normal wear and tear items, it still has the original engine and transmission; both working fine.

It has no rattles, and is still quiet to drive.

I have had a number of Commodores over the years with problems, but this one just keeps going.

I do think they got better from VX onwards, and no I do not think they are the best cars in the world, but with 380000 trouble free kilometers I can't complain.

13th Dec 2011, 01:10

I work on many Ford every day, and I find multiple problems with them such as ball joints, in a BA that has only done 30k, and sway bar links, shocks etc. Holden's aren't saints either with struts giving way frequently, but it's wrong to say Fords are perfect! All cars have their problems; you just have to find the one easiest to fix.

8th Jun 2012, 21:41

RE the car leak.. Clean out the gutters each side of the front engine compartment where your wipers are. You probably have leaves blocking the drain holes...

10th Feb 2016, 13:16

I have owned 2 Nissans. Both were problem after problem. I have owned numerous Holdens and Fords; not problem free, but far better than Nissan.

17th Feb 2016, 15:02

The crank angle sensor.

2nd Jun 2016, 09:04

My fan belt snapped the other day; now it won't start.

8th Feb 2018, 21:49

My VT has shut down twice while doing 100kmph; my mechanic has said the same thing, it's the crank thingy sensor.