23rd Mar 2003, 06:14

I own a Vt II SS and I to have problems with diff clunk and rattling front doors, plus Brakes squeaking (Machined back rotors and fitted new pads, but it has come back) and a rattle when letting out the clutch in first! (this really gets to me!) If anyone has more info that can help Please email me at elmosharky@bigpond.com.

25th Mar 2003, 04:11

I own a late '96 VS Commodore Equippe which has recently developed a problem. The engine just dies whilst driving, shutting everything (all warning lights come on) until it comes to a full stop. Sometimes, the engine conks out whilst waiting at the traffic lights. Although, it usually starts pretty much immediately, it has caused concern as it could cause an accident due to its sudden deceleration.

I have heard comments that the reason could be in the fuel pump and fuel lines, or that the problem is in the ignition key, where the contacts could be loose.

Has anybody else experienced the same problem as above. If so, could you please share your comments/opinion on the matter. Thanks and cheers to all.

28th Mar 2003, 21:07

Hi all

I've just purchased a 99 series II it all seems to be good so far, but there is a slight clunk when the auto changes up, or down a gear, if any one has had, and repaired this problem could you please let me know, before it gets any worse.


21st Apr 2003, 13:10

Hi all.

I paid $27000 for a second hand VR V8 on LPG gas. I have driven the car for over 8 years and some 250000 klms, and other than the normal bits like brakes and tires etc, the car has been extremely reliable. Believe it or not, the thing still has the original exhaust, and uses no fluids except petrol and gas. It's a pig to drive, wanders all over the place. The brakes are absolutely woeful, but the seats are comfortable and the body has no rust.

It tows the boat and the caravan, and will cruise at 130 all day. I think I have had value for money. You have to have a win now and again, but I will probably go Merc or Lexus next time.


22nd Apr 2003, 22:57

Interesting...I have owned two commodores: a VS Acclaim Wagon - which was awesome, except for the passenger front door which sometimes refused to shut due to a faulty spring. I sold it then.

Latest commie bought brand new - Jan 2000 (actually a '99 build) VTII S Pack V6 manual, tiger mica. Now done 46,000 clicks. Several things have been replaced/fixed under warranty - all with NO FUSS I might add:

- Windscreen seal re-sealed (this problem occured above 100kmh).

- Entire engine belt replaced - it was squeaking. They tried to tell me it was the bearings (which they replaced as well) but it wasn't (new belt for me!).

- Horn went off at 7am Sunday morning (2nd week of ownership) the entire horn assembly was replaced.

- Engine switching off by itself - this happened ONCE ONLY.

- still on original tires and brakes

- dealer was quite good about everything, did not give me grief, except for the time when one of their mechanics damaged one of my wheels - they agreed to fix it.

- LOVES the freeway, I have down countless trips to the snow and one trip to Noosa (from NSW).

The car has it's quirks, but I love it and would most certainly buy another - SS this time!

Don't forget it IS a Holden.

When the VT came out it was in MASSIVE demand. I'm sure a few Monday and Friday cars came out worse than they normally would have. Quality control has improved. The first series of any model from any manufacturer is bound to have troubles.

I get a lot of looks - closely resembles an HSV to a lot of people.


4th May 2003, 21:50

Hi All.

Have read the reviews recently. Makes interesting reading to say the least.

I own a 2001 VX series I Equipe. Overall I have not had too much (touch wood!) go wrong with it. It is approaching two rears now (36Ks). So far the things I have had to get done (under warranty) are:

1. Replace the radio remotes. They just died and would not change the stations etc.

2. Replace the little black rubber trims on the rear window (a known problem). They kept lifting up when I opened the boot.

The major thing I have with the vehicle, and seriously it is really annoying, is a rattle from the area of the glove box. It is noticeable on highway driving. Almost as if the vehicle is moving in an up and down axis that there is something knocking inside that area "plastic on plastic".

I have had it at the dealer for the regular servicing and every time I mention it, it is still there. They put it down to "loose window shield" etc. But it is in the glove box area.

I have a theory, maybe someone else can confirm this, I DO NOT have a passenger side airbag. Do you guys think that the noise may be cause by an "unconnected" lead in the area where the airbag would go???

Any advice/opinion would be appreciated. Please reply here or email karl.varson@hotmail.com.


11th May 2003, 09:52

I have just purchased a 2000 VT SS manual with 75K on the clock and after reading this lot am now S'ing myself. Have already discovered the chronic brake shudder (Had booked it in for machine/pad change) and diff/drive-line clunk... I can't afford this!!

16th May 2003, 07:32

Purchased new Supercharged VT 9/98. Only major problem is the brake shudder. They machined it twice and it still returned. Dealer refused to replace the disc even though I argued with them. Otherwise the car is fine.

18th May 2003, 22:33

Go take a look at the Ford Falcon reviews. There is hardly any bad reviews on them! I think that says something!

I know there is a lot of Holden people out there, and they sway the decisions of other non-car people into buying them, that is why Holden sell so well and there is a lot of negativity towards then new Fords. I owned a 1996 EF Futura (which I only sold to get a 4WD) and it was a brilliant car. I honestly never had any problems with it. If people would just open their eyes up and get over their biases, they would find that the Falcons are a better car than the Commodore.

11th Jun 2003, 02:35

VT Series II Calais V8 Auto LSD SE II suspension 60K on the clock approaching warranty year 2.5... clock ticking.

Two new diffs due to grinding sound. Diff fluid change and 'additive' (banana skins more like it) appear to fix the fault, but it has just started clunking again.

Shh shh shh sound rear wheels. Need to "blow out" the brakes or " needs handbrake adjust" but sound re-appears soon after each service.

20+ wheel balances, one complimentary set of tires. Severe vibration still exists nearly 3 years after purchase. Known fault rim / tire combination. Everyone passes the buck, "its the tyre suppliers fault", "its the wheel manufacturers fault", its Holden's fault... yes anyone, but my fault. No joy there.

2 new wiper control arms as plastic cuts your fingers.

Air con button back-lights now not working.

Dashboard lifting at front corner. Refuse to replace under warranty.

Black paint terrible and scratches at the slightest touch.

Plastic trim falling off...again.

Sounds like water pump bearing is going as stating to squeal.

... that'll do for me.

Next car...mmmmm... probably a euro.

You do get what you pay for.